Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Randoms

Merry Christmas my people, I hope you are having a wonderful time, if you having the christmas blues just try a little and try as much as you can to enjoy the day. Let's have a serving of Christmas randoms shall we?:

So, I've been wallowing in selfpity that I couldn't be in Nigeria this christmas. Woe is me. Instead of me to focus on the fact that I am alive and have wonderful friends and I have the ability to go to Nigeria whenever I want and I already did once this year. Thankfully, christmas is here and I am actually in good spirits, so yay for that.

Britney has this hot song called "3". There is a line in it that goes "living in sin is the new thing". I have to say I feel uncomfortable singing it, for the most part I alter that line.

I saw an ad for this cool feature on blogger. They turn your blog posts into a book for you and all you have to choose is the cover page. I think that's pretty neat.

I am in Houston for the holidays and I have to say that the difference between Lagos and Houston is getting very blurry. They don't freaking know how to drive in this place, as soon as I got in I knew I was there because I had already started cussing like a fool.

Speaking of Houston, I went to a mostly naija party the other day and I shit you not there was a chic wearing a leotard.Yup! BeyonceSingleLadiesLeotard!. I kept blinking thinking maybe I had a lil bit too much of the bubbly, but I verified with someone beside me. In her defense, maybe she just came from dance practice?

I watched a movie called The Messenger. Basically, it was military men whose job it was to deliver news to people that their loved ones have been killed in action. That has to be the worst job EVER! The reactions from people were not pretty at all. And they are not allowed to show emotion or have contact with them. Awful!

What do you call people you were talking to/had fwb situations with? You can't call them exes right? I like the term "dalliances".

I've been told that I tend to see things as black or white. As I get older I do acknowledge that there are grey areas. But sometimes I think people use grey areas as a cop out, some things ARE just black or white.

RIP to Brittany Murphy. At the rate celebs were expiring this year, I wonder if other celebs wonder if their time is coming. I detest Perez Hilton but he had this tweet after she died that said Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note and do the right thing.Go to

Beyonce is a blessed human all areas. And that's all I have to say about that.

This feeling of inadequacy I have, something has to be done about it.

Just in case you didn't know, Trey Songz iz the biznezz! and I like that Nikki Minaj chic.

Why have I never had eggnog? Probably because I won't like it.

Watching survivor, these people suffer mayne. They get all emaciated and are under terrible conditions, after all that to now lose must be so dissapointing.

Some dude on survivor said : Some people think I am a jerk, some people think I am nice, I think I have just resigned myself to being misunderstood. I think 99% of people in the world think they are misunderstood.

Do yourself a favor and get you Banky's W Experience and Chris Brown's Grafitti.

I don't have much to say because my aunty just announced the food is ready and I am ready to eat so I can make that White Chocolate Almond icecream my bitch! lol..Have a wonderful christmas my lovelies. I have two songs below for you. Incase you don't read my sister blog, I have Lady Gaga's christmas song below (I am a self proclaimed Gagarette) and also the new Toni Braxton and Trey songz song, I love it!

PS - I am woman enough to admit that I have been meaner than usual to a friend of mine. Yes, SwanBoy I am referring to you. It's not my fault, I have been on some emotional rollercoaster. So, I am not apologizing, just acknowledging the fact.:D

Lady Gaga:


Toni and Trey:


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taking Stock 2009

I stole this from Lady JuiceGal cuz I thought it was pretty neat. Before I do that, I wanna apologize in advance for anyone who missed my Friday Randoms, it was a combination of forgetfulness and laziness. I apologize and I would be back this friday, promise!.

So I am usually unsure on whether to respond to comments in the comment box because I don't know if anyone comes back to read them, so I'll just reply here.(this was from my last post)

Oje - I am working on the teeth picture ;)

Myne - I wore my braces for exactly 11 months and 7 days. There is a short term ortho program for adults that's usually 6 months but I lost 3 months of no checkups being in naija and I had special situation so it took that long. It was ok and not as bad as I thought cuz they weren't the metal kind, they were enamel colored. Couldn't eat certain foods, and frustrating cuz food usually got stuck. Other mouth activities were the same :)

Vivian and Shade - I don't have to wear the retainers, I got the permanent ones and so they just bonded the front teeth and that's it for me.

Ok back to regular scheduled post!


I honestly don't know how to categorize my faith this year but if there is one thing I can say, it would be that I definitely believed more. I had a rollercoaster year but from early on in the year, I had this unshakeable belief that everything will be ok. I definitely still need to be stronger in my prayers and bible reading which I took steps in. I joined four other ladies who are in different places across the U.s and we had this awesome bible study group every week and that definitely helped. I've decided that even though I have a lot of questions about my chosen religion of Christianity, I am living by one rule which is Love thy neighbour as thy self. I think that encompasses a lot. I am gonna do that and hope for the best.


I was blessed to spend a long amount of time around my family this year and it just confirmed how much I love family and I honestly can't wait to have my own. I still am infuriated by my family but the fact of the matter is when I need them they are there for me. I am thankful that we are all alive and we had additions either by marriage or by birth this year. I pray God always be our center and give us many years of life and laughter.


Ah, the complicated thing. I always say I don't need new friends but what do I know. I gained some new ones and once again, I survived another year without losing any of my main friends. If anything, this year I truly saw the power of friendship from everyone even those that are not close to me. The last part of this year was some tough ting for me and to say I was overwhelmed by all the love I experienced emotionally, financially, spiritually is an understatement. I am a gift person, if I could buy gifts for all I would but for now I can't, so all I do is fall on my knees and pray for every single person by name and express my gratitude and I hope that I can be there for them all whenever they need me. Can I say Thank you one more time? Oh, I also discovered that when things happen and I wanna berate my friends in my head, I try to focus on the positive things about them and remember that I am not perfect either so try to forgive, move on and not focus on the worst.


LOL..what can I say? I'm in debt. It's just what it is. I spent a lot this year and usually when you do that with no source of income coming in it equals debt. I am not a financially irresponsible person. I am very particular about it, I pay my bills on time, I never tire to call my bank/credit card for some wayo they wanna play on me, my credit score is in the 700's, I don't hear cute shoes and clothes screaming out my name and the list goes on. By God's grace, I can put a dent on it next year and not add to it, cuz debt sho ain't cute!


School went well this year, and I am still on the path of getting my MBA. As for career, I am still a bit fuzzy. I know what I want to do but I am not sure where to start from. I got myself a mentor so that should help. I think my heart is in Nigeria but is it me giving up on trying any harder in U.S? I don't know. I do have a fear that my MBA won't mean shit when I am done but I will try my damndest to make sure it isn't so. But in 2010, first and foremost your girl gotta get some kind of job sha. All this economy is getting better is William Hung singing in my ears, because until I have one then all that better thing na yarns.


Whenever someone asks me about this, my instant reaction is to simulate a person's heart flatlining. Ok let me try to think back through the year, I came to some conclusion that I seem to be attracted to emotionally unavailable men. Problem is I don't know how to define emotionally unavailable. I have my own definition but that just makes me delve deeper into why and then into other things I'd rather not and I am back to being ambivalent. This year I met men I really liked but weren't 100% and I met men that were 100% but I didn't like. I did decide that I wasn't gonna do that "talking" thing anymore. Either we are or we aren't. I have made considerable progress from a very painful hurt this year and hope that eventually it will be 100% gone but for now, I am ok with where I am.


I've been good this year physically and I thank God. I am just some pounds heavier than the beginning of the year. My mental well being is in a good place compared to the beginning of the year, whooo!now THAT I'm grateful for, that was NOT a good place. I still have a lot of anxiety and overwhelming feelings that I can't seem to express but all in all I think I am holding up ok.


Addicted to ma blackberry, the internet and everything it comes with namely facebook. I still have my bad habits I am working on. I managed to knock one off. I think I still have an ok social life. I definitely don't go out as much as I used to, my movies and tv show rock the kasbah with me lol. I like to travel and I got to visit 5 states and 3 international countries + Naija, i am grateful for the experience, I got to learn about new cultures and try new food, yum!

Phew, Juicegal that was long! anyways that was my 2009 stock in a nutshell. Feel free to do yours and I am looking forward to reading. Laters compadres!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Randoms

I can't even tell you how hellish this week has been for me and I am glad it's over. In about 6 and a half hours, I will be taking my last final for the semester but I thought I'd take a break and do my randoms now or else I probably won't get to it. Here we go:

Man, I don't know about you but it is so easy to eat away your emotions. You don't even realise how you are just chomp, chomp, chomping away.

I don't know how I kept forgetting to mention it, but I took off my braces about a month ago and I am very pleased with the result. I had a gap that was getting wider by the moment. It's all closed now and my teeth are straight. I smile for no reason now lol

Ladies, how many of you have the thought process that you can get any man you want or set your sights on?

These celebs want to kill us with perfume ads oh. Every second you look at the tv, some celeb is prancing around on a field or beach or something trynna sell us perfume because it's christmas.

I don't know if any of you guys watch Nip/tuck but the character Dr Christian Troy is the most fucked up character I know...makes for good tv.

I think I have come to realise that where long distance relationships are the norm between most nigerians, it's like taboo amongst americans. Very few of them do it or believe in it.

I love living alone but my biggest fear is that I will choke. I have had my food go down the wrong way many times and it's scary.

The bad part about not being completely anonymous is I can't really say everything I might want to say.

I am not a long winded answerer. As in you ask me something its either - yes, no, ok..but my friends, my family and whoever else seem to get on me for that. I don't even realise that I am doing it. To me i ask or you ask a question and you answer that's it. I guess I could try but I don't think I am making progress.

I am still disturbed my lil kids doing pageants. Why isn't it against the law?

I have never had Tomato Soup, but I know that I hate it :D

I envy those who have lived in different states. I never got the opportunity to.

A friend of mine says she doesn't believe that there is a reason for everything. What say ye blogsville?

Ok, instead of an uplifting message to close out, check out this ad/video:


Have a lovely weekend guys and for those taking finals, Good luck!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Just Because..Lyrics

"Her best days will be some of my worst"

"While I'm wide awake she's no trouble sleeping"

"Cause I got time while she got freedom"

"What am I suppose to do
When the best part of me was always you and
What am I suppose to say
When I'm all choked up and you're okay

I'm falling to pieces, yeah
I'm falling to pieces"

"Cause when a heart breaks, no it don't breakeven, even, no"

Lol, no my heart didn't just get broken. I've just been a The Script mode. Been listening to them for the last couple of days and I really like this song and the lyrics. When two people break up, no matter how much they hurt, it's just never even. Like the line says, one person gets (sad) time while the other gets freedom/relief.



Ok the real lyrics I wanted to post were Leona Lewis' "Happy". Feel free to prove me wrong but Leona is my pick for the best female vocalist in the new generation of singers (christina is not in this new crop). She still reminds me of a tranny and I still think she lacks emotions in her performances but I cannot deny her vocal skills.

someone once told me
that you have to choose
what you win or lose
you cant have everything
dont you take chances
you might feel the pain
dont you love in vain
cause love wont set you free
i could stand by the side
and watch this life pass me by
so unhappy but safe as could be

so what if it hurts me
so what if i break down
so what if this world just throws me off the edge
my feet run out of ground
i gotta find my place
i wanna hear my sound
dont care about other pain infront of me
cause im just tryna be happy, yea
just wanna be happy, yea

holding on tightly
just cant let it go
just tryna play my role
slowly diasappear, oooh
well all these tears
they feel like theyre the same
just different faces, different names
get me outta here
well i can stand by the side
and watch this life pass me by
pass me by


Have a lovely day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Randoms

Hi guys! Happy Friday and Happy New Month to you! As you may have read, I just turned 100, so I am a ripe, old woman ready to boogiieee woohoo!. Ok just kidding, aiite let's do this:

So, if you haven't heard the whole Tiger Woods saga, you are most definitely living under a rock. Such a sad situation. I put on my FB status that I felt sorry for Tiger, a looooong convo ensued over that but one of the comments from 2 male friends of mine was something to the effect of why is she shocked? she married an athlete, she should have expected him to cheat. That made me a little sad, looking around our world it seems like cheating is becoming the norm and everyone is accepting it, does this mean we as humans are not meant for monogamy?

Meanwhile a clever MSNBC caption about the saga was : Crouching Tiger, Hidden Passion. I thought it was pretty clever and put it as my BB status. Unfortunately, most people thought it was my newest addition to a porn collection.

Speaking of my BB, that flashing red light indicating a message has come through makes me happy. Yes, my name is Taynement and I am a BB addict.

Is love/relationship meant to be hard or easy? Should it be easy going or should you have struggles to appreciate your relationship?

The Duggars on TLC are a true example of a christian family. Like their light radiates through them. Everytime I see them, I involuntary smile. I don't know them but I wish them all the best.

Med students, what ailment do I have when everytime I eat, I have this piercing/cramping pains in my stomach? Last time I had that, it turned out to be the ulcer bacteria but that was taken care of with antibiotics, can it return?

I finally saw MJ's "This is it". I thoroughly enjoyed it. Omo, I don't think MJ would have survived the concert, he looked so frail. Anyways, 2 stars were made out of the movie. His leading lady for "The way you make me feel", just had a guest starring stint on 90210 (mekia cox) and the chic who had the guitar solo, Orianthi just had a single released. She is australian and pretty bad on a guitar. This is her video/song -

Dude, I get that sex sells but these videos that are overtly sexy are really getting on my nerves. I don't know why but the new Shakira especially and that beyonce video phone video.

For the first time in my life, I seriously thought about learning how to wear makeup properly.

So my best friend and I think that Anderson Cooper and George Clooney would make a gorgeous couple, what say ye? lol

Why do companies make you upload your resume then proceed to make you fill out an application form with your last few jobs, education history, responsibilities etc etc. Ughhhh!, very annoying.

I have resigned myself to my mother nagging me about marriage. It's like all she ever talks about and is apparently "very worried". I don't understand, should I marry myself? If awon guys no want, what should I do, force them? I tire oooo!

So lately, my insult of choice has been Goat. I don't know why. Some lady cut me off on the road and I mouthed "Goat" to her.

Anybody catch the Victoria Secret show. Were those chicks skinny or were they skinny?!

And signing out with an encouraging thought : Give God what's right, not what's left.

Have a lovely weekend people and try to stay warm. It's hella cold here in TX and I am still waiting for Male Body Warmth lol.

Enjoy this:


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Keeping it 100!

Woooohooooo! Took me almost 2 years but guess who just clocked 100 posts! Yezzir, it's your girl Taynement. It's been a weird blogging journey, from enduring blog links from my BFF who was obsessed with blogs, to actually reading and finding some interesting stories to actually blogging but with the goal of blogging about just entertainment stuff, which was where I started from in 2007. Somewhere along the line, I deviated and started writing about personal stuff and any other thing but entertainment topics.(Hence the birth of Even though I don't have any specific topic or I don't get as personal as some people, I would like (and hope) my blog has a theme or undercurrent of Encouragement. Everyone has more than enough problems or worries on their plates and in a world full of realists and pessimists, it's every easy to get downtrodden or think you are the only one who goes through or thinks about some certain things. It's also very easy to forget the blessings around you or the little things that pick you up. So cheers to my 100 posts and a future cheers of hope and positivity to my next 100!

Thank you to

- My friends, who were my only audience in the beginning.

- Commenters, who let me know that there are people out there who take the time out to read and give their opinions.

- Followers who took the time out to follow my little blog.

- For people who read and give me feedback offline.

- For blogsville in general for welcoming me and for teaching me many different things.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all.

Have a lovely day and see y'all on Friday!