[FYI, this post is just going to be an extended random thought, so forgive any incoherence or off-tangedness(yea i said it)]

So I had/read an article on communication in our generation which I thought I had saved and I could expand on and reference. But nah, the beauty that is technology, I can't find that anywhere. I was going to skip the post all together, till I was talking with a friend and he randomly mentioned how he thought our generation is slowly but surely losing healthy communication skills.

I put some thought into it and I can see why he said it.

With the advancement of technology, most of the modes of communication we have right now, seem so impersonal. They have become words and letters. Yes, we still have the telephone and skype but take a poll right now and you will hear most people say "I am not a phone person". Speaking to someone now seems more like an inconvenience. Heck, I know people who hate checking their voicemail. I sent a voicenote to a friend the other day and she noted that she hadn't actually heard my voice in a while. Anyone who is a perpetual texter/emailer/gchatter knows the perils of communicating via text as opposed to face to face. It leaves plenty room for misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Let's digress a bit into the whole relationship angle. Back in the day, dude asked for your number, gave you a call and you took it from there. Nowadays, the first thing is to ask for your bb pin. Ok, say you do get asked for your number, you hear more about "textual relationships". With texts, you get to think and overthink, type and delete and get a do over so to speak from your original thought. So instead of just saying your original thought, you sometimes end up saying what's safe or not speaking your mind. A quote I read, "I swear men invented texting as a way of communicating without really communicating" made me chuckle.

Let me go into the social network medium. I can't speak for others but for the most part, I don't take social networks seriously. Not seriously, like what people say on there isn't serious but it's not the final judgement of who a person is. People often think that just because they are "friends" with a person on a social network medium, they know them and don't take the time to communicate and get to know them or how they really are. "Oh, she posted a picture of herself partying and having a good time, so she must be fine". It's also pretty interesting how people are bolder behind a computer screen than in person.

Moving on from that, I also think we are becoming a repressed generation especially for the men. Do you guys see how much flack Drake gets?lol. We have this need to put up appearances that truly spewing our real thoughts might mess that up or we are scared of the ridicule or judgement that we might get from others or could it be distrust?. I think our generation get plenty pride sha dang. How many times have you heard a friend say "nope! I am not going to reach out first!"(I know I have said that) and we end up letting something last too long. That pride also makes us always focus on proving that we are right instead of actually listening to what the other party is trying to say.

Ultimately sha, we all know that Communication is very important in all relationships - with a friend, a significant other, God etc - unfortunately it is also one of the hardest things to practice. I could probably wrap this up better but I am hella distracted now and it is 1.26am. Hopefully you get my gist and feel free to leave your opinion. Have a wonderful weekend people and as always be safe!


Ada said…
*adjust church hat and prayer cloth covering miniskirt*
while screaming "preach it pastor. yaasss lord "
LohiO said…
I have discussed my issues with a man asking for my bbpin instead of my number before on my blog. I HATE IT! You are automatically behind on some points if you approached me that way.

I agree with you cant take what you know about someone on a social network literally until you meet them. VERY VERY TRUE!

Cosign to repressed generation re:men. its sad!

Communication is very very very important. I am good at discussing a lot of things except feelings and all that mushy stuff tho. I am learning.:D
Original Mgbeke said…
If a man who is trying to get to know me on another level asks for my pin before my #, that's automatic points deducted. Some guys no try sha, they will BBM, text, skype but never actually pick their phones to call you.

Sha sha, our generation is really gearing towards everything else but the traditional ol' phone convo. I remember one of your older BBM status updates "BBM is making us lose our voices" and I say that is so true.

All in all, I could definitely stand to improve on my communication skills in some areas. All na work in progress.
Mz.T said…
I totally agree with this... But I'm still not a phone person. Idle conversation irritates the fuck out of me. If we have nothing to say? Let's not converse and with bbm or text it's easy to end a convo by not replying without awkward silence. :)

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