Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, how are you? Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and a great week ahead. Funny enough, I couldn't eat on thankgsiving day. I was starving but by the time I made it to my friend's house, I was surrounded by food but I just couldn't eat (first world problem, eh?). I am currently addicted to this british "reality" show Made in Chelsea. It premiered on Style Network and it was so bad and so obviously scripted but I couldn't help myself. Then I found out it was 4 seasons in and now I am glued to my computer trying to catch up. Loser, I know. Guys, December is here already, I can't believe the year just flew by, then again somehow I can. I should apologize for my randoms today, they aren't really randoms more like quotes but I figured better this than nothing. Ok here are my make shift randoms:

"There are good men out there...but women don't like to keep it simple and they are getting worse" me: but "bad" women get chosen. "Thats the amazing thing .which proves there are more 'stupid" men out there than good ones. not bad men, stupid ones. - my brother.

So I randomly remembered that at my old job, I had a coworker who I became good friends with. He was gay so he would tell me who was packing or not based on his observations in the men's room. lol.

I know I have my issues so to add to the list, one of the many things that irk me is when people call their baby cousins their nephew or niece. I'm like your sibling didn't have a child, it's your baby cousin. You see I don't have problems in life abi?

"he looked at me like i was crazy. most of my lovers do and that's partly why they love me and partly why they leave" - jeanette winterson

My friend and I were talking about a guy and he made a passing comment that I probably wouldn't go for the guy because he wasn't mean and cocky. I thought that was terrible but I am changing my ways. I think I have learned my lesson.

You know what blows my mind. The huge communication gap between men and women. My friend (a guy) says we just speak different languages. I just don't comprehend how we say A and a guy hears B then proceeds to tell you how YOU feel about the situation and how and why you are wrong. My same friend says we never just go straight to the point and we go round in circles without ever saying anything. This might be true but omo, even when you are direct there is still that disconnect.

"Catholic guilt on the streets, sexual deviant in the sheets" - I cracked up so hard when I read this.

You know that saying, "What's done in the dark always comes to light", how many of you actually believe that? How many of you also believe Karma exists? I am leaning towards believing it doesn't exist but I don't know. Also, I am beginning to wonder about the whole Heaven and hell theory. Is there an after life or is our Heaven and hell here on earth. Please feel free to share your theories on these. I'd love to read.

"Human beings are never satisfied but the art of being content is a lesson we should all learn"

That's all I got for you folks. Oh, thank you for your responses to my prayer question. I took something from everyone's answers, so thanks again. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Stay blessed and stay safe.


Omotee! said...

Karma must exist o! By fire by force. Right now am thinking of Nigerian policemen and the thot that Karma exists made me smile. Gave me that smug look.

Myne Whitman said...

The gap is there for sure between men and women, will we ever get along, life would be so boring after that :)

Diyani said...

Made in Chelsea is hilarious! I started watching when flipping channels I saw long haired dude talking about conditioner while his girlfriend was expressing her love- I thought he was just too gay. 2 episodes later, he's sexually confused... Duh! Anyway, my personal theory - heaven and hell do not exist on outer space. They are a state of consciousness and can be experienced here as well as after will live/experience what you believe. Just me. Men and women?? Yea, we just need to give up attempting to understand and choose acceptance as we all are, we are worlds apart in so many ways.

Onakachi said...

I love your brother's quote. :)

Bummer that you didn't get to eat much on Thanksgiving day. I stuffed myself with food on that day.

If only those guys whose packages were assessed knew...

Have a good weekend too!

Kash said...

That irks me too! Most of the people I know that say it are Nigerians. Sigh.

I believe in karma. I used to believe in the whole Heaven/Hell theory, but as I grow older I find myself questioning it a lot more. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Welp.

original mgbeke said...

Your brother spoke words of true wisdom.

LOL! You no get problem.

I don't know how I feel about karma actually. Will have to give it some thought.