Stupid Writer's strike

So i came in here all ready to blog about a topic i have carried in my head for a while now, but i just remembered that tomorrow is supposed to be the Golden Globes' awards (one of my faves) and it has been cancelled due to this writers strike that looks like its not gonna get resolved anytime soon.

I mean, I am all for the writers getting paid and all but why should everyone else suffer for it? Poor crew members are probably headed to the unemployment line. Again aside from my viewing pleasure, i feel no pity for the Katherine Heigl's (uggh), i really feel for the Ellen Paiges (juno) and Nikki Blonskys (hairspray)..i mean these kids had their breakthrough year, when else are they going to enjoy their accolades?, i hate that they are being robbed of this, imagine if this happened during the time of Jennifer Hudson's wave, i firmly believe she wouldn't have the same number of acting projects that she nabbed after her award sweeping last year..ah well, my crazy self will still tune in to hear the HFPA "press conference" listing the winners.

I wonder why they just can't postpone it..aargh i wouldn't have minded much if these were the oscars sef..mmmschhewww.


pink gloves said…
If you were underpaid too compared to the money that was being made off your work, you would be on strike.
Pearl said…
i have no problem with the strike i understand..but when they can give waivers like for award shows so that crew members can work, its no problem..the crew members are not gonna partake of this increase they want anyways.

btw they are not underpaid, they just want more of the cut and justifiably so
sheeka said…
I agree damn their strike.. i understand their point, but like u pointed out, its rather a rather selfish movement
Omagus said…
Dude, it's not at all being selfish. It's about being fair. Writers are still being paid the same percentages that they were getting when VHS first hit. Back then movies still made the vast majority of their revenue from the box office and videos were pretty expensive to make.

Now, DVDs are MUCH more profitable and there's all the additional source of income (iTunes, online streaming, etc). Studios are making much more money, yet the writers aren't seeing any of that additional revenue. I completely and wholeheartedly side with the writers. I'd march with them if I could. They shouldn't settle for anything less than what is fair. And if inconveniences the rest of us, oh well.
pearl said…
i get your point femi but i am reeling about the waivers, so at least the others can have a lil something and still be able to keep their insurance for their families. How damaging is it to give waivers for award shows..They are already charging the academy about how many mill for the reels used for nominees, they used to be free. They are still making their point.
Omagus said…
Well, now you're speaking a different language to me. I couldn't care less about award shows so I haven't paid any attention to their part of the writers' strike.

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