Friday Randoms

Hi guys! Happy Friday and Happy New Month to you! As you may have read, I just turned 100, so I am a ripe, old woman ready to boogiieee woohoo!. Ok just kidding, aiite let's do this:

So, if you haven't heard the whole Tiger Woods saga, you are most definitely living under a rock. Such a sad situation. I put on my FB status that I felt sorry for Tiger, a looooong convo ensued over that but one of the comments from 2 male friends of mine was something to the effect of why is she shocked? she married an athlete, she should have expected him to cheat. That made me a little sad, looking around our world it seems like cheating is becoming the norm and everyone is accepting it, does this mean we as humans are not meant for monogamy?

Meanwhile a clever MSNBC caption about the saga was : Crouching Tiger, Hidden Passion. I thought it was pretty clever and put it as my BB status. Unfortunately, most people thought it was my newest addition to a porn collection.

Speaking of my BB, that flashing red light indicating a message has come through makes me happy. Yes, my name is Taynement and I am a BB addict.

Is love/relationship meant to be hard or easy? Should it be easy going or should you have struggles to appreciate your relationship?

The Duggars on TLC are a true example of a christian family. Like their light radiates through them. Everytime I see them, I involuntary smile. I don't know them but I wish them all the best.

Med students, what ailment do I have when everytime I eat, I have this piercing/cramping pains in my stomach? Last time I had that, it turned out to be the ulcer bacteria but that was taken care of with antibiotics, can it return?

I finally saw MJ's "This is it". I thoroughly enjoyed it. Omo, I don't think MJ would have survived the concert, he looked so frail. Anyways, 2 stars were made out of the movie. His leading lady for "The way you make me feel", just had a guest starring stint on 90210 (mekia cox) and the chic who had the guitar solo, Orianthi just had a single released. She is australian and pretty bad on a guitar. This is her video/song -

Dude, I get that sex sells but these videos that are overtly sexy are really getting on my nerves. I don't know why but the new Shakira especially and that beyonce video phone video.

For the first time in my life, I seriously thought about learning how to wear makeup properly.

So my best friend and I think that Anderson Cooper and George Clooney would make a gorgeous couple, what say ye? lol

Why do companies make you upload your resume then proceed to make you fill out an application form with your last few jobs, education history, responsibilities etc etc. Ughhhh!, very annoying.

I have resigned myself to my mother nagging me about marriage. It's like all she ever talks about and is apparently "very worried". I don't understand, should I marry myself? If awon guys no want, what should I do, force them? I tire oooo!

So lately, my insult of choice has been Goat. I don't know why. Some lady cut me off on the road and I mouthed "Goat" to her.

Anybody catch the Victoria Secret show. Were those chicks skinny or were they skinny?!

And signing out with an encouraging thought : Give God what's right, not what's left.

Have a lovely weekend people and try to stay warm. It's hella cold here in TX and I am still waiting for Male Body Warmth lol.

Enjoy this:



Gee said…
hahha i am!!
ok to the post--crouchy tiger hidden passion---ok that is just hilarious!!!
omy omy!!
eya tiger woods i am sure is having the worst day of his celeb life--next time he will behave!
Azazel said…
TaynementI love ur blog hun.
tunrayo said…
lol@ crouching tiger...

i cant be bothered with learning to do makeup right o. tis just too stressful (plus i have friends who think its their life's goal to make me up so why bother :))

Have a lovely weekend yourself
Anonymous said…
Your Friday randoms are beginning to be something to look forward to.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Passion, that caption fit help you resolve your mummy issues o!

I HATE the thing about company webbies too - maybe I have resume-uploading-burnout syndrome!

Nice one!
blogoratti said…
Keep being you and have a fantastic weekend, yea!
Nice Anon said…
I actually like video phone. Also you won't have expected such from Tiger Woods as he is so private about everything.
leggy said…
i felt sorry for him too cos he is not like a media whore like all the other celebrities.
did you just say video phone was sexy?im a die hard bee fan, but seriously video phone was just razz.
all those sexy thrash make me puke too, have you heard rain drops?ewww video.
anyway, happy 100th.
Reverence said…
yeess!! friday rsndoms!

the whole tiger woods thing really makes me sad. i relaly hope tehyw ork it out :(

LOL @ MSNBC that made me chuckle.

i feel you on the sexified videos. i was watching the toni braxton video and confused as to why she was wearing lingerie to tell a guy he was so yesterday?
Myne Whitman said…
Plenty randoms, girl, you're the latest gistmaster. Thanks for sharing.

Sexy videos. *SMH* I'm tired too. In Bee's case enough of the leotards abeg.

Anderson Cooper and George Cloony. Shoot me, is the latter gay? LOL
LOL @myne...
i'm not really sure i know
what all the woods saga is about
but again...i'm not really...???

seems like you've got a lot going on!!!

have a wonderful weekend :)
Original Mgbeke said…
I saw this one and thought it was funny: 'Tigers wife found out he wasnt a Tiger, he was a Cheetah! That has to be the funniest thing i have heard all week'.
Original Mgbeke said…
Oops, the last sentence about funniest thing was the status updater's opinion.
Repressed One said…
yay@ the makeup long did that thought last tho?

teehee@ tiger/ everything else it'll blow over soon enuff.

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