Friday Randoms

Forget all that talk, you never TRULY know what you will do until you are in a situation.

One of the most frustrating things is wanting and knowing you should be there for a friend but not knowing how to.

Are human beings more sensitive lately or is the world just harsher?

If you got pregnant for someone you were having casual sex with and had already made up your mind to get rid of it. Would you tell him or would you just quietly do so?

I wish people knew how uncomfortable matchmaking is for me. Too bad everyone wants to match make me.

You know that thing some people do where they ask for affirmation after every statement like "shey you get?" "do you understand what I'm saying?" etc. Irks me.

The Frank Ocean song "Denim". Is it "Gotta love like Denim" or "Got a love like Denim"

Up until last week, I realized I had not gone shopping at all this year. No new shoes, no new clothes, not even something as little as earrings.

Due to the nature of how their sex works. Do gay men call their sex missionary (since it's the norm) or will it classify as doggy style?

In Drake's "Take Care" lyrics he says "I've asked about you and they've told me things but my mind didn't change. I still the feel the same". Listening to the morning show on radio and the guys were joking about how if a dude has a new girl and one of his buddies mentions something negative like she's not cute or they don't like her, the girl's days are probably numbered. I wondered how true the statement was and how much influence a guy's friends has on his dating life. Going back to the Drake lyrics, guys and girls alike usually ask around about someone they are interested in but do you guys think it's valid? What if someone who is a player or what society deems a "ho" is genuinely interested in this particular person? Does it also imply that people can't change? How much weight do you give the feedback you get on a person you're interested in?

I watched The Announcement about Magic Johnson and how he found out he was infected with the HIV virus. I can't even begin to imagine what it was like to be told that in that time when HIV was such a mystery. The mental fuckup-edness would be massive.

It's a fascinating thing when people believe that their successes is by their might alone. Fascinating because as a Christian my mind can't even process how that works.

My mom says I am too hard on myself

It's a difficult thing to have expectations [of people/things/situations]. Almost always, disappointment is inevitable.

Men notice a lot more than women realize.

I leave you with a few quotes:

"Do not confuse being busy with being productive"
“One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can’t utter.”
"Absence makes the heart grow impatient, frustrated, resigned and eventually fonder" (This was actually in reference to the delayed season premiere of Mad Men. Thought it was funny)
How do you measure happiness? "It's a feeling of calm that comes from inside. When you figure out what's important. When you have nothing to prove. Giving everything you do everything you've got and being satisfied, regardless of the outcome"
"Everything doesn't always have to have a purpose. Loosen up and lighten up. Be as silly as you can be sometimes. Waste time. Don't try to fill up every minute with shit you think is important because everything isn't"

I know I rag on her (because she really is annoying)but truth is I own her albums.

My favorite song on "Speak Now"


and just for the heck of it - a bonus :D



LohiO said…
If it was casual sex and I decided to get rid of it, I would not tell him.

I think its "Got a love like Denim" Makes more sense, no?

I think I take what people say about others with a grain of salt. I do not ignore it but I do no use that to judge a person. I always let a person prove themselves to me. Regardless.

Love the quote on happiness.

Have a good weekend!

I'll have fun for two tonight!!
Original Mgbeke said…
If one of two people mention something about a dude I'm interested it, I will file it in the back of my head. If 10 people say something, it would be cause for concern and I would address it with him.
Vivian said…
Hello madam.. its been a while. How now? On the issue of Casual sex, I would say what is the point of telling him if you don't care to have anything to do with him long term?

What I have been asking is, what if you are casually dating someone and they get into a serious life changing accident or situation..and u already know you are not going to marry them anyways,do u at that point bail on the relationship or stick around for a bit??

I think that the world is becoming more aware to how cruel things are becoming.

I am open to matchmaking. Not online of course but if a friend knows a nice guy that they can honestly vouche for , I don't mind an introduction. May its becuase I don't go out a whole lot like I used to so I am not really meeting anyone new..oh well.

I need to become more familar with Frank Ocean.. I think he might be one to something.
Mz.T said…
You haven't gone shopping this year?!?! What is your secret? Teach me!

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