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Friday Randoms

Forget all that talk, you never TRULY know what you will do until you are in a situation.

One of the most frustrating things is wanting and knowing you should be there for a friend but not knowing how to.

Are human beings more sensitive lately or is the world just harsher?

If you got pregnant for someone you were having casual sex with and had already made up your mind to get rid of it. Would you tell him or would you just quietly do so?

I wish people knew how uncomfortable matchmaking is for me. Too bad everyone wants to match make me.

You know that thing some people do where they ask for affirmation after every statement like "shey you get?" "do you understand what I'm saying?" etc. Irks me.

The Frank Ocean song "Denim". Is it "Gotta love like Denim" or "Got a love like Denim"

Up until last week, I realized I had not gone shopping at all this year. No new shoes, no new clothes, not even something as little as earrings.

Due to the…


What grades determine:

Your ability to memorize mostly useless things
Your ability to regurgitate information in the way others want you to
Your ability to understand what adults want from you and give it to them

What grades do NOT determine:

Your intelligence
Your creativity
Your emotional capabilities
Your likeliness to succeed
Whether you’re a good person

*stolen from a friend who stole it from Tumblr


[FYI, this post is just going to be an extended random thought, so forgive any incoherence or off-tangedness(yea i said it)]

So I had/read an article on communication in our generation which I thought I had saved and I could expand on and reference. But nah, the beauty that is technology, I can't find that anywhere. I was going to skip the post all together, till I was talking with a friend and he randomly mentioned how he thought our generation is slowly but surely losing healthy communication skills.

I put some thought into it and I can see why he said it.

With the advancement of technology, most of the modes of communication we have right now, seem so impersonal. They have become words and letters. Yes, we still have the telephone and skype but take a poll right now and you will hear most people say "I am not a phone person". Speaking to someone now seems more like an inconvenience. Heck, I know people who hate checking their voicemail. I sent a voicenote to a friend th…

Growing Pains

Growing Pains
By D’edra Y. Armstrong

Romans 5:3 instructs us to “rejoice in our suffering” because it is for our growth and development. Pain prepares us for triumph. I am reminded of a fable that illustrates this perfectly.

The sunshine and the rain were engaged in a conversation one day when out of nowhere, the sunshine made a crude remark.

“You know, you really cause of a lot of trouble.”

“What do you mean?” the rain asked in bewilderment.

“You cause accidents, ruin picnics, spoil trips to the beach…the list on. But look at those people down there basking in my splendor. You know, the world would be a much better place without you,” the sunshine accused.

“I seriously doubt that,” the rain said in defense.

“Then give me one good reason why it wouldn’t,” the sunshine challenged.

“Well, for one, I take away the pollution of the air, filling it with moisture and freshness in which the world breathes.”

“Give me another one,” the sunshine challenged again.

“Do you see those beautiful flowers o…

An Article & A Conversation

I don't read the SBM blog often but the other day my friend sent me this article. If you don't have the time to read it, the summary is basically a woman who got played. Met a dude, kept giving excuses whenever they had to go out, eventually went out, gave some bullshit excuse as to why he was still living with his baby momma and their kid, they had sex blah blah turns out it was all a ruse, he was in a relationship with his baby momma. It was confirmed, when he accidentally sent her a text saying "have to work late. kiss the baby for me. I love you" (You're better off just reading it).

Anyways, after I had read it, my friend goes "That guy was a bastard for what he did". I started thinking about the article and yea he was a bastard for what he did, but I have always had this notion that yea, men do what they do but usually they get away with stuff that we as women let them get away with. The article was an extreme but it's something most women have …

[Guest] Friday Randoms

Howdy readers, been a minute huh? Woulda been an even longer minute if y'alls favorite guest randomer didn't send me stuff. I have been totally uninspired and just not up to it so my random/blogging tank is completely on E. Anyways hope you guys are doing well and enjoy!

On the eighth day, God created Whiskey.

It has occurred to me that throughout my time on this earth, I have never heard a non-Nigerian person use the word “Fumigate.”

I am convinced that while driving in traffic, the fastest lane is the one you just got out of. I am also convinced that there is never a red light when you need one. When I need to stop for a bit so as to send an important text or to dial a number to make an urgent call, ALL lights are green and the road is free flowing.

The other day, I got back to my office after a meeting and found a cupcake on my desk. Despite there being no note as to who left the cupcake, I ate it without the slightest fear that a co-worker could be trying to poison me. T…