Friday Randoms

Howdy ho people. How have you been? How was your week? I didn't think it was but my week was actually eventful. I am currently in my room, a bit spooked because it's raining hard, lightning, thunderstorms, hail is hitting my window. The tv channels are back on now, they went off and the emergency system was blaring outside my window and on the tv. It should die down soon though. When I was younger, I was always sick, it was terrible, my mom used to make fun of my immune system. Got to the states and I'd pick up a cold every 2 days lol. This stopped in the last year or two but then i gained "aches and pains" lol. Sharrap, if you are saying old age. My back has been my main source of hurt for a while and I am currently lying here in pain, I also had some spasms in my neck area, at least I think they were it was like a pinching sensation.I am terrible when it comes to taking medication, I prefer to ride out the pain, foolish me. But this pain is too much. I think I'll cave and see a chiropractor. Finally, bunch of friends of mine lost a friend this week. She was our age. Some saw her on saturday and by monday she was gone. It was a reminder that noone is invincible, it could have been anyone of us. I hope God grants her family solace and may her soul rest in peace. Enough gum flapping, let's random shall we?

I have never had chicken pox and I haven't had my appendix taken out. Anyone else?

Noone ever prepares or tells you what to expect as an adult. I mean I guess it can't be explained, but I think it sucks that as you get older you have all these decisions to make and you are never really sure. Should you take this risk? will it pay off?. What makes it worse is the older you get, the heavier the consequences of whatever you decide is. God dey.

Human beings are hilarious. I find it amusing that we are sometimes annoyed when people do things that we are also guilty of doing. I think it's probably because we don't recognize when we are doing it.

Although I am not that heavy a drinker, err 9 months is a long time without alcohol.

I've noticed recently that naija men like to hide their age. You ask him his age and then its sidestep. In his Wendy Williams' interview, MI was dodging his age. "I'm in my upper 20's". Beans? Ish is annoying.

I find it amusing when I see people type things like "I luh you" or "I milz you". I automatically assume they don't really mean it but it seems like the appropriate thing to say.

I am kinda over people who allegedly think that Adele is a "fat, black, yoruba" singer. Like there's google, do yourself a favor.

Am I the only one who still has pairs of jeans from many years ago because I foolishly tell myself that I will fit into them again? I need to do myself a favor and let dem things go.

Kudos to people who cheat in this day and age. I am not saying it's not possible but with advanced technology, it just has to be harder. The world is waay smaller now and everyone knows everyone. no joke. It's the oddest thing, meeting someone for the first time yet you practically know their life history.

Speaking of technology. Who knew some people see Twitter as a modified As usual maybe I'm the only one who didn't know but if DMs could talk, eh?

Does anyone else enjoy the process of putting lotion on their body? No? Just me? Ok then.

So when people sneeze we say bless you. Why don't we have anything for when people cough? sorry is lame.

I have no fight left in me. Sorry mama :)

I hate getting lost but I hate asking for directions. I prefer to keep driving around and around and figure it out even though I am frustrated as hell. What is wrong with me? lol

So most girls always say the first thing they can't wait to get rid off when they get home is their bra. Not for me, for me it's pants. Those are the first things I have to take off.

My aunt had a birthday last sunday. Called to wish her a happy birthday, naturally it went to marriage. She asked what my plans for those are and I politely said none. She then said the plan is to just give my email and number out to eligible men and that's the way to go because our grandparents afterall didn't know who they were marrying, it came during the marriage and they were forced to iron out their issues. She also said that when people get married and years down the line the guy changes, the woman starts crying that he changed on me. She says he didn't change, he has always been that way, you just chose to see what you wanted while you were dating. Do you agree?disagree?

This peanut butter snickers ad is all sorts of stupid. As in, they are asking sharks which human tasted better and they reply with the one who just ate the chocolate. Like, they are using a shark ate man theme?? camaaaan!

So, when I pray for my friends, I pray for them individually, no blanket prayer.Soooo, is it wrong if i stop praying for an ex? As in, you're not on bad terms but they are just not in your life anymore.

"Women are way too committed. Keep your options open, if something better comes along dump the old, bring in the new" - Got this from a funny blog but I completely agree. I am not saying leave your husband or your healthy relationship oh! but if you are in an unhealthy relationship and you are unhappy, don't try to hang in there because of all the years you've invested or whatever reason. Everyone deserves to be happy (ha, see me talking)so find your happy!

PRAYER REQUEST - For all women who have suffered or are going through a miscarriage that God comforts them and gives them the strength to get through it

Ok Swanboy, I'll drop naija music today. Have a lovely weekend my lovelies and stay blessed!



Okeoghene said…
Hilarious. I am also guilty of having a pair of jeans that I am working hard on wearing again.Please dont tell me to give them up.
Swanboy said…
Nope, people are made of flesh and blood not stone. They change.

Thanks for the music.
dosh said…
no, it's not wrong to pray for an ex, i pray for any or all of mine whenever they cross my mind while praying. it feels great to indirectly take care of someone you no longer care that much about
Dammie said…
so true about the "i luh you"/"i milz u" thing!! has helped in many akward situations
Taynement said…
@dosh i said stop praying for an ex.
shorty said…
Yep I've never had chicken pox and my appendix haven't been taken out.
May your friend RIP... No one knows when their time will come

Pele abt your back.

I've never had Chickenpox, but I had measles when I was 5.

MI not saying his age was annoying.. Like seriously, kini big deal? Just say your damn age already!

I think I agree with your aunt to a certain degree.
oohjay said…
One's mortality is never more obvious than when it happens to another. May the friend of your friends RIP.

I think your aunt made a lot of sense right there though.. Aunt has good intentions, maybe she just needs to apply some discrimination to her strategy, but you never know where open doors come from you know..
kitkat said…
i've also never had chicken pox or appendix wahala..yaay us!! :)
i have like three jeans i got when i was in junior secondary school and i still wear them from time to time lol
lool @ the advert, never seen it though..and i luv omawumi!!..xx
Original Mgbeke said…
Never had chicken pox or my appendix taken out either. I used to dread chickenpox 'cos I love my almost blemish-free legs and was terrified that they'd spot 'em up. Shallow

9 months without some sort of a drink seems like it would suck!

M.I is 29-ish... Maybe he dey hide age 'cos women in Naija might see that as a 'small boy' OR maybe he get 'American age' :P

I enjoy applying lotion when I'm not in a
hurry, which would rule out Monday to Fridays. But yep, I do. Especially being that I like to buy the Bath and Body works kind that commands some kind of 'taking your time to enjoy and indulg

I actually like the snicker-shark commercial. Hahaha.

I don't know, I think that sometimes people change up on you, and other times they've always been them and we covered up/made excuses/were too blinded by something to see. It depends.
LohiO said…
I own jeans from when I was 13...that was before my hips..:(

My coworker who is preggers was complaining today! she just wants some wine!

Yes twitter is for Nigerians.

Yes I agree with your aunt.

My motto is life is finding true happiness. Very quick to kick people to the curb.
Yinkuslolo said…
Spot on for twitter observations
We all see the thirsty tweets, pins and leaked DMs. But I'm not mad, folks have to set P somehow
LucidLilith said…

Okay, when I get home, bra comes off first. Those things were designed to be chokers. In fact, I told my boss that if I had my way in the corporate world, wife beaters and boxers would be casual friday approved. I don't like wearing clothes - period.
LucidLilith said…
As for making decisions as an adult, the truth is that I think we were all told life was going to be hard by our parents but do you remember EVER listening to your parents? As kids we thought we were going to live forever. Parents were just old fashioned and nosy. That's why I always tell young people today "you'll learn someday."
LucidLilith said…
And - I have had chicken pox, measles, tyhoid fever, mumps but no appendix. IN fact I have never had major surgery. I fear being knocked out on a table.

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