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Is your heart closed?

What's a conversation if men/relationships/marriage doesn't come up, eh?

Had the following convo with a (married) friend. To give a heads up, I had asked my twitter people if catholics could marry non catholics and vice versa. My friend in question is catholic and married a catholic. Ok here's the convo (snippet):

Her: Marriage is already hard enough to add a really deep factor and some people faith and church doesn't matter to them For me. It's number 1. That then everything else, cos a man centered around God is by default a good man. And the catholic faith is a tad different. I need us to be in sync.

Me:   I agree. Now let me find a man first before worrying about all that.

Her: A man will find you. Open your heart.

Me: Is it closed?

Her: You tell me. There is a true opening of heart. I can't explain it. But if you examine yourself you'll know.When you're solid in yourself. When you know what you truly want. When you are ready for God's gift. You…

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in Marriage?

I know I haven't had randoms in a while but men, life is on a long ting right now with me so my thoughts have been everywhere but not just here. I did have a random question I decided to take one step further. My title says it - What is the biggest lesson you have learned in marriage? I asked a whole bunch of my friends who are married. I should mention all the people I asked are in marriages that are less than 5 years old. The first 3 people I asked all said the same thing - "patience". So, ladies and gentlemen, find your patience! As impatient as I am, Lord knows I need his healing powers in this area. Anyways, below are the answers that I received. Hope you enjoy or find a nugget or two.

"As a newlywed, I would say being supportive and exhibiting being supportive is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from marriage thus far (closely following the need for an abundance of patience and the importance of communicating and solidifying unified ambitions).  Many tim…

Fan Friday

Hi guys, I know I have begged before and I am begging again. I have a segment on my sister site ( called Fan Friday where anyone gets an opportunity to rave about any pop culture topic that they are passionate about. I received some entries and thank you to all who sent in, I truly appreciate it. BUt I need more:(. Please let me know if you have a submission or you can email me at

Below is a link that explains the rules for the write up:

Let me know if you have any questions and you can have more than one entry. Hope to hear from some of you guys soon! Have a lovely day!