Thursday, December 22, 2011

Touch Down Lagos

Hi guys, I don reach Lagos o. Like everytime, it feels nice to be back. I had an eventful plane ride. I spent a day in London. On our way there, we had a sick passenger and had to make an emergency landing. Pilot announces we have to land in Memphis, we are almost there and he announces they have to change to Nashville, we head on out there and once almost there again, pilot says we have to go back to Memphis cuz they are better equipped to check the plane and make sure we can fly over water *confused face* err, thought it was a sick passenger? Anyways we land and passenger is rushed off to hospital.I found it interesting that even though there were no Nigerians on my flight, there sure was clapping when we landed.

Immigration line in the UK is cuh-razy man. Takes forever.I happened to be in line behind background singers from Rihanna's tour who seemed miffed that they were standing in line with us "regular folks" - goats. London was so cold man chei. Finally got to taste Nando's chicken and I liked. Anyways back to airport for final leg to Lagos and it was full of skinny jeans wearing youngsters. My ears were ringing with juvenile convos like "I fancy xyz's bro" "maybe I'll ask him if he wants to join the mile high club". Virgin Airlines is awesomeness though. Had a air hostess who looked JUST like Adele.

Well, touchdown Lagos at 6am, luggage came out smooth including hand luggage I had to check in. Got home, took a shower and hit the streets, went to say hi to a friend and had drinks with friends at Radisson. Next day I slept some and hit up Likwid and that was major fun, I danced like a fool (as always). Hung out at ebar the next day and ran into ms sassy. This lagos sef, na small place. Well today, all roads were supposed to lead to Swe but all the goddamn smoking in this country got to me and I'm here sneezing and hacking my brains out. I'm bummed out lying here in my jammies, when I could be dancing and losing my voice but tomorrow na tomorrow. I'll make up for this. Well that's my update so far, hope you guys are doing well. Merry christmas guys and thank you for the time you take out to read this blog!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Non Randoms

Hello people. How are ya? and how are you getting ready for the holidays? I actually had randoms for this week but due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to get it all together. I leave for Naija soon and I still am not done packing plus so much work to wrap up on. So basically, for those of you that hit me up for randoms, I'm sorry! and I will be sure to have some up soon enough. I am going to do my year in review at the end of they year or maybe when I get back, it's pretty cool stuff and hopefully some of y'all will do it too.

On a side note, it's funny how your mood can change so quickly (or is it just me). I woke up this morning all in a fantastic mood till I saw something that just annoyed me. Whatever. Also, what's with people and giving you stuff to take home to naija for them when you aren't that cool, isn't it awkward?. I think I have said no in so many different ways.

Well, wishing you guys a very very happy holidays. Hope you have a blessed one and an even better new year and year ahead. I might or might not update, depending on my internet connection. Muah!

"Had to leave, Had to live"


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Randoms

Whaddya know, it's another Friday and I have randoms this Friday. Again. 2 weeks in a row. I'm on fire! I keed. It's been a very strange week and some of my friends have just had a hard week and sometimes there are just no right words to say. It is freezing in Texas guys! I'm talking ice on my car, 30 degree weather and it's not cute at all. I'd say I am looking forward to Naija heat but I hear it's major hot there too. Speaking of which, I don't think I realize that I am leaving for Naija in a few. I haven't done diddly squat. Random time.

So I asked a couple of my female friends if they'd want to come back as a guy or a girl again and everyone said they'd want to come back as a girl. Go figure that I am the only one who would want to come back as a man.

I have said this before but as hard as it is to find a life partner/someone that gets you. I can't imagine losing them while you are still young.

When something devastating happens to you and you feel your world has stopped. I think one of the hardest things to grasp is that the world doesn't stop just because yours has. It keeps going...

Would you rather have a banging body or a beautiful face?

Why do people think that they can control their emotions? I don't think you can control how you feel, you can only control if you want to suppress or express it but how you feel can't be controlled. Abi ki lo feel?

Dilemma Dilemma Dilemma. Jesus be my decision maker.

Whose responsibility is it to bring up the "status" talk in a boy/girl talking situation. My friend who is a guy makes it his duty to always be clear on where they stand, most girls seem to wait on the guy to bring it up, but should it be that way? I think anyone of the two should be able to express what they want or is it better for it to be the guy?

The more I hear about life after children the more I get a bit worried about it. It just seems to change everything. I see these women who just seem exhausted mentally, physically and are overwhelmed. But women, have been doing this for years, no? So we go do am.

The way people dey scream divorce you'd think that it was so easy and it really isn't at all.

Why can't Jlo be single? Is it such taboo to be single? I always wonder what drives people to that point where they can't stand to be alone.

It is surprising to me that there are females out there who do not enjoy oral sex.

It's funny how we women are quick to call men out for some stuff that we do. Think about it I am sure you have gone on a few dates or had a good time with a dude and suddenly decided you don't want to talk to them and ignored calls. If it was a dude now, curses would have been rained on his head.

I like gisting with my guy friends. They have some of the most hilarious stories I have ever heard. On the flip, I don't think it helps with my guy cynicism.

I have never kissed anyone at midnight on New Years Day before.

Katherine Heigl said that if she found our her husband was cheating and it was a one time thing, she'd be devastated but she would forgive him and work through things. Now that's all great and dandy but why announce it to all and sundry or let him know for that matter?

"I've learned so much from my mistakes...I'm thinking of making some more". This quote doesn't make sense but i just thought it was cute when I read it.

Have a fantastic weekend guys. As always be safe in all you do and enjoy life to the maximum.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday Randoms

Howdy Ho guys. I feel like I haven't done this in forever, well actually I haven't. Can you believe we are in December?? Like a whole year flew by just like that *snaps fingers*. We thank God for giving us life to see this month. I have been doing considerably okay, still on the road of recovery, getting back to the swing of things at work (honestly, I don't think I have 100% to give till next year),dashing money to my city's police force via speeding tickets and traffic violations and "recapturing my pearl"(inside joke). How was your thanksgiving? I had a good one, got to see my family and hang out with friends. While people were yammering on about being stuffed, I didn't get to eat much. For some reason, I just didn't have any appetite. Do you realize that we have some kind of holiday going from October to get money going?Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's...Oh dear, Valentine's is in two months?? moving right along. Let's random.

It's a weird feeling when you recommend a song to someone and they don't like it. Can't imagine how the artists themselves who work hard on a project and get trashed by critics/public feel.

So I have this thing that I'd like to visit all 50 states in the U.S (ha, right?. Well I'm 30 states behind. God give me life and money, let's see what we can do in 2012.

I think it's admirable to own your own business but sometimes I get irked by people who want to shove it down your throat like you're an idiot if you aren't self employed. I mean is it beans to just own your business? biko, shift.

Not sure where I saw this: If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing - timing. Except timing's a bitch.

Why do people feel that their purpose must be this big grandiose thing? Why can't one's purpose be something simple. You don't have to do something big and splashy to leave an impact on someone's life. Everyone isn't a Steve Jobs.

I was making peppersoup the other day and was staring at my dried ukazi and I was wondering if it could be smoked.

Thou shall not compare thyself to anyone. Not healthy. Not wise and just plain useless.

I commented the other day that it seemed majority of my bbm contacts are happy/blessed/favored/thankful. I often wonder if Nigerians are the only ones who love these adjectives and use it as much as my people do.

I read or saw somewhere that whether or not they like it, parents always have a favorite child. They'll NEVER admit it but they do. They think they do a good job of covering it up but often times, it's pretty obvious who it is. I am not sure if I am making this part up, but I hear a lot of the time it's the oldest.

I find it quite amusing that the general thought is that women are crazy. Men have their moments more times than not.

That, which you know is bad for you is what you can't help but want. smh

I've never gone out to eat alone. Has anyone done that?

I've never seen myself as a "shut up and swallow it" kinda person, actually I am quite vocal. If I am annoyed, I don't like to react immediately. I'll talk about it eventually and also you learn to pick your battles and some things just aren't worth it, so I find it interesting that some people perceive me as a "don't speak" kind of person. Actually, some time ago someone told me that he didn't think I would say anything if my husband hit me *major confused face*

How do the muppets get to keep their voices consistent especially when they die?

Is there anyone reading that wouldn't watch porn with their significant other? Please let me know why in the comment box. Thanks!

My friend asked me if I thought it was possible to be in love with someone and still miss sex with another person and I said absolutely. What say ye?

I am not gonna touch the Kim K nonsense but I have to say that Kourtney Kardashian seems depressed. Why stay with someone you find a fault in every second? Speaking of which, why do women who decide to give their cheating husbands another try, make their lives living hell? Noone forced you to stay, so either you truly give it a chance or you just carry go.

I think I don try jare. Y'all have a great weekend. Enjoy yourselves and if you are going to, please drink, drive and sex responsibly.