Friday Randoms

I really have no intro today but thank you to all of you who checked up on me. I am doing much better now. Thank you again.


Whenever you ask a naija guy what happened with an ex or female that they were involved with and they respond with "oh that one, she's crazy", I almost want to burst out in laughter because it always sounds like some default answer from a script.

You know how some companies are family companies ie passed down from one generation to the other. I notice that the age difference is huge in our generation and I often wonder if there's enough time to train the kiddos and pass it down. For example, I know a family where the dad passed down to the daughter. The dad recently passed away and the daughter is currently running affairs. Thing is she's kinda an older lady and her kids are both under 10. I wonder if there's enough time so to speak to groom the kids.

A friend of mine told me about an article he read where this lady was giving her boyfriend head and let him come on her face and in that moment she suddenly felt like he didn't see her as long term/wifey material. It reminded me of a friend who had told me that he would never do that to his wife/mother of his children. I did a mini poll and most of my guy friends feel the same way and think it is disrespectful. So my question is this, fellas if your woman is down, do you find it disrespectful and if yes does it make a difference if she is your gf or wife? Ladies, do you think it means anything?

I really listened to the lyrics of "Bands a make her dance" this week and my first thought was man, this is awful sha(still love the song tho). I don't identify as a feminist but I wondered if it was possible to be a feminist and like this song or many a rap song that's out there.

To clarify my statement above about not identifying as feminist. Till today, I don't know what the definition of a feminist is or if there is a set definition at all. In all the different variations I have seen, I think I fail. I am not an activist, I feel prettier with weaves (does this even count), I am very comfortable letting a man do hard labor tings for me etc. However, what I do believe in is respect and fairness for both sexes/humanity in general. I believe in growth for all humanity. I don't dwell on whether we are equal or not, I feel each sex has their strength and weakness. I am by no means demeaning those ahead of me and who currently fight for women's rights etc. I guess the long and short of my long tory is, I don't know the definition of one and what it entails so i don't call myself one. I am very open to being educated.

When does the pain go away?

How important is it for you that your significant other get along with your friends? not fam o. Friends.

I feel like there's some kind of trigger once you get married, abi is it have a kid? that makes you want to do that family picture christmas card thingie. Guess, I'll find out when it's my turn, cuz right now the desire to do that is at 0. Althought that could be because I have never really had a traditional christmas family tradition per se?

It's true, once you don't like someone everything they do is annoying. Well some people are just naturally annoying.

I have no immediate plans to move back to Naij but I feel envious when I see someone going to do or finishing NYSC. Shoulda really taken care of that ish when I was in naij for an extensive period of time but I don't think i can describe how much NYSC frightens me.

I finally purchased my first Apple product!

I am truly a believer in action speaking louder than words. I don't think proclaiming something makes it fact eg if I keep proclaiming I am nice and my attitude is straight bitch like what's the point? Why do I even have to announce it, let my actions do the talking.

Please this fun. song "We are young" says it features Janelle Monae. Has anyone found out when exactly she comes on in the song, cuz I sho haven't heard it.

This guy hit his head and lost all his memory from the last 46 years. Didn't know his wife and couldn't remember the birth of his kids. I felt so bad for the wife. Like isn't that worse than if he died? Someone you built a life with, poof! all gone.

Why do people ask non urgent questions with multiple question marks? It irks me.

Every time I hear a celeb donated a huge amount of money to a cause, while it's for a good cause my first thought is usually Tax Writeoff!!!.

Man, I ran my mouth today huh? Oh before I leave y'all my friend and I discuss a myriad of topics everyday and feels like he should get credit on my randoms. While I won't give him credit, I'll give him a shout out, so Waddup Kweku! (happy now?)

This song always make me smile, takes me back to my younger days in Naij when all i wanted to do was watch MTV. Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies and be blessed.


Nutty J. said…
I don't see anything wrong going down on a man... Neither do I think he sees it as disrespecting you

Cumming in your face is the part I see as him disrespecting you.
Onakachi said…
I love your randoms.
Miss Enigma said…
There are times when I have felt like that cumming on ur face is indeed disrespectful; and so its not a privilege that should be offered to every person u have sexual relations with...but if u happen to be in a steady rship and you both have come to level of understanding and comfort both in ur rship and ur sexual preferences then sure you can indulge - at least you know the person enough to know that his respect/value of you is not solely based on whether he cums on your face or not.

Excuse the long comment lol
Myne said…
How is cum on the face so different from the rest of what's going on? Are you allowed to swallow? Breasts, stomach, and even the whole sex thing? It's all 6 and half of a dozen if you ask me.

On feminism, I'm sure you can find out the meaning by googling the word, look at the wiki page, or a dictionary. I don't expect all women to identify as feminists but when educated women bring up issues of wearing weaves in the same sentence, I think someone is taking the piss.

BTW, hi Kweku!
jubekee said…
On the picture it's not you, I think some people just like to take photos.6 years and 2 kids and we have never taken a Christmas photo talk less of card...same way I don't get the way everybody is so into photos. I kind of wonder is it everyday they dress up and take photos of themselves.a whole album of u in diff attires on FB..then again maybe it's just me
Come in the face,me thinks no matter how tight u are in a relationship don't go and be showing all your skills pls..haba leave some for the marriage bed now,cos d days will come when you need to whoop out those stuff to spice things up.i bet if they were married he wouldn't feel dat mayne said how Is that different from other stuffs?i guess it stems from the fact that he may feel she is too willing .......(guess I'm blabbing)
Original Mgbeke said…
Confused ass negros. Crying about how women aren't freaks/open minded yet will hold it against you when you want to embrace your freakiness. Please FOH.

I do not think that there are a lot of hardcore feminists out there in this day and age, just a lot of people who have feminist views. They may like bands a make her dance, but be rallying for equal rights in XYZ. That's common, so females should identify more as "I have feminist views" than "I'm a feminist" (if they don't check all the boxes of a true feminist).

Janelle comes on at the hook - come on, come on tonight or somn. It's a "blink and you missed it" kinda feature.

Whaddup Kweks!
neuyogi said…
sugabelly has a recent post on feminism and i loved her description, and based on it, i would say i am feminist. also i love awkward black girl's ratchet piece on bands a make her dance. kind of funny. nice randoms.
Sabirah said…
Don't mind Naija guys they are full of shit (not all but you get)

I think couples (serious ones) need to talk about what makes them comfortable and all regarding sex, to many people just think "let's go with the flow" (which is cool, till he cums in your eye and you have an infection) lool anyways yeah talk, what is disrespectful for one may be a turn on for another

The pain eventually dulls to a slight ache but it will always be there

Slightly important, at least they should be civil to one another n be able to make light convo, they don't have to be beeest buddies

OK I'm going before i write an entire post.

Ps janelle comes on at the end when they are doing that harmonizing thing
Anonymous said…
Janelle sang the "Carry me home tonight" bit at the end. It wasn't until I saw the video that I realized it.

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