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Hi Guys, Friday is here and my undertheweatherness has become a full blown below the weather. I'm hacking and sneezing and all that good stuff, hopefully it goes away soon, I still want my mommy sha. Man! did anyone else catch that Grey's finale. Watched it with the best friend via IM and our convo was full of "Chineke's", "Chimoo", "Shit", "WTF", you get the drift. Hats off to Shonda Rhimes, she did her thing. ok, random time.

I mentioned Welcome to Lagos last time and it reminded me of Environmental Sanitation aka Enviromental.

WTL also made me think of Esther and other girls like her in Naija who are sexually active but don't know about yearly checkups in Naija. Makes me wonder about checkups here sef gan, how many of our mothers did checkups and teeth cleaning and all that good stuff and they seem fine.

I'll try not to spoil Greys for those who haven't seen it but there's a part where Bailey denies her profession and it got me thinking. I've always thought that if you die because of your belief in Jesus Christ there is no way you are going to hell...right?

I have issues, I deleted someone of gmail because she is permanently logged on and doesn't respond when I say anything but more for the permanent log on, it irked me :)

Why don't hotels have full cable channels but they have HBO?

Actions speak waaaay louder than words. - cool link recognising naijas. The UK is more embracing. By the way kudos to MI and P Square on their BET nominations.

It's foreign to me how people get off on arguing. I don't like it. Are back and forths the same thing? if not I don't like that too.

So umm Texas Board of Education wants to rewrite textbooks basically taking out majority of history that involve minorities. wth?

I know I am getting old and stuff but who knew the new name for head is Actually it might not be new but it's new to me.

Men so much wedding planning talk around me, how on earth do people afford weddings? Shoo I know how much I make, I can't fathom a wedding right now.

How are some men able to cope with their wives using their ex husbands last names eg Demi Moore, Kimora Lee Simmons

I wonder how people writeup blog posts on their phones. I can't do it.

Geez I feel like there is always some country music award show going on.

Watched the Will and Jada Oprah interview, too cute men. BUt come oh, why is their 11 year old son kissing already?

Vera and Nice Anon did their posts on stupid shit men say and they both mentioned the put the tip in yarns. Personally, I have never had anyone say that to me but I have heard a lot of girls it's been said to.

You know, I see a lot of skinny girls at the gym and a big part of me still thinks that even if they don't work out they'd still be skinny. The whole slim thing is sometimes luck. There's no reason these reality show girls drink copious amounts of alcohol and eat crap and are still skinny.

Am I the only one who doesn't know what they weigh? I see a scale and I freak out, infact when i went for my checkup and had to be weighted my eyes were closed.

I am convinced 98% of men snore.

Looking for an interesting read:

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those that have had abortions and are having a hard time dealing with guilt. May the Lord help them not be so hard on themselves. AMEN.

So today's song is Beyonce's bonus track "Why don't you love me".. I gotta give it to MS. B, this girl is talented and talking about her body is redundant. I like the video a lot but you can tell Ms B is feeling herself a lil more these days, check out the video at 3min 27sec..narcissistic, no?

Have a lovely weekend guys!



Nice Anon said…
I can handle a man that snores nothing new there..I think.

Me too! I had no idea nodding meant bj. I am obviously not up to date.
Omotee! said…
bubbly snores too, its frigging annoying... caught myself snoring last night.... silly!

Ms.O said…
hahaha Nodding irritates me! eww!
Lol my Ex didnt snore...My dad doesnt snore...
Jada and Will....give me hope
Cosign on the skinny thing.. its a thing of luck IMO.
have a great weekend..xx!
Reverence said…
OMG at greys anatomy, i watched it with the bf and we were gripping each other's hands and screaming, him more than me actually. i wish i had a video cam. that would have been good blackmail material. i tell ya!

i didnt know about nodding at all

all the men in my life snore *sigh* chut! even my mum.

i saw the Texas board thing on the news, i was like really? then dont kuku teach the history na.
Anonymous said…
I detest arguments as well. I don't mind the Grey's spoiler, been a while since I tuned in to the show.

I often feel country music as a genre is more recognized. Actions speak louder than words, but I often feel that more energy is expended on actions, especially in negative instances.

The most recent wedding I was involved in didn't need much planning, though some degree of organization was expected. I guess because it was more of a family affair.

I admit, I am definitely one to snore!

I hope the 'good stuff' is replaced by even better stuff -- get well soon, have a lovely weekend Tayne...
Myne Whitman said…
Get well soon dear and I'm being selfish here, don't want to catch it through the ether, :):)

I saw Greys and me that I don't like Twitter, I had to scream on there. Actually left the question about waht will you deny to live on my FB status. Those people took a year out of my life sha.

And yeah lots of men snore and even women, young and old. The vexing ones are those who drive lorries with their breath while asleep.
Repressed One said…
Yep! that's 'issues' alright.

Grey's was the freaking SHIZNIT!! Damn!! I didn't even realize i was holding my breath till it was over.

Still haven't seen 'welcome to lagos'

lol@Myne's 'driving lorry'

Pele dear, hope you feel better soonest.
Jaycee said…
"Watched the Will and Jada Oprah interview, too cute men. BUt come oh, why is their 11 year old son kissing already?" I wonder o.

I also read Vera's post and was wondering why no one ever told me those things. Maybe they were scared? LOLLLL. "Let me just rub the tip in" LOLLLL.
Jaycee said…
I saw Grey's Anatomy too last night...resulted in Twitter message: "My heart is in my mouth." #GreysAnatomy
neefemi said…
that nodding is just all kinds of wrong and snoring, sigh lets just say he is getting a surgery sha :)
MPB said…
How do you come up with the prayer requests?
leggy said…
i cant stand snoring.i really cant.
read the nollywood article, really nice.
the grey's anatomy thing eh...i loved it.

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