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Merry Christmas

Hi my luvs. It's been a minute hasn't it? Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you. Hope everyone had a lovely christmas. I had a good one actually spending it with lots of friends and family and plenty food. Except I didn't eat much food, all the naija food it seemed caught up with me and my stomach was in gas shambles. I've been chugging pepto bismol. This is how I am reminded I am getting older cuz Lord knows I often brag about how strong a stomach I have, except as I get older it seems to get weaker.

Naija has been okay, big difference this year is I haven't gone out as much as I usually do and it's been more of hanging out (again my age dey show hehe). The traffic this year seems to be hella terrible and way worse than previous years, wonder what's different this time. Anyways, just thought to say hi to you guys and to wish you the very best of the holiday season.


Y'all already know how much I love Pink. I've listened to her song 'Try' so many times this week. Guess you can say it's my song of the week.

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame Where there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned But just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die You've gotta get up and try, try, try, try

Have a wonderful week ahead guys!

The Shack

My friend recommended a book called The Shack by William P Young to me. It's a book that talks about faith and our relationship with God. I have only heard extremes about this book, either people hated it or loved it. Once I had it on the elevator and these two women commented on it. The first lady said "oh i loved this book" and the other lady said " she couldn't stand it". Another friend of mine said she just couldn't get pas the few pages. I didn't hate or love it but it had some quotables I liked that I'll share. The premise of the book is about a man who was born to an alcoholic dad who beat up his mom. He ran away from home met a good woman who had strong faith in God. They had 4 kids and were relatively okay till something big happened to their family.

These quotes are from where the man receives a letter to come hang with "Papa" - who is God. God happens to be a big black woman, the Holy Spirit- Sarayu who is Asian and Jesus- w…

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, how are you? Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and a great week ahead. Funny enough, I couldn't eat on thankgsiving day. I was starving but by the time I made it to my friend's house, I was surrounded by food but I just couldn't eat (first world problem, eh?). I am currently addicted to this british "reality" show Made in Chelsea. It premiered on Style Network and it was so bad and so obviously scripted but I couldn't help myself. Then I found out it was 4 seasons in and now I am glued to my computer trying to catch up. Loser, I know. Guys, December is here already, I can't believe the year just flew by, then again somehow I can. I should apologize for my randoms today, they aren't really randoms more like quotes but I figured better this than nothing. Ok here are my make shift randoms:
"There are good men out there...but women don't like to keep it simple and they are getting worse" me: but "bad" women get chos…

A few things you need to know.... get over an ex *as stolen from Huffington post.

1. Stop all communication cold turkey. No texting, no facebook stalking, emails or phone calls...literally no unnecessary contact. It's called a breakup because it's broken, and your first and most important act is to create a healthy distance. If you have children, communicate briefly and only in writing if possible, and say only what needs to be said.

2. Accept that it's over. If the person you were with doesn't want to be with you, then clearly you shouldn't want to be with them. You deserve the best, and the best isn't included in someone who doesn't want to be by your side.

3. Turn your face and focus to the light and future. Begin to imagine how you want your future to evolve, reate a new vision for your future and then take the first steps to making them your reality.

4. Take accountability. No matter how big a jerk your ex was, you inevitably did things that contributed to the end of the relation…

Why do you pray?

Sorry guys, no actual blog post but if you could ever so kindly in your own words, answer the question, as long or as short as you'd like to - Why do you pray?

To my fellow American residents, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Just because I am a thief...

... I completely just stole the content of this post from two blogs. They both had lines that I really liked.

From Onakachi's blog:

"Stop trying to continually convince someone to like you. Here's the key: Go where you are are celebrated not where you are tolerated. Quit trying to win over a person that just tolerates you; they are not really for you, truth be told, they're kinda jealous of the gift God's given you. No matter what you do, they are never going to be 100% behind you. You may convince them for a little while but as soon as you don't perform perfectly they'll find something that you're doing wrong"

- Pastor Joel Osteen

From LadyNgo's blog:

"It's simple chemistry but the equation is so complex. Timing is everything, the combination is more than sex"

(this was from a song that she posted)

Hope you guys had a good monday. Have a great rest of the week.

Friday Randoms

I really have no intro today but thank you to all of you who checked up on me. I am doing much better now. Thank you again.


Whenever you ask a naija guy what happened with an ex or female that they were involved with and they respond with "oh that one, she's crazy", I almost want to burst out in laughter because it always sounds like some default answer from a script.

You know how some companies are family companies ie passed down from one generation to the other. I notice that the age difference is huge in our generation and I often wonder if there's enough time to train the kiddos and pass it down. For example, I know a family where the dad passed down to the daughter. The dad recently passed away and the daughter is currently running affairs. Thing is she's kinda an older lady and her kids are both under 10. I wonder if there's enough time so to speak to groom the kids.

A friend of mine told me about an article he read where this lady was giving h…

Four More Years!

My TV screen is still flashing projected winner but we all know that Barry made it in yall!! I have to say it was a journey, from being so sure that he will win to doubting and thinking maybe just maybe the Republicans might sneak in. All that aside today and the numbers didn't lie! I wasn't as emotional this time voting for him as I was 4 years ago but this is still pretty historic to me. The Republicans really need to get their shit together if they want to get back in office, they can't keep insulting our intelligence with these make shift candidates. Anyways, back to why we are here. Congratulations to everyone that rallied, voted, volunteered. So much work has to be done (hopefully the House/Senate stop bickering and get to getting things done). Here's to the next 4 years!

My President is back [and black!]


*image from Google Images

Friday Randoms

Hi guys. How are you? Hope you are having a better week than I am. My week didn't start out in the best way and to cap it off, 2 nights ago I was stuck hugging my toilet bowl puking my guts out and last night I had to go to an emergency center to have an iv put in for fluids. I've never had it before but apparently I had food poisoning. I was on the phone with a friend of mine the whole day and she told me to sip on gatorade but I couldn't even keep that down. As the day went along, I became increasingly confused. I was fading in and out of sleep and my dreams were meshing with tv shows (go figure lol), I think at some point I found myself lying on my bathroom floor. I called my friend and she said if I was that confused then I probably was dehydrated and to go find a doctor. My friends took me to a doctor and I got home early hours this morning (This is one of the few times I think living alone sucks). I feel much better, just fighting a raging headache now and can't …

Fade into you

Y'all know how I love my music. I'm totally in love with the music on "Nashville". A new show on ABC about country music singers. Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio give the best duets. I had to rewind their duet on the first episode (originally done by The Civil Wars - who I adore). Just popped in here to share another of their duet I just heard. I didn't find who originally sang it, so I assume it's an original song of the show, I'll keep digging though. The show music director is T-Bone Burnett, one of the most amazing producers out there. Well, his wife is a producer on the show so I guess it wasn't so hard to nab him.

Fade into you

If you were the ocean and I was the sun If the day made me heavy and gravity won If I was the red and you were the blue I could just fade into you If you were a window and I was the rain I’d pour myself out and wash off the pain I’d fall like a tear so your light could shine through Then I’d just fade into you
In your heart in your h…

Searched Keywords

Sometimes keywords can be funny. These were the most searched keywords for my blog for the month:

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[Umm, anyone peep #2? *scratches head*]

Of all time:

taynement naija slangs words of wisdom funny hilarious words of wisdom taynement blog airin rachmi diany

You deserve to fall in love

Thought Catalog has the best articles. I thought this was a good read:

You deserve love. Not just any kind of love but, like big “I think I’m going to puke if you touch me (in a good way) and regress into a 16-year-old psycho if you don’t text me back” kind of love. You deserve to feel like a sexual being and have someone around who wants to see you naked all the time and doesn’t mind that you have cellulite or that your stomach has terrifying pockets of fat because bodies are flawed and you better deal with it, bitch.

You deserve to be proven wrong, to be brought back to life by someone’s kindness at a time when you thought that no one would ever love you again. The song does not remain the same. Lo and behold, the person you like actually wants to date you and now you know that you’re not the hideous monster you thought you were. Your faith has been restored. You’re lovable. You have the relationship to prove it.

You deserve to have high highs again, even if that means experiencing …

Preference or Madness?

My best friend sent me this:

Yes, I personally have played around at home and abroad. And yes, my wife WILL have to be a virgin. How else will I enter into a lifetime contract with the thought in the back of my mind that I'm with a woman who some other guys may have manhandled and dumped? I may be selfish and all, but I have a right to my preference. Honestly, there are some weddings I attend and sincerely feel sorry for the guy, either because I know his bride too intimately, or I know the brides intimate history with other guys who got fed up and in many cases just dumped her. Only for someone else to make her his trophy. Selfish consideration, yes. But I no fit marry anyone from second hand and above. Dats my own thinking o. Period.

This was a comment on Nairaland on Sting's post which was plaigiarized.

At first read, I know a bunch of people that'll be like this guy is crazy or he is so primitive or how silly. I found this amusing because to some extent guys in our genera…

The Human Brain

In a conversation with a friend of mine, she told me about the three levels of the human brain. I was fascinated by it. She sent me some things and I went to the all knowing google to read some more about it.

So basically, the human brain consists of 3 layers:

The Reptilian Complex - This is the most fascinating of the 3 layers to me. The reptilian brain is also called the Lizard brain and likened to reptiles. It is the first and earliest brain to form. If a child does not receive a lot of love and security growing up, this will be the brain they will use most often and always  default to it. This part of the brain is the one that deals with basic survival, instinctive and reproductive functions. These are also known as the 4 F's. The 4 F's are - Feeding and Fucking, Fight or Flight. People who operate mostly on this brain are very defensive. When operating in that brain level, the frontal lobes which is the thinking brain that process and analyze shut down. These people can be…

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday guys. Take a moment and thank God for letting you see another morning, another day and another week. It's Friday, yay! I can't remember the last time I have been in a bad mood on a friday. Guys, I truly believe the world is going, rather is mad. There's so much strange news everywhere, it's just quite bizarre. Anyone catch the debate yesterday? I was quite surprised at my level of irritation by it, it was truly so meh. Looks like RiRi got her man back. Goodluck to them. I sit and await the eruption. I am prolly late but if you are like me and haven't seen it, here's a video of Karrueche making fun of Rihanna a while ago -  Too poor. Speaking of poor, this whole Nicki/Mariah thing on American Idol better be staged because it's terrible. Granted, I am not a fan of Mariah but this is a woman and mother in her 40's, please behave. Their tweets to each other are quite frankly ridiculous. Nonsense. Okay…

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, how are ya? How have you been? I've been pretty good and taking advantage of this thing called life. I went to one of the funnest weddings I've ever been to last week and it was fun seeing friends I hadn't seen in a while, we partied for like 3 days straight and generally had a good time. Today was such an annoying day for me, I had to go somewhere work related and as I was chilling in traffic some big ol' van hit me from behind. Great! I pull over, damage not bad but it's a company car, have to go through procedure, I am getting the insurance info and of course I see the insurance is expired. I call my office, they say I have to get a police report. I call the police (did you know that if you call 911, you can be put on hold?). 3 calls and 3 hours later they show up and say since it's minimal damage they can't file a report. The cop speaks spanish and is rapping merrily with the guy who hit me. While he does that his partner, instead of helping, p…

No Complaining Rule

One of my devotionals that I receive via email, the topic today was about complaining, which I know most of us are guilty off. I felt compelled to share this with you guys. Hope it speaks to you, like it did me. See y'all later tonight, I think I just might have some randoms to share. Have a wonderful day!

5 Things to Do Instead of ComplainBy Jon Gordon
This week's topic: The Power Of The Tongue
I’ve been speaking to a lot of organizations around the country and one thing I keep hearing from leaders and employees is that complaining is at an all time high. I’m not surprised. There are usually two main reasons why we complain. 1. We complain because we feel powerless. 2. We complain because it’s a habit. The economy has shaken a lot of people’s foundations and we feel powerless which leads to a rise in habitual complaining.

But complaining isn’t something new. Think about the Israelites who had spent years as captive slaves and within a short time of being freed they start complain…

Letter to her younger self

This is a letter Tatyana Ali wrote to her youngerself. I completely and shamelessly stole this from Anomaly's blog (Check her out). Happy Hump Day!

Dear Tatyana,

Don't be afraid of who you are.  In the times that lie ahead, you would have to stand up for yourself and hold your ground for what you believe in and those moments will define you.  Put your relationship with God first and everything else will fall into place. Cherish your sisters, your family, and your true friends - you will know who they are because they will speak truth to you.  Remember that love never needs to be rushed, take your time.  When you truly love and honor yourself, real love will find you.  I want you to know how capable you are.  You can do anything.  All you need to carry is your courage.

PS Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!

Say Hello to Goodbye

My blog title may not relate to my post today but in my head it did. It's a song title that popped in my head and I decided to use. It's my birthday today and today is also the day I say hello to my 30's and goodbye to my 20's (make sense now?).

I am a big birthday person. Whether it's mine or not, there's just something so exciting about celebrating a birthday. To me it means celebrating the fact that you made it through another year in this tough thing called life. The way I see it, it's either you are dead or getting older and I don't know about you but I'd rather be getting older. I just came back from a great trip with great friends to Cancun and I will be chilling today and enjoying my own company. A friend of mine made a comment about enjoying seeing me grow over the years, embracing life and its challenges and growing into my own woman. I agree with her and think I have grown over the years. I have learned a lot and I have seen my fair share…

Your thoughts?

I have always liked Pink (the singer). I think she is very underrated. It's quite hard for me to find a Pink song that I don't like, whether it's the R&B Pink or the alternative-pop Pink. I think what I like about her is you can tell she is being her. Even when she is being obnoxious and rude, you can tell her songs are straight from her heart. I just read an interview that she had and there were two things from the interview that stood out to me.

The first

Pink: I am never the kind of person sitting at home reading the charts and basing how I feel about myself or even my career on stats. I've always based it on, Am I doing the best that I can do? And how's my Fuck you account?

Q: What's that?

Pink: When I first started, L.A Reid said, "Make sure you put money in your Fuck You account. That's the account that, one day when people ask you to do things you don't want to do, you say Fuck you". I make sure that my Fuck you account is okay, so that…

For women who are "difficult" to love

Leggy has been posting little quotes and excerpts from the poetry of Warsan Shire and I have been liking what I read. I looked her up and she is a 23 year old Kenyan born Somali Brit woman. I think her name is cool and she seems like an interesting person. I say this because, for one pictures of her show her in hijabs or her hair covered, then there are the other set of pics that have a huge hoop between her nostrils.

Interesting quote and excerpt from an interview:

“I am a lover without a lover. I am lovely and lonely and I belong deeply to myself.”

HL: Who taught you most about love? WS: I think it was probably my parents.They taught me more about the absence of love. They taught me about love through the loss of it… HL: Can you explain a little more? WS: For a long while, I was obsessed about the breakdown of my parents’ marriage. Because I admired both of them so much separately, I couldn’t understand or make sense of how it couldn’t work. And as I grew up, the more I learned and the m…