Is your heart closed?

What's a conversation if men/relationships/marriage doesn't come up, eh?

Had the following convo with a (married) friend. To give a heads up, I had asked my twitter people if catholics could marry non catholics and vice versa. My friend in question is catholic and married a catholic. Ok here's the convo (snippet):

Her: Marriage is already hard enough to add a really deep factor and some people faith and church doesn't matter to them For me. It's number 1. That then everything else, cos a man centered around God is by default a good man. And the catholic faith is a tad different. I need us to be in sync.

Me:   I agree. Now let me find a man first before worrying about all that.

Her: A man will find you. Open your heart.

Me: Is it closed?

Her: You tell me. There is a true opening of heart. I can't explain it. But if you examine yourself you'll know.When you're solid in yourself. When you know what you truly want. When you are ready for God's gift. You'll get it. When you want something, you have to live your life according to that which you want. You can't want it and do everything contrary. 

Okay my lovelies, I won't taint this too much with plenty story. All I want to hear is what do you think? What are your thoughts as you read this?

Happy Halloween!


R. One said…
Ugghhhh...That's BS!! I pray to God i don't become one of these pple that spit out these type of lines when the shoe is on the other foot.
That's like pple saying 'you're not getting what you're praying for cos you don't have enough faith' FOH!!

So Christians [rather dedicated ones too might i add] that have been trying to have a baby for 10+ years just haven't opened their hearts to God??

So you/they are not solid? You/They don't know what they want? You/They are not ready for God's gift?? Again FOH!!

It's all this kind of "There must be something wrong with you" talk that keeps people oppressed and condemned.

Sorry for the rant...
MPB said…
All I can say is "i don't get it"...i have no clue what your friend is going on about except that it sounds difficult.
Simply bellz said…
I am catholic but I can marry a catholic, anglican, or pentecostal. I do not know what your friend meant but I think one has to ready or God knows when to bring your boo to you.:)
mizchif said…
So thought process as i was reading this.

Of course, my sentiments exactly, marriage is hard enough by itself and religion is a big part of some peoples lives, to marry someone you don't share the same beliefs with would just be a somewhat unnecessary hardship.

FOH with that foolishness.
Such talk just gets my goat. Open your heart, husband will find you. Thats how somebody will do mistake and follow such advice then die from over open heart syndrome.
Lemme stop. Before i get upset.
MPB said…
hope your friend doesnt read your

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