Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today Swanboy sent me a text: BLOG SOMETHING DAMN YOU. In all caps like that. See the type of friends I have, isn't that threatening to poor, defenseless me, ehn? Well besides that, I have been told I need to blog but I don't know I think I lost my blogging mojo since a certain someone found it :p, but I will try to find it soon. I think I owe you guys at least a Random Friday post. Since my mojo is still lost I decided to repost something I had taken down for reasons I don't remember. I never ever talk about men on my blog but since I have neglected you all I will indulge and repost this (and leave it up).

When you think so much about everything and are as straightlaced as I am, it’s a breath of fresh air when you get to just do and not think too much and that’s what my experience with Chuck Bass was.

I met Chuck Bass a week into my vacation. He says it was an instant attraction, I say it took a few hours :p. However long it took, I knew I was in trouble. The flirting with CB was cerebral and we hung out everyday till I left and it was fun. Noone suppresses like I do but with C.B it wasn’t even possible, it was an attraction that scared me. Why you ask? Because for one, I don’t like not being in control and I didn’t feel I had control and also it felt like CB could see right through me – sure it could have been game but I wasn’t overthinking.

The good thing about all this happening on vacation, is that a vacation gives an expiration date and all this ended the day I left. But, I made sure to say thank you to CB. I was grateful for the experience because for a week, I felt carefree (ok 95% of the time), bold and adventurous and he was able to bring that out of me.

Have a good weekend guys!


Shadenonconformist said...

Smh for you o. I shall be back to comment properly.

Is that why we are here Tayne?

Shadenonconformist said...

I'm back to comment properly. Yay!!

Your half gist *rolling eyes* made me think of the Dave Chappelle show and Dave's scene with Wayne Brady. You know the part where Wayne has a lonely "Mr Benjamin Franklin" and he was asking for the rest of it from one of the ladies. Ehen..Na your gist be that.

I'm happy that CB was a breath fresh air for you. Lol @ few hours. I always love experiences like that. I went through something similar last year. The only difference is that even though i felt i had no control, i didn't want it to end. sob sob. Oh well.

So is this the end of the gist with CB? It had better not be o..

Have a lovely weekend missy.

Anonymous said...

Nice Anon: *hisses and rolls eyes*

RepOne said...

lol@ Shade n Nicey. Inshort let me come n yab you offline.

MPB said...

this just reminded me that you owe me *nitty gritty* details lol

Original Mgbeke said...

The hell kinda appetizer gist is this? Main entree da?

Reverence said...

in the words of our people, "why are you giving us yam without palm oil to swallow it?"

can we at least get a description of said chuck bass.

did he ride around in a limo? did he wear the clorful ties? did he speak in slow deliberate sentences? did he have the piercing look?

yaay i am somewhat back to blogger.
thanks for the talk the other day!

Diyani said...

Team CB! half gist-ing...lame sha! But carefree is awesome and special... powerful when you lose a sense of control isn't it:) hehe..

Chuck Bass said...

EAbsolutely hilarious. Its a shame that my finding this blog has caused our mutual friend to clam up.
I shall endeavor to convince her to "share"
To answer the above questions:
- a limo would be quite the undertaking in Lagos ne c'est pas?
- I like ties
- I'm slow and deliberate only when absolutely necessary
- you'd have ask the author about the look...
Hope this helped! LOL!