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Hi guys, how are ya? How have you been? I've been pretty good and taking advantage of this thing called life. I went to one of the funnest weddings I've ever been to last week and it was fun seeing friends I hadn't seen in a while, we partied for like 3 days straight and generally had a good time. Today was such an annoying day for me, I had to go somewhere work related and as I was chilling in traffic some big ol' van hit me from behind. Great! I pull over, damage not bad but it's a company car, have to go through procedure, I am getting the insurance info and of course I see the insurance is expired. I call my office, they say I have to get a police report. I call the police (did you know that if you call 911, you can be put on hold?). 3 calls and 3 hours later they show up and say since it's minimal damage they can't file a report. The cop speaks spanish and is rapping merrily with the guy who hit me. While he does that his partner, instead of helping, proceeds to now start asking me if I live in Dallas, how long I have lived there, how old am i? mschewww. A bunch of other nonsense happened but whatever. re: my last post I am not allowed to complain. So counting blessings and moving on. Let's random.

How crazy is the whole Johnny Lewis death story? For those of you who don't know, Johnny Lewis is an actor, best known as Half Sack on Sons of Anarchy. He died today from either a fall or a jump from the roof of a house where an old woman was found dead, and he allegedly killed her. There was also a dead cat. The whole thing is just strange.

Please does anyone get what this Mike and Ike (candy) ad is about? I get so irritated when I see it because it doesn't make any sense to me.

What age do you consider reasonable for your kid to start having sex (assuming they are gonna do it anyway). Would it vary depending on their sex? if yes, why?

I'm not sure how I would feel dating a guy with one kid talkless of four. I keep wondering how Keke Wyatt's husband did it, seeing as she has 6 kids and I think either 1 or 2 is/are his. Fear go catch me.

Ladies, would the number of women a guy has slept with bother you? If you say no, how about if it's up to or over a 100?

At the rate we are going in our generation, I honestly don't know who "hates" the other sex more, men or women. It just feels like lately, we have nothing nice to say about each other. Which is ironic, because we can't live without each other.

Please feel free to disagree, but life is hard and life is exhausting.

I read a blog where this lady was giving her remedies on how she gets over heartbreak. She mentioned that she goes through this at least 3 times a year and I am like huh?? How does one experience heartbreak at least 3 times a year and keep repeating the cycle? Actually, how do people get over heartbreak and have the energy to do it all over again. Do people ever really get over people? Love is for the strong y'all.

I'm not sure if I have any male readers, but if you do can you please explain the reasoning (besides madness) behind a guy not wanting to be with you but not wanting you to be with someone else?

I found it very interesting and cool that while I was in Mexico, they pronounced my last name right, every single time.

So, Usher cheated on Tameka with not one but two women who were bridesmaids at his wedding. Read an excerpt from Wyclef's book and he outlines how he was cheating on his girlfriend (now wife) with Lauryn Hill, even after they got married. I just...I don't know. I know men cheat, I know men play games but it's like fear no dey anymore. I truly believe it's so much worse when you cheat with someone that she knows or that is close to home. Usher can have anyone he wants, why cheat with your wife's friend??? Don't get me wrong, the women who knowingly go along with it too are in the wrong also. I just...why am i trying to figure this out. maybe it's the thrill. meh.

It's a wonderful thing when you meet someone you have amazing chemistry/passion with but it could go either way. It could be the best thing ever or the most dangerous thing ever.

I get annoyed when I am watching an ad for a show and I am waiting for the times and they say "Check your local listings". Well, if it is a nationally aired show, there's a set time, why not just tell us the time?

If you follow me on twitter, you might have read a whole bunch of rants that a friend of mine went on, on wednesday and thursday. It was quite amusing and the reactions were also amusing. I was going to do a post on it but I am still undecided as to whether I will or not. All I can say is this is why the concept of marriage is quite fascinating to me. Men and women are so vastly different that it's a wonder how people survive a lifetime of marriage. God be with us all.

Iyanla might be very extra and annoying but the one thing I will agree with her on is, your intuition is your power as a woman. Now, I am talking about the real intuition, not paranoid thoughts stemming from jealousy. Personally, my intuition has always led me right. Too bad, I almost always ignore it.

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed and stay safe.

You might recognize this song from the Internet Explorer ad. I like the words of the song. It's ultimately about choosing honesty even though the other party might be hurt.


Anonymous said…
First! Long time no comment.

Is saying "life is hard and exhausting" the same thing as "life can be hard and exhausting"?

Sex age would def be different by sex oh! I sha hope they wait till it means something significant and they can really appreciate it within the context of a committed and if possible lifetime relationship.

Love ya Cily
Myne said…
The wedding sounds like fun, as for the accident and the cops, funny :)

never heard of mike and ike or Johnny Lewis, maybe the guy went nuts?

I think it's reasonable for people to start having sex after graduating college, and no gender bias for me.

Gender wars, i guess they're what makes the dating period - between adolescense and marriage - interesting and help people develop their personalities in relationships.

Indeed life is exhausting sometimes, and it can be hard.

Cheating, dog in the manger, I'll allow the guys take that.

Have a nice weekend.
TheRustGeek said…
Perhaps Cop#2 was trying to seize the opportunity to do some 'scoping'.....
jubekee said…
That mike and Ike ad is so annoying ,are they changing the name? or what is it about.
100 women?? I recommend therapy.thank you.
I just think people have a lot to say lately ,maybe is social media or just the need to be heard.i don't get it either,continuously bashing the opposite sex.
Yes life is hard and exhausting and sweet at same it possible to get to a point in life where you are just chilling and not chasing one thing or the other?
Some people are repeat offenders in this love matter.same thing over and over again.i don't know how they do it too.
People have a lot of negative stuff to say about marriage,until recently I didn't use to hear all this bad stuff about marriages,social media and its wahala. Marriage is sweet o.
Assuming o,assuming I agree,21 both male and female.
LohiO said…
Assuming my kids...25.

Any man that has slept with 100 girls is a beast that needs to be caged!!! -_-

Life is very hard...too serious.

Don't understand people that fall in love over and over....the day I get heartbroken is the day I say it is finished :|

I listen to my intuition. It has never failed me.
LadyNgo said…
The perfect age for my kid to start
having sex would be when their fast ass is grown and out of my house! hmph lol

Im kinda anti men with kids. I'm not really interested in even having kids of my own, talk less of raising other kids that may resent me because i took their mommy's spot. Not to mention the possibility of baby mama drama. And don't even get me started if there's more than one mama in the picture.

The only reason why a guy's number might bother me is thatthe more people he's been with the higher the likelihood that he has come into contact with someone with an std and/or someone i know.

misogyny breeds misandry (and vice versa according to some people)

cosign on the potential for disaster with people you have intense chemistry with. been there/done that.
Original mgbeke said…
Please do the post. We are waiting.

My kids can ideally start having sex at 21.

I don't card about a man's numbers but over 100 is just some ho shit.

A good percentage of men are not about that life, and hella irritating. But like you said, we can't do without them.
Ada said…
pls were is the blog of the woman who goes through heart break three times a year? lol
Onakachi said…
Karrueche and her friends look really silly and I'm being kind.

I would want to know the number of women a guy I'm serious with has slept with. If it's 100, fear will catch me and may lead me to the nearest exit.

Nope, I won't date a guy that has been in love with another guy, don't care whether or not he slept with said guy.

My wahala with Wyclef is that he's also trying or maybe I should say using the fact that he cheated with Ms. Hill to sell his book. I tire for guys sometimes.

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