Hi luvies. It's been a minute hasn't it? I have no strong excuse, ok I do. I got back and started work with an Organization meeting all week so I have been getting home later than usual and I have been so tired. I haven't been getting my full 8hour beauty sleep *ahem* but I am still on my naija high and feeling grand just letting stuff roll off my shoulder. Today I was talking to a friend of mine and she asked me if spark was necessary in a relationship? Lemme preface this by saying everything that follows is just my opinion, feel free to state yours in the comment box. I was talking to an older person once and they stated that this "it" our generation is always looking for is what will land us in trouble and make us miss out on a good thing. Is that "it" spark/attraction or is it a general clicking so to speak?, I digress. Anyways, like I was saying my friend asked if I thought spark was necessary and I replied with a Yes.

I think spark is necessary but like love, I don't think it is enough. I would take a 50% level spark over a 70% level spark in someone as long as the rest of the package is on par with what I am looking for. I believe that spark fades with time, I mean it only makes sense, as you get older and more responsibilities fall your way, kids, taxes, college funds, old age, bone creaking, not to say you won't have the hots for each other but that spark/hotness will definitely decrease. I think that as we get older, relationships and I mean marriages become more about the friendship than the spark you shared in the beginning. When I look at the older couples I admire eg my aunty and her husband, I don't admire them because "wow, they are sizzling with chemistry" but more because of the friendship, the tenderness and the "we've been through a lot but i still got ya back" aura that I get from them. Oh I should also add that it is very possible to have both as in 100% spark and 100% friendship, I guess my opinion is based on if one happened to be in a situation where they had to make a decision or choose.

Feel free to speak your mind on the topic and happy friday eve!


MPB said…
Actually completely agree with your opinion on the issue...didnt think i would when i saw the topic lol.
When i saw "spark" i swear i thought of "Sparking", as in when someone sparks for you like we say in naija. Lol. Moving on..

I agree with you. I also think that it's up to couples to work on re-igniting that "spark" or whatever when they see that it begins to dwindle...

100% spark and 100% friendship is so awesome...
Mgbeks said…
*Lurks in comment box*
Yankeenaijababe said…
You definitely need sparks in a relationship knowing it takes two to attract, sometimes the sparks may come later, have you ever met someone you found unattractive but months into the relationship, you just love them..take it one step at a time, how you de? A happy weekend to ya.

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