Best and Worst of 2007

So IMO 2007 was a good year for movies, I watched a lot of them (shout out to ya! :), granted the best movies were indie movies but twas a good year then why did someone ask me what my favorite movie of the year was and i swear i was stumped. I just blanked out and couldnt think of any movie. I won't lie even though there were good movies, I was not WOWED by any movie. Anyways the only movie that came to mind was "The Namesake", a story about an Indian immigrant raising his kids in America. It came out earlier in the year, but I enjoyed it, its based on a book which i haven't read, but my best friend claims the movie is better than the book (that's rare). So since that's what came to my head it is officially my fave movie of the year :D...The lady who asked me thinks if i had seen "No Country for Old Men" then that'd be my fav..ah well we'll see...

On to the worst, yes i don't watch a lot of bad movies because i know what i can stand or not (Chuck and Larry? tufia!). Sha Sha my worst movie was "Shoot 'em up"..yeah yeah yeah it's a parody, it still sucked! geez and it had Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti, i just assume they needed mortgage money..i watched this on dvd but Nanny Diaries was pretty bad too and i love Sca Jo :(

so those are my got any?


sheeka said…
I luved namesake as well but i wldnt classify that as my best movie, mine are transformers and beowulf...for their storylines, graphics, romance, action and characters.there was everything for everyone. and yes ur right 2007 was a huge dissapointment for movies..
Pearl said…
i thot transformers sucked..great special effects tho..i didnt see beowulf.

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