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Hi Folks, eek I can't believe I last posted in March. I guess i do have a life huh? lol....Well a friend of mine refers to me as a movie snob. He thinks I have a preference for movies not in english and with a budget of $500 lol. I bet to differ(he he, nr joke) and to prove him wrong and anyone else who agrees, I am happy to report that i have seen a number of movies in the first half of the year! ha!. I thought i'd play catch up and do a run down of the movies I have seen.


Back in 2004, I watched all seasons of SATC back to back thanks to my online blockbuster membership, even though at the time i thought it was overrated, there was still something about it that got me attached. Years later i still watched the reruns and can actually remember dialogue from most episodes. I was uber psyched about the movie and thankfully it didn't suck. It was what i expected, a 2 hour version of a different chapter of the girls' lives. It was a little bit too corny for me but all in all i liked it.


so I really didn't expect much from this movie, probably because Jack Black is in it. But i grudgingly admit that Jack Black is good at his niche. It turned out to be a funny movie and you just know that JB improvised a lot of his lines, i mean i kept forgetting it was a panda and not jack black that i was watching - and no its because their figures are similar :D..Skudush!


Pure awesomeness. I was having a bad day and decided to take myself to the movies and Ironman cured me. Who knew Robert Downey Jr could pull that off, kudos to the casting director for seeing what a lot of us didn't, I am so happy for him. I liked how the movie was appealing whether or not you are a comic book fan or not, it was also funny. Jeff Bridges as the bad guy thumbs up. Oh and shout out to Jon Favreau. Oh and just in case you couldn't tell, i loved it :)

ps RDJ has a tad bit fruitiness in him ..sshh!


hmm..Steve Carrell - funny, so I wanted to see this but I thought the movie was ho hum. It had its funny moments don't get me wrong but it was just ok.
PS when did Anne Hathaway get hot??


not bad at all. didn't watch the first one but I wanted to see this cuz Edward Norton (one of our better actors) is in it. Granted EN wasn't happy with the final product and did not do any promotion for the movie, i still wanted to check it out and it was ok, a lil uneven but enjoyable nonetheless. Liv Tyler had to have been a fairy in a past life, she sounded like Janet Jackson in the movie, whispering her way through lol. I would have liked for the Hulk itself to have not looked sooo animated.


Yuck! i really wanted to see The Visitor (which i still havent seen) and got stuck seeing this.waste of my time, i felt so empty. Is Ellen Paige always going to be a sassy teenager?

well these are the movies i remember seeing, in the future i hope to see Hancock and I am most looking forward to Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Woody Allen movie), He's just not that into you and whatever else i catch.

feel free to share yours :)


Anonymous said…
sex n d city was really a big fan tho
Corinne said…
You write very well.
TayneMent said…
aww thank you corrine, I appreciate it.

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