Happy New Year

Howdy folks! Happy 2011. If you are reading this, I thank God for your life that you are alive and able to read this. I never have that resolution/anticipation everyone usually has for the new year. I do claim all the prayers and well wishes but I have never felt "this year is my year" feelings. I just go with the flow and hope God is on my side. I usually don't do new year resolutions and go more with themes e.g last year was facing fears. This year though I do have a resolution which is to be more selfish. I feel like I usually bend over backwards for my friends and loved ones and even then it never seems enough, so I will try to think more of myself.

Sooooo, as you can guess, I am back from Naija and boy am I sad. I really had a blast. I had a slow start but I can say my trip was adventurous from the beginning to the end. Even though I was complaining about not being able to move back, I have changed my mind again lol, I can move back with the right amount of money. My trips was filled with ups and downs. My eyes cleared and I got closure to an issue, emotional wahala with my dad,emotional moment with mom, my family getting on me about my weight but on the flip it was nonstop toasters all through (married, single o, ha nile). Gosh, I met a real life Chuck Bass (only those who watch Gossip Girl will know the magnitude of that statement) and it was fantastic, saw a bunch of friends, had fun at the koko concert - men, our people need to learn how to put on a show, the sound system was horrible and it was like a bunch of people yelling and just because you have 100 hits doesn't mean you have to perform all 100 hits. Our people too like demo sha, what will possess me to pay 500k naira for VIP tables at a concert??? I didn't pay for any of the things I went to sha, we thank God for knowing people but I dey regular people section and still had fun. For example, the All Black party, it's funny how the regular section was more fun than the VIP section, the VIP section was just groupies looking for attention. I got to meet up with RepOne and we went bowling, boy do i suck ass at bowling lol. I discovered I can still drive in Naija, which came in handy when I needed to go somewhere. I ate a lot of suya and drank WAY too much alcohol. let me give you an idea, on christmas day the whole fam was together and I stopped counting how many bottles of Veuve and Moet we consumed, let's just say 4 glasses were broken that night. ahem #don't judge us lol. I learned that trust in a relationship in naija is dead. My cousin was telling me how 9 out of 10 men will cheat and my brother said its 10 out of 10 sef. She also said that every man will have other women and your goal is just to be #1. sigh, it's quite unfair. It's every man for themselves in naija, I do wonder if I can keep up with the selfishness, materialistic-ness and general mago mago but I guess it's doable. Make I go dust off my cv/resume and see whatsup. Ok I am getting delirious now, have a wonderful new year people and stay blessed.


Anonymous said…
Fest!!! It's been a while! Happy New Year CILy. Love ya mucho.
Yankeenaijababe said…
happy New YEAr to you...I can imagine, wishing you the best this 2011
lani said…
wow... you definitely had a blast in naija ...
have a great 2011
MPB said…
welcome back! Hope you took lots of pics!
Omotee! said…
happy new year!
so u can boldly say Ï had a great holiday!
Eya.. welcome back o..

Happy new year to you too missy.

Good luck with the resolution of selfishness. It is definitely needed once in a while. I so feel you on being torn about moving back but i so co-sign this "I can move back with the right amount of money."

Yay for closure and settling family issues. Your family bugging you on your weight? Tayne, the picture i saw of you with the 4-eyedmonk, you looked hella fly...I hope they were bugging you to put on more weight o.. Lol @ nonstop toasters. Yup, you were definitely in naija...lol..

God help naija with planning a legit show. Amen...Paying 500k for VIP is so....It sucks more when the show is horrible. I always get that from peeps that the regular section is always more fun than VIP. Apparently peeps in the VIP too dey form VIP...

Driving in naija is crazy..Glad you survived..Yay to lots of alchie..The whole trust issue in naija is quite one-kind. Just as there are people who don't mind sleeping with a rabid dog, there are people who are really committed to their significant others and spouses. I guess the "non-trustworthy" ones get more airtime than the trustworthy people. But there's still hope. It is well.

Welcome back again lady.
LucidLilith said…
Wow. You really had a blast.

LOL @performing 100 hits

Pls don't worry about your weight jo. Shebi the toasters still came, abi?

Na wa for us as a people sha. I won't tolerate cheating oh...am all for chopping off offending penises.

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