Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

So I guess this post is one long drawn out random thought.

Why is it that we are sold this idea that if you want something bad enough then you will get it.

I thought about that this week. You hear people with this strong belief that they just know they will get "x" because they want it so bad. I totally get the ideology when it comes to certain things because that means the person works hard and works towards achieving "x" and if all things fall in line then you get "x" but even then not all peoples and persons who work so hard get to achieve their "x"

I asked a poll question this week to give me some insight into people who have a strong belief in something. One of the answers I received to summarize was basically that they believe God has decreed it - which led me to another thought.

Now, once God enters the convo, I can't argue against someone's belief in him so that was the end of the convo for me but what I was thinking was back to those who believe God has decreed. Does this mean he doesn't decree same for all. You hear a lot of Christians always announce how they are favored by God - if you are a long time reader you will know the word "favored" makes me uncomfortable because it implies God prefers some to others.

Anyways, before I digress there are Christians who believe and still do not get what they believe for. If belief or wanting something so bad was all it took won't everyone be happy. Won't every sick loved one be healed. Won't every childless couple have a child. Every poor family suddenly have wealth. Basically won't the whole world be so much happier if wanting something so bad was all it took.

I remember when my mom passed and I would read my Bible. I would come across verses that said how God took care of his own and I would legit shut down my Bible. I didn't understand what it meant. Does it mean we weren't one of His own, so He didn't heal my mom. One of the explanations told to me that at the end of the day it is "God's will" that rules and we just have to learn to deal with it and trust it has a reason.

That's fair enough but on the flip side does it also mean we are just human beings who are trying to attach some strong hope and convince ourselves. Maybe things just happen to us with no rhyme or reason. We often discount the incidences where people just fall into stuff.

If anyone has any insight into this I would love to hear it. Anytime I have this convo it ends up with people focusing on me questioning belief and saying unless you have complete belief then you can't understand and it taints how you think and it manifests et al et al. Not sure I want to apologize for having these questions but I am very open to being enlightened.

Have a great weekend. I think this song is apt hehe

P.S The question mark on my laptop (as well as many other buttons) are broken so you may notice my questions weren't actually asked. No money for new laptop so I am trucking along.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Friday Randoms

Hi guys. It's been a minute since I randomed. I've had a bunch of randoms swirling but something always seems to come up and I never got around to posting. The fluke winter we were having has come to an end and boy is it cold on my end. Was in Texas last week and I thought I'd soak in some warmth but I met the cold there too. We are predicted to have some bone chilling cold on Saturday. This girl is gonna be tv and chilling indoors. Monday is a holiday and snow is predicted. Spring, where art thou. Speaking of the weekend, Valentine's day is on Sunday. Any of you lovers have plans? I am looking forward to Sunday because I am hoping Leicester shows Arsenal serious pepper!!. Okay enough yakking. Let's random.

It irks me when people say "no shade but..." It's akin to "not to be racist but..." Whatever is coming is shade. Let's just own up to it and move on.

I hate when white people use the word "ghetto". Like what exactly do you mean when you say that?Quentin Tarantino said that at the Golden Globes. Something like "not that ghetto stuff.." like huh what do you mean?

For most people, a big fear of death is the finality of it all. If you are a Christian there is the "worry" (a good Christian won't worry about it) of heaven and hell.  If you are an atheist would you still worry about death when there is no fear of going to hell? I don't think I would be scared. Life is hard and the nothingness in finality would be welcome.

Human beings are getting weirder.

Do you notice that friends people make at work are never just called "my friend". There's usually some qualifier like "my work friend" or "my friend from work". I wonder why that is.

I've always found the work 9jafoodie does to be awesome. You can tell she is really passionate about her craft. She went one step further, got certified and wrote a weight loss book that's full of just Nigerian recipes. I find that to be so cool. If you are interested, here is the link

I don't wear sunglasses - I will tell you why another day. But I notice that people wear sunglasses even when sun no dey and it's grey and cloudy. So, is it for the fashions?

I confess that when I see a Team Natural person give up and give in and get a relaxer, I do a mental whoop! :D

I got to see my newest baby cousin and he was one of the youngest people I have ever been in close contact with (one week old) and I gotta tell you that babies just remind me of a new start. So much potential, a whole life ahead of them before they figure out life sucks.

I wonder if babies who have an identical twin as a parent have a special kind of intuition that makes them able to identify correctly which is their parent.

How do birds fly in the rain

People upset a white person is playing MJ. Please who should play him o!

Nigerians seem to get their panties in a bunch and quick to say you are negative when it comes to marriage. If someone says "If I get the job, I will..." and nothing happens but make mistake and says "If i get married.." it becomes "Don't say that!" "Stop being so negative!" I don't understand how that is being negative when nothing is guaranteed in life.

If a gay couple is having sex, presumably in (what i call) their missionary style (bottom on all 4's and top giving) does the person at the bottom stay on all 4's with a hard on all through the kpanshing? When they cum do they have to announce it so they can spill appropriately or are they on all 4's with a condom on?

Well that's all I have for you guys. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Have a happy Lent and hope it is meaningful for you. Feel free to visit