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I just got Banky's new cd "Mr. Capable" in my mailbox and I have to say I am very impressed with it. My favorite song is "Till my dying day", I absolutely love that song. My other favs are "Heartbreaker", "You really don't know me", "capable", ok in short I like the whole cd. Anyways, listening to it got me thinking how in the past coupla years, the visibility of naija artists increased a tenfold. I decided to list out some of my favorite artists/songs that I can remember.

My favorite Naija group even tho they don't get as much recognition has always been Styl Plus, ever since i heard "Olufunmi". Yes they have the corniest lyrics but I love their harmonies. Also "Imagine Dat" was a good song, who can deny?

Wande Coal/Dbanj etc etc - "Booty Call" is currently getting constant play on my playlist, forget the synthesizer, the hook is so catchy and the song as a whole captures both the naija playfulness and "american rapness" lol.

P2 - ok the first time i heard them, i decided i didn't/wouldn't like them because for every song on their cd, i could name the r&b song it was ripped off of. But i got a chance to listen to their latest cd "Game over" and i have to say, it was good. My fav of course is "Ifunanya". If you get a chance to listen to the DJ Fineboy remix, do so. FYI funfact:If you listen closely at the end you'll hear the beat to All American Reject's "Move Along"

Eldee - I never knew he was a Trybesman, but what I do know is that he is a talented young man. I don't even know if he is a singer or rapper or both but he commands every song I have heard him in. There's a remix he does on Banky's cd, he doesn't necessarily have the typical singer's voice but when his verse comes up he just takes over and you know its Eldee's turn. My favorite song of his is one that I don't even know if it was ever on a cd, it was done in memory of a friend of his who died. Its called "Sun Re". lovely song.

Resonance - Almost everyone knows the "Chinwe Ike" song, heard it Dec 2006 and played it over and over. She has a unique sounding voice. A friend of mine described her as the Nigerian Dolores O'Riordan (lead singer for the Cranberries) and he is right they sound alike.

Asa- I don't think i can say enuff good things about her. Just awesome. Songs that sound genuine, from the heart and just pure. If you have never heard of her look her up and start with "Bibanke", "Awe" or "Iba", infact any song of hers. Crisp is what she is!.

Jeremiah - I have only heard one song of his called "nabaka" that i like. I think its in Hausa with lots of clapping. Nice one.

Dbanj - This man is the hot stuff now everywhere. I have to say he was born to entertain, very charismatic and full of energy he can wake a dead crowd up. My fav song on his cd is "Serve the Lord". I like the bridge.

Tuface - Ok get ready to stone me, yes African Queen was great and he is good, but I will admit i am not a fan fan. I just wrote him down cuz i felt i had to :)

That's all i can remember for now. Have a great weekend!

Thats all i


Tori said…
Jeremiah Gyang, CD Called Na ba ka!

good stuff all around.
TayneMent said…
ah thanks, you have any other good song of his you wanro share?
Anonymous said…
I love psquared ..they rock!

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