Friday Randoms

Merry Christmas my people, I hope you are having a wonderful time, if you having the christmas blues just try a little and try as much as you can to enjoy the day. Let's have a serving of Christmas randoms shall we?:

So, I've been wallowing in selfpity that I couldn't be in Nigeria this christmas. Woe is me. Instead of me to focus on the fact that I am alive and have wonderful friends and I have the ability to go to Nigeria whenever I want and I already did once this year. Thankfully, christmas is here and I am actually in good spirits, so yay for that.

Britney has this hot song called "3". There is a line in it that goes "living in sin is the new thing". I have to say I feel uncomfortable singing it, for the most part I alter that line.

I saw an ad for this cool feature on blogger. They turn your blog posts into a book for you and all you have to choose is the cover page. I think that's pretty neat.

I am in Houston for the holidays and I have to say that the difference between Lagos and Houston is getting very blurry. They don't freaking know how to drive in this place, as soon as I got in I knew I was there because I had already started cussing like a fool.

Speaking of Houston, I went to a mostly naija party the other day and I shit you not there was a chic wearing a leotard.Yup! BeyonceSingleLadiesLeotard!. I kept blinking thinking maybe I had a lil bit too much of the bubbly, but I verified with someone beside me. In her defense, maybe she just came from dance practice?

I watched a movie called The Messenger. Basically, it was military men whose job it was to deliver news to people that their loved ones have been killed in action. That has to be the worst job EVER! The reactions from people were not pretty at all. And they are not allowed to show emotion or have contact with them. Awful!

What do you call people you were talking to/had fwb situations with? You can't call them exes right? I like the term "dalliances".

I've been told that I tend to see things as black or white. As I get older I do acknowledge that there are grey areas. But sometimes I think people use grey areas as a cop out, some things ARE just black or white.

RIP to Brittany Murphy. At the rate celebs were expiring this year, I wonder if other celebs wonder if their time is coming. I detest Perez Hilton but he had this tweet after she died that said Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love take note and do the right thing.Go to

Beyonce is a blessed human all areas. And that's all I have to say about that.

This feeling of inadequacy I have, something has to be done about it.

Just in case you didn't know, Trey Songz iz the biznezz! and I like that Nikki Minaj chic.

Why have I never had eggnog? Probably because I won't like it.

Watching survivor, these people suffer mayne. They get all emaciated and are under terrible conditions, after all that to now lose must be so dissapointing.

Some dude on survivor said : Some people think I am a jerk, some people think I am nice, I think I have just resigned myself to being misunderstood. I think 99% of people in the world think they are misunderstood.

Do yourself a favor and get you Banky's W Experience and Chris Brown's Grafitti.

I don't have much to say because my aunty just announced the food is ready and I am ready to eat so I can make that White Chocolate Almond icecream my bitch! lol..Have a wonderful christmas my lovelies. I have two songs below for you. Incase you don't read my sister blog, I have Lady Gaga's christmas song below (I am a self proclaimed Gagarette) and also the new Toni Braxton and Trey songz song, I love it!

PS - I am woman enough to admit that I have been meaner than usual to a friend of mine. Yes, SwanBoy I am referring to you. It's not my fault, I have been on some emotional rollercoaster. So, I am not apologizing, just acknowledging the fact.:D

Lady Gaga:


Toni and Trey:



Reverence said…
i am first yaay. i like the term dalliances too. i just usually say we had a thing.

Thanks for helping me chase the christmas blues. they have a white chocolate almond ice cream? where can i get my hands on it?
neefemi said…
Merry Xmas...i'm in Houston too...thats crazy, lol....hope you had a good day, be safe
merry Christmas!
i hope you had a great time :D
Azazel said…
Lol @ not apologiczin just acknowledgin the fact..
Ah but what is an apology?
An apology is not when u utter the word 'sorry'.
it is when u 'acknowledge the fact that u have wronged someone'.
I loved this blogpost
Anonymous said…
evryone who was not in Naij for the xmas most probably is beefing those who were - i suspect in some cases it will be the other way round.

Leotards to a parry....mehn, no be small sumtin' o!

Blogger turning posts to a book - will only be useful for the writers, some of these stuff need to be deleted so the future generations do not read how sad our lives were..

merry christmas in arears!

beautifully random as usual
Myne Whitman said…
Plenty better better randoms, I loved them. Compliments of the season to you and New year wishes in advance.
Original Mgbeke said…
LOL. I actually just had eggnog for the first time this weekend. It was nyeh, woulda preferred it with a shot of Vodka or Rum.

LOL @ Gaga. SMH.
BSNC said…
i like that yesterday song. hope you have fun on christmas day, compliments of the season.
Yeah for Friday randoms...Britney got serious issues... still love her though...

Will try and check out the movie. yeah really sad about Britney Murphy's death...Perez is a trip for real.. but he has a point... Love me some Nikki Minaj...

The "Yesterday" song by toni and trey is bomb...i always finding myself humming it...did you notice her fly shoes when she is walking towards crazy-ass ron artest.. by the way, i don't get why she has to sing in her underwear... yeah she looks great and all..whatevs...overall, nice song...
Nice Anon said…
Biko what is a leotard? Abi leopold?
na some kinda dress abi dance suit?

Happy new year!

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