Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Randoms

Whaddya know, it's another Friday and I have randoms this Friday. Again. 2 weeks in a row. I'm on fire! I keed. It's been a very strange week and some of my friends have just had a hard week and sometimes there are just no right words to say. It is freezing in Texas guys! I'm talking ice on my car, 30 degree weather and it's not cute at all. I'd say I am looking forward to Naija heat but I hear it's major hot there too. Speaking of which, I don't think I realize that I am leaving for Naija in a few. I haven't done diddly squat. Random time.

So I asked a couple of my female friends if they'd want to come back as a guy or a girl again and everyone said they'd want to come back as a girl. Go figure that I am the only one who would want to come back as a man.

I have said this before but as hard as it is to find a life partner/someone that gets you. I can't imagine losing them while you are still young.

When something devastating happens to you and you feel your world has stopped. I think one of the hardest things to grasp is that the world doesn't stop just because yours has. It keeps going...

Would you rather have a banging body or a beautiful face?

Why do people think that they can control their emotions? I don't think you can control how you feel, you can only control if you want to suppress or express it but how you feel can't be controlled. Abi ki lo feel?

Dilemma Dilemma Dilemma. Jesus be my decision maker.

Whose responsibility is it to bring up the "status" talk in a boy/girl talking situation. My friend who is a guy makes it his duty to always be clear on where they stand, most girls seem to wait on the guy to bring it up, but should it be that way? I think anyone of the two should be able to express what they want or is it better for it to be the guy?

The more I hear about life after children the more I get a bit worried about it. It just seems to change everything. I see these women who just seem exhausted mentally, physically and are overwhelmed. But women, have been doing this for years, no? So we go do am.

The way people dey scream divorce you'd think that it was so easy and it really isn't at all.

Why can't Jlo be single? Is it such taboo to be single? I always wonder what drives people to that point where they can't stand to be alone.

It is surprising to me that there are females out there who do not enjoy oral sex.

It's funny how we women are quick to call men out for some stuff that we do. Think about it I am sure you have gone on a few dates or had a good time with a dude and suddenly decided you don't want to talk to them and ignored calls. If it was a dude now, curses would have been rained on his head.

I like gisting with my guy friends. They have some of the most hilarious stories I have ever heard. On the flip, I don't think it helps with my guy cynicism.

I have never kissed anyone at midnight on New Years Day before.

Katherine Heigl said that if she found our her husband was cheating and it was a one time thing, she'd be devastated but she would forgive him and work through things. Now that's all great and dandy but why announce it to all and sundry or let him know for that matter?

"I've learned so much from my mistakes...I'm thinking of making some more". This quote doesn't make sense but i just thought it was cute when I read it.

Have a fantastic weekend guys. As always be safe in all you do and enjoy life to the maximum.



Rebirth said...

"Would you rather have a banging body or a beautiful face?"

A beautiful face. I can always make changes to my body....but an ugly face can never be fixed

AuralAdultery said...

Re: Beautiful body vs beautiful face, I think I'd take the girl with the banging body every time.

I have never kissed anyone at midnight on New Years Day before.
You can fix this in 22 days. Does it have to be a dude?

LohiO said...

A banging body!!! I can eat whatever and not work out?? Sign me up! Besides makeup and weaves work wonders!

I am always in church at midnight on NYE. Will be funny to kiss there...

I would come back as a guy. My game would be epic!

Vivi said...

And here I was thinking I am your friend. :oP Anywho, I would want to come back as a man, too.

Young death scares me. Absolutely.

Beautiful face. Do you really wanna be known as 'butta face' or 'tip drill' (Nelly, take it away: "It must be your ass cause it ain't your face...") for the rest of your life. Nah.

Hmmm...I think it should be a mutual decision when it comes to the 'status' talk.

I, for one, plan not to let the fact that I have children make my life come to a screeching halt. Granted, things will definitely change. For shizzle. But a mother can still have her piece of mind. This is where the supportive husband comes in. 50/50 partnership.

J.Lo & Puffy 4 eva!!!

Still waiting for my first New Year's Eve leading to Day kiss as well. *le sigh*

Have a great weekend! :o)

MPB said...

I'd rather have a beautiful face for sure!

Myne Whitman said...

Good body for sure. And I want to come back a guy o, if only for one thing. :)

So are you planning a new Year's eve kiss?

Enjoy naija.

Original Mgbeke said...

Definitely a beautiful face. I feel that's the first thing people look at.

Never kissed anyone on New Year's eve either...wait, is it something that a lot of people have done? Are we dulling? Actually, I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon 'cos I have thing thing about I must be in church to bring in the New year, and aint no kissing gonna be taking place in church.

Mennnn, I pray to God for long life for me and my partner. I think about that too and I'm like...that must suck to the maximum!

The mistakes quote makes sense to me.

Original Mgbeke said...

Haha, I see Vivi is still out here with her high hopes for J.Lo and Puffy...*chuckles* said...

I say this all the time...I would totally come back as a guy.

I was just thinking bout that today...that the world moves right along no matter how life altering an event/occurence is.

Most girls do? arent we usually accused of being guilty of "sooo what are we doing/where we going/what are we..." conversations?

Quote makes sense in a cheeky kinda way.

Have a great weekend too.

mizchif said...

Eh, come back as a guy. Sign me up please.

As for the status talk i guess most females are not built to take rejection so they end up avoiding the talk but i think either party can bring it up.

Talking with my guy friends is definitely the source of some of my male cynicism.

A friend of mine used to say that she'd like for somebody to keep her kids for her and hand them over when they're age 7. I kinda sorta feel the same way.

Etoile Oye said...

Beautiful face...
Come back as a dude...
I've never had a new year's day or mistletoe kiss...
Status: my preference is for the guy to do it...

Tega said...

Beautiful face...I believe every 'body' can be worked on

Come back female

Never kissed anyone at midnight....but kissed the mistletoe...Fixing that New Year Eve thingy this year :D

I think after a certain time it's fair as a girl to bring up the status thing. Let us know what we are doing.