What have you watched for me lately?

hallo! Just got my blockbuster online subscription back on. I watched Persepolis the other day and it lived up to the hype, I liked it, nothing over the top or extraordinary, just enjoyable. Was a good way to express the story of a girl growing up in Iran after the fundamentalists took over. For those that read, there is a graphic novel of it(just found out there was one today, thanks to my best friend). Speaking of graphic novels, why did I just find out that its pretty much any comic book with a storyline, hisss. I thought graphic novels were comic books +superheroes+mega mucho violence. For those that grew up in nigeria, so if Papa Ajasco is written into one lengthy story it's a graphic novel?? madness, i tell ya.

I am about to watch 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days, a romanian story about abortion i think. The last abortion movie I watched was Vera Drake and even though it was british, surprise-surprise, I liked it. We'll see how this goes.

What have you watched lately on your dvd?:)


MPB said…
Lol i see u've signed back with BB for the upteenth time. The last movies I saw were "Ms pettigrew lives for a day" and "21". I currently have "sleepwalking" and i am ashamed to say "step up 2". Have a nice week.

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