Like Mindless Fools...

....We wake up everyday and repeat the same cycle. Think about it.

We wake up, do whatever it is we do before work, drive to work, pretend to work while we bb/tweet/facebook/surfthenet/, maybe do some work, go to lunch, get back to "working", countdown till work end, go home, complain about work, wonder what to eat, watch tv, surf the net etc etc.

Give or take a few things this is what most of us do and we complain about it, like my friend said we complain about it like we can't do anything about it. Sure every now and then we travel, go see places, get excited about doing something different and then fall back into the rut. We daydream about all we could and want to do but somehow still don't do anything. Ofcourse, it's not that easy to just "do something", we have to be smart about this (responsibilities, not yet ready etc). Before you know it, time has passed by and we wonder where time has gone. What exactly are we waiting for? Why can't we just do it? Whatever "it" may be?

Hope you guys are having a good week so far, it's cold as hell up in these parts but I can't complain too much, winter hasn't been so terrible for us, so I'll take this. Enjoy the rest of your week.

Oh, thanks Swanboy for letting me purge today :)


How funny. I thought and said the exact same thing to myself on New year's day. It's the same ish over and over again. Kinda bleh...

But i think that people who have jobs that they love/have adventurous jobs might not see their jobs or lives as being repetitive. There's just something about waking up to do a job that you love that makes life less monotonous. Who knows sha...

Pele about the cold. And what happened to the Chuck Bass post ehn? *Semi-rolling eyes*. Have a blessed rest of the week too girl.

This is one of the the million dollar questions in life---->: "What exactly are we waiting for? Why can't we just do it? Whatever "it" may be?"
Yankeenaijababe said…
My sister, funny am thinking the same thing you thinking. What is my purpose in this life? I am truly fed up of where I am right now in life, so therefore, I plan on going back to school for a doctorate or bigger degree that would allow me to enjoy my life to the fullest. Girl, you are so so right...thanks for this post, now am a little satisfied that am not
Swanboy said…
Well damn...I was having a good day. You're right though, just wish I hadn't read it.
Nutty J. said…
I just gave you for an award for Stylish and Versatile blogger.

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