Searched Keywords

Sometimes keywords can be funny. These were the most searched keywords for my blog for the month:

a bukateria in lagos
lady gaga haemophrodite
lost in my 20s
mi2 unstoppable lyric
naija slangs
20 things you should have learned by 25
cliches about getting old
eat pray love quotes you need rainmaker

[Umm, anyone peep #2? *scratches head*]

Of all time:

naija slangs
words of wisdom funny
hilarious words of wisdom
taynement blog
airin rachmi diany
demi moore interview 2012
25 things i learned in my 20s

Have a wonderful day.


Vivi N. said…
LOL @ 'gaymenrectum'! My friend, what have YOU been typing about on this blog? hahaha. Rolling.

The funniest one I got recently was 'buxom models". Um...model, I am not. But buxom? I can see it. lolol.
Myne Whitman said…
Not just gay men, but their rectums too? LOL...and Lady Gaga hermaphrodite, hilarious!
Sisi Yemmie ™ said…
lol. what is thisgaymenrectum ? lmao
Original Mgbeke said…
Gaymenrectum though? I'm done!!!

Bukateria in Lagos kwa? LOOL

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