Welcome Back

Hi people, it has been a long ass time since I posted oh! chei. In the time I haven't been here, I have returned to the states and I had so many mental blog posts, it's a shame I don't remember them. I hope everyone has been doing well, besides fretting about being single or married.:D. I have been trying to get back to some semblance of my life back but I happened to be under the weather and just now managed to have my cold and cough under control. I hope I can come back and do one last wrap up of my naija blog post. Hope everyone has a fabulous evening!

PS - The whole getting to know Taynement deal was an epic fail. I only got one question and I will be answering it in my next blogpost.

Once again, have a wonderful day/night!


Anonymous said…
welcome back.
Tori said…
Eku Aabo
Reverence said…
LMAO at fretting on single and married.. my sister, i tire.
If i get tagged in one more 10 things men want or how to have a perfect relationship note on fb.. i swear ehn!
Myne Whitman said…
see more of you then

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