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I apologize ahead of time for you new generation kids that always think xyz is too long to read. A male friend sent me this article today and you practically have to read it to have an opinion on my post. The summary of the article is how needy is quickly applied to women and has made it more difficult for women to express theirneeds so as to avoid the dreaded "needy" word. There's really much more to it than my summary which is why you have to read it first.

So, I read the article and I agreed with it. Before I continue, I feel like I should have disclaimers because some person is going to come and say "no o, not me" or "it happens to men too". I speak from my pov and as a woman. As I was saying...

"But what about women? Do we, as a society, condition girls and young women to, at the very least, expect their needs to be met? Or are we making them feel guilty or nervous about everything related to the word "need?"

I don't know if you …

My Immortal

I heart this song and the tone reflected my mood this morning.

Have a great week.

Questions and Answers

So I stole this from Looking Glass of an Immigrant blog. I liked the questions she was asked and figured I'd tell you folks a lil bit about myself.

1. A world without laughter or music? This is so super hard but I'd have to say a world without laughter.

2. What did you never taste, assumed you won't like but eventually did? Apple sauce

3. If you won $20,000 tonight what would you do with it? pay of some debt, save and splurge

4. Who/What made you start blogging? I thought I would be the next Diablo Cody. If you don't know the name, she is the writer of Juno. She used to be a stripper and write a blog. She got discovered, wrote a book and a screenplay, won an oscar and eventually got handpicked by Steven Spielberg to write United States of Tara. I adored her for the longest time till she became a mommy and kinda chilled. I didn't want to write a screenplay but I thought I'd get discovered by someone at Entertainment Weekly and get offered a job there to write ab…