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Howdy Ho peeps. Yes I am back again, only because two bloggers tagged me for the stylish and versatile blogger award. I don't know about stylish but thank you very much to Lucid Lillith and Nutty J.. To quote Nutty J she said, "I give her this award because her topics are exotic, truthful, versatile, served with attitude!". lol thanks again.

So this award is hard because I have to list 7 things about myself (eek!) and then tag 15 bloggers, so here we go:

1. I am a 28 year old who is obsessed with the Backstreet Boys. I totally see myself in my 40's, traipsing to Vegas to see them.

2. I have an unhealthy distrust for men. I am not shocked by any stories I hear about X or Y. I don't even know if it's a good or bad thing but I guess it'll be a bad thing if a sincere person comes along and everything he is saying goes in one ear and comes out the other. Maybe I will work on it, maybe I won't but for now I couldn't be bothered.

3. Sometimes, I think I am a walking dichotomy. For example, I am not a shy person. I am quite social and I rarely get embarassed BUT I get SO anxious when I have to go to an event. If anyone could hear what goes on in my head, I'd probably be committed. Another example is that I think I have a big heart, I will do anything I can for the people I care about but at the same time I could be as cold as I am sweet. I scare myself sometimes with how I feel nothing in some situations.

4. I feel sexiest when I am dancing. I love to dance and I do it well. I remember a friend telling me that I am not the type of girl one would notice when they step into a room (see yab) but if I am dancing it's a completely different story. I am also a flirt. Sometimes I flirt through dancing.

5. I am really not trying to be a cool girl or whatever but I DO NOT like shopping. Shopping is a chore to me. If I have to go to the mall, I would rather do school work than go. It's just not fun for me. I should specify that I mean shopping for clothes. I don't care for jewelry, I could go a month without wearing earrings and I have, shoes are the devil, they hurt. If not for necessity purses are a burden. Might I add, I have never bought a purse for myself and I could wear the same one for years but concerned friends usually step in and tell me it's time for a change. On the flip, I could shop for bra and panties all day and I could grocery shop all day. Hehehe

6. I don't watch the news. Not much to say about this. I just don't.

7. I have the weirdest memory vault when it comes to pop culture trivia. I might not watch a show but I can tell you who or what will be happening. I am addicted to award shows and I watch an insane amount of movies. I am a movie snob and some movies I will never watch in my life time/I can be the laziest heifer there ever was/Black is my favorite color/I have no problem going to concerts alone/I find it hard looking people in the eye/I am uncomfortable baring my soul, which is why I suck at explaining myself.

Ok I am done. I kinda cheated on #7 but nyeh, rules are made to be broken. Now Let me see if I can tag 15 people.

Original Mgbeks


Original Mgbeke said…
You and that other agbayaishious woman will be 60 and traipsing to see BSB... :-p

Aren't we supposed to be working on the attitude towards men? *side eye*
BSNC said…
lol good to know more about you. interesting info..
Myne Whitman said…
Give men a chance, there are some good ones too, lol...

happy New year.
Nice Anon said…
LOL the one that I can't stand about shopping is when women feel the need to troop down to the mall together. isn't that so high school? Biko go on your own let me go and my own. we don't need to go dia ukwu na ukwu
Yankeenaijababe said…
Thanks for the tag girl, feel the realness of it...not a new fan either, scares me...the whole shopping thing in america is so extreme, a girl doesn't need 500 pairs of shoes, I love shopping but not to the extreme...keep it up loving it
neefemi said…
Thanks a lot ma, love you mucho
Love you more for number 1. BS Boys are the ish. All the Nysnc lovers can go and like to hug a transformer.

I pray the unhealthy distrust for men changes. Lol @ couldn't be bothered. Feel you on the walking dichotomy ish. Get you on number 5 but for whatever reason I've started changing a bit. i kinda hate it. *whistling by* on number 6:(...

Interesting stuff about you. Thanks for sharing missy.

Lol @ nice anon's comment.

Thanks so much for the tag Tayne. As we say in naija, my head is swelling. lol
Tatababe said…
Oo.. I'm just seeing this o! I was tagged..okies I'll put one up :)
I absolutely feel you on Backstreet Boys meeen! Ppl are always laughing at me when I say I listen to them but me I no send. I enjoy grocery shopping too :)
1. KTBSBPA! (You will win my heart if you know what that means). Anywho, my love for BSB will never die. I'll be 80, in my rocking chair, humming "I Still...". I know it.

5. I like to shop but when I'm done, I'm done. I don't scan the store once more or any of that. And I despise trying clothes on. Unfortunately, when you're with other people, everybody has to be sorta ready all at the same time. That can be a little frustrating. I prefer online shopping. Also, there's just a couple of stores I get truly excited to go out and shop at.

6. I'll only watch the news once a day, which is my local news at 10/11pm. Sometimes I catch "Good Morning America" when I have the time. All that CNN 24/7 stuff? Not for moi.

7. Pop culture rocks!/I, too, don't usually look people in the eyes when talking./Also feel ya bout "baring your soul" thingy.

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