Touch Down Lagos

Hi guys, I don reach Lagos o. Like everytime, it feels nice to be back. I had an eventful plane ride. I spent a day in London. On our way there, we had a sick passenger and had to make an emergency landing. Pilot announces we have to land in Memphis, we are almost there and he announces they have to change to Nashville, we head on out there and once almost there again, pilot says we have to go back to Memphis cuz they are better equipped to check the plane and make sure we can fly over water *confused face* err, thought it was a sick passenger? Anyways we land and passenger is rushed off to hospital.I found it interesting that even though there were no Nigerians on my flight, there sure was clapping when we landed.

Immigration line in the UK is cuh-razy man. Takes forever.I happened to be in line behind background singers from Rihanna's tour who seemed miffed that they were standing in line with us "regular folks" - goats. London was so cold man chei. Finally got to taste Nando's chicken and I liked. Anyways back to airport for final leg to Lagos and it was full of skinny jeans wearing youngsters. My ears were ringing with juvenile convos like "I fancy xyz's bro" "maybe I'll ask him if he wants to join the mile high club". Virgin Airlines is awesomeness though. Had a air hostess who looked JUST like Adele.

Well, touchdown Lagos at 6am, luggage came out smooth including hand luggage I had to check in. Got home, took a shower and hit the streets, went to say hi to a friend and had drinks with friends at Radisson. Next day I slept some and hit up Likwid and that was major fun, I danced like a fool (as always). Hung out at ebar the next day and ran into ms sassy. This lagos sef, na small place. Well today, all roads were supposed to lead to Swe but all the goddamn smoking in this country got to me and I'm here sneezing and hacking my brains out. I'm bummed out lying here in my jammies, when I could be dancing and losing my voice but tomorrow na tomorrow. I'll make up for this. Well that's my update so far, hope you guys are doing well. Merry christmas guys and thank you for the time you take out to read this blog!


Myne Whitman said…
Awww...miss naija reading this. As for the clapping, I think most people do it, they're just glad to be either home, or safe, or both. We flew from Texas to Seattle the other time and people were clapping.

I hope you had the flu shot? Take some vitamin C, that will help with the cold. Have fun and enjoy Christmas and New Year in Naija.
Vivi said…
Glad you arrived safely to Lagos. I just rolled my eyes reading that some random background singers for RiRi were trying to act all brand new. Psshhh! I swear, people are funny.

Hope you're feeling better.

Happy Holidays! :o)
Etoile Oye said…
Haha. Have fun. WIll expect more stories.
Original Mgbeke said…
This post is looking entirely too rushed. I want more! I want more! :-D

Ooooh, background singers from Riri's tour..that's cool. But LOL @ them feeling like G6's.

Seems like Likwid is the spot to be at this holiday season. Aniwoos, keep on rocking and holding it down for us who are wallowing in dryness.

Merry Christmas mama!!
kitkat said…
Gosh i miss nigeria so bad right now!! :(
Lol so atleast you were in the presence of people that spend time with riri on a regular basis, u shld be proud of yourself :p
Muse Origins said…
It's funny how we run into people in huge cities. LOL at the backup singers. Na so? hehe

dosh said…
Hian! Back up singers too are feeling like celebs, na wa o but lol @ kit kat's comment.

I miss naijaaaaa... the smoking in clubs gets to me and i hate that going clubbing automatically means hair washing but hey, it's always fun. May God bless you and your's as we cross over into the new year

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