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I am currently overwhelmed and up to my eyeballs in abuse stories. I've always been very riled up whenever I hear of injustices against people. Life is not fair I know but I don't think I will ever understand why life is cruel. But abuse is just another level of cruelty that is not leveled to people by fate but by the hands of another human. I just finished Leaving Neverland and as much as I never believed MJ ever did those things, noone watching can deny the pain of those two men especially Jimmy Safechuck. This is not including R.Kelly's documentary. I have avoided the podcast about Larry Nasser because I don't think I can take it.

I am reading a book where a lady recounts her time as a counselor where she met a 13 year old who had had sex with 5 men and sucked off 10 men and currently had a 32 year old boyfriend who came by to pick her up everyday. Then the other day, a coworker from my former place of work was telling me how one of our coworkers was being beaten so…