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Good Family

I was talking to a friend who lives in Nigeria and she brought up how, in the quest to marry her off she was set up with a guy. When she asked why they thought they'd be a good match, she was told he is Igbo and "from a good home" and that's all you really need. Social media people always type up essays implying not having a good relationship with a parent ruins your dating life and it is oh so important and many other things along those lines.

From a good home.

I've heard this statement so much. What does this even mean? Why does it hold so much weight? Should it hold so much weight? Is it fair to judge a person by that?

Even though I hear it so much among Nigerians, I know it is not strictly a Nigerian thing. But focusing on Nigerians who are the champions of presenting the best face while suffering behind it, how do we define a good home?

If a person has a parent that's an addict is it fair to judge what the kid is? If a person loses a parent early and the…