Friday Randoms

Hello ladies and gents, how wenteth your week? Once again we have stumbled upon another Friday, yippee!Its been an eventful week sha, how was your 4th? Hope not as boring as mine. Nna, who watched that Ghana-Uruguay game? I still have nightmares and cringe when I think about it, I can't imagine how Gyan feels, how could he have missed that penalty???sigh, all spilled milk. How about the therapy honesty me-me's floating around, thanks to Sting for starting it, it's been fun and I have made a lot of my non blogging friends fill those out too, I learned that most of my friends are answer thieves and stole my answers(personalized letters is mine yo!) lol...enough yacking, random we shall!

So, I am irked when people say nerve wrecking when it is nerve wracking, it's almost as bad as saying threadmill instead of treadmill or thrash instead of trash.

Why do people speak so surely of things they have not experienced or know nothing about?

The concept of getting work emails in my phone is quite aggravating but I can't switch it off. I wish I could.

I saw a story about a 10 year NBA veteran who is now broke and living out of his car and you know what? I am sorry, I can't feel sorry for celebs who go broke. Like I saw somewehere, if you are able to blow millions in this lifetime, it just means that you were not deserving of it in the first place.

In another life I wish I could be a chef. We'll see if I will take lessons after I am done with school.

Was talking to my friend who cooks a lot and I told her that I hope her food doesn't suck. You know how sometimes there are people who always cook all the time and make all these things but then their food sucks. How do you even know when your food sucks sef? I remember when I was talking to someone and he had nothing in his house but tomato sauce, no spice gan and I made the nastiest tasting bootleg stew, he still yummed and ate and took seconds sef. It wasn't later when I made him proper stew that he was like Oh thank God you can make stew.

I know I have said it before but I really really really enjoy watching Run's House. I ALWAYS end up with a smile on my face. I just love their dynamic.

Have you noticed that celebs will hawk anything nowadays? From Sunny Delight to Frozen Dinners to even Activia "to help digestion".

I asked my friend once what her type was regarding men and she said she didn't have a type, she liked anyone who likes her. I know the feminists and they of many toasters will say something but I got what she meant.

I just always assumed I would hate orange juice with pulp, I accidentally picked up a bottle this week and it wasn't bad at all.

I think I am learning that not all things are a sign. Even though I think everything happens for a reason but for example just because I bumped into Guy Z 7 times in one day doesn't mean we are meant to be together, we just happened to bump into each other.

I sometimes wonder what spurs a person to comment on a blog vs not comment.

I also wonder if I have "met" a blogger and just didn't know they were bloggers.

I need a time share at the post office, I think I went there like 3 times alone this week.

Justin Beiber said," I am always around old people, like 30 year olds"...See my life, lol

So do the Kardashians have a machine that says, "Black Athletes only"? Do you just will it into existence what you want? The foolish girl wants to get married and dates younger men that are 25/26, ummm by the time she is done, her body count will just have team mascots.

Posse is a funny word.

I know it's not a big deal to confide in people for some but it's not an easy thing for me to do so it's a big deal. It says a lot for someone to think they can tell you private stuff. That being said, thank you "Goat" for confiding in me :)

Its funny how I think Suicide is both brave and cowardly at the same time.

Guy friends are great and all but noone does a good vent fest like girl friends.

I like Banky's song Tanker, A LOT...when I am listening to it alone but when I am at a house party and I request it, the song just doesn't quite sound that crunk. I guess it doesn't translate well in public?

PRAYER REQUEST: For loved ones, left behind in a suicide. That they get comfort and are able to get over any guilt they may feel. AMEN.

I really do try to keep my randoms short but my brain is full of them I guess lol. Well I am headed to the Chi next week, I might not have time to have random thoughts. Enjoy your weekend blogelettes and today's song is a song that didn't grow on me but crept on me, woke up one day and realized I liked it.

3OH3! ft Ke$ha - My first Kiss


CILy said…
Shenks for my lovely gifts! U're awesome...

I think I am good cook but I still get very nervous when i cook for people... like what if it sucks?! Chineke ekwekwana!

You should watch Jersey Couture... That's why I love it... their family dynamic is just too much!

Me I get type oh... I was open to dating anyone but I found myself drawn or attracted to a certain type but ur friend is right sha... U can "type" all u want... at the end of the day na d person wey "type" u back wey be ur type

Yay, I commented!

*WV*: hordiabl: A person or thing that is hoardable... e.g. my CILy is very hordiabl... I dont want to share her with ANYONE! I just want to hide her in a corner... tihihi
neefemi said…
Did you mean to say "when people say threadmill instead of treadmill or trash instead of trash" or when people write it. cos i'm trying to pronounce it and i cant really tell the difference...i guess except when you know what there were meaning to say.

I agree with u abt the NBA veteran, i actually refused to read about it. Because of that i can't judge, we have all fallen short from his glory and maybe thats his own price.

Love Run's house too

Yep, don't have a type. what is a type? I just need him to be honest, communicative, trustworthy and crazy abt me. Lol, everything else is easy

Have a good weekend. Thank you so much again
Anonymous said…
I will slap that Justin Bieber of a boy...nonsense lol.

I love that you are so random, you are my friend in my head. I feel like we could have great random convos together.
HeavyFeathers said…
" Justin Beiber said," I am always around old people, like 30 year olds"...See my life, lol " -
just made my weekend! LOL.

Reminds me of my 17 Yr old cousin, who said to me " OMG You are about to be 27? Geez, I will be married with babies and settled.. whats wrong with you? "

I have never wanted to stuff someones mouth with dirty socks before..

Types- dangerous, sometimes even if you do have them.. they change on you. Love ur randoms!!

Happy Friday! enjoy Chi-town nxt wknd.
Reverence said…
lol your friend and I have the same type/ well actually maybe not cos if thats the case then the random guy with gold teeth that stalked me around walmart the other day would be my type.. so i guess i do have a type..

lol at justin beiber..i remember when i thought 30 year old guys were old..*sigh*

at my job our mail room is a mini post office..i think the only thing you can't do there is apply for a i have waved the Post office bye bye..

lol at kim kardashian.. she needs to realize that time and gravity ALWAYS win in the end..she wont be hot forever.
Jaycee said…
I've always wondered about nerve-wrecking vs. Nerve-wracking.

It is indeed possible for people to speak confidently about things they haven't experienced, because they can learn from someone else's experience.

A chef? Hmmm...I can't even picture you as a chef. It's funny the personalities one can conjure by reading someone's blog.

I love Run's House

"I sometimes wonder what spurs a person to comment on a blog vs not comment. " Lol. When you get the answer pls share the secret.

Time share @ the post office? Lol. How do you even think of such things?

For those trying to deal with suicide, I recommend this organization called "To Write on Her Arms With Love."
yankeenaijababe said…

I enjoy reading your blog,everything is so real, I really don't feel sorry for celebrities that go broke, maybe I have a heart of stone but hey, for a celeb to go broke, na your own making, whatever!

I hope you have a splendid weekend, :=)
Original Mgbeks said…
My heart was thumping hard for the game.

Not commenting = laziness, sometimes.

Haha! Not all things are a sign, indeed. I was traveling somewhere and on the last leg of the journey, sat with a guy who had been on the bus to the airport, the 1st plane, and then turned out to be my seatmate. So I tried to strike up convo, and he was very curt...lmao. So nyehhn,I learned!
iLove BankyW period! lol

I used to think I was a really horrible cook, but I've had people taste my food and I am far from horrible...thank God.

I haven't done the honesty seems long :(

I wonder too what makes ppl comment vs not comment...I enjoy reading comments, it's kinda lyk validation of my post

well celebs hawking anything is much better than them ending up sleeping in their cars so they shd hawk...whatever pays the bills!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Fabulo-la said…
nerve wrecking...nerve wracking..
Well in their defense wont they technically men the same thing???

LucidLilith said…
Why do I have this sneaky feeling that I have met you before?

About cooking...are you talking about me? He he he...I swear I have witnesses that have bitten their fingers off before.

Dreaming about sex. It's a given.

Suicide is both brave and cowardly. IMO ... if someone wants to leave, let them. I am pro-choice.

Justin Beiber will get old too...that gives me comfort.

Celebs hawking stuff...have u seen the state of the economy? There is no work in Hollywood.
akaBagucci said…
Justin Bieber - time catches up with us all.. I still remember when I used to laugh at my thirty year old uncle, now I'm in their shoes...
MPB said…
Wazzaaaap. I am with CILY, where i think I am a good cook but get nervous when peeps taste what i cook. Shall check out the tanker song. Funny, I was just telling someone yesterday that people that ALWAYS date their type are shallow IMO. It's fun to have a type, for convo or fantasy purposes, but realistically and pleasantly too life has a way of making us attracted to the most unexpected people.
Aaron The baron said…
Na wa, reading you is like being in a tornado, abeit one I enjoy being swirled within. welldone
Nice Anon said…
lol@ Bieber's comment.

I hear you on that type thing jare. My type is a guy who wears gladiator sandals, wears shorts that are short. In fact dresses kinda gay in a manly way if that makes sense? For where I go find that type of man na?
Na persin wey like me back i go type o!
Anonymous said…
Hey, this is my first time here and I really enjoyed your randomness. Can't wait for the next installment.
TayneMent said…
@CILy - you are most welcome
@neefemi - I meant when people write it.
@Anonymous - lol thank you
@HEavy feathers - thank you and glad you love randoms.
@reverence - she actually could stay hot forever sha
@jaycee - i still disagree sha, someone else's experience is not yours. Just because you witnessed a birth doesnt mean you can speak authoritatively on the topic.
@yankeenaijababe - thank you so much
@OM - yup, things just happen.
@Miss enigma - do the meme jo, its not long lol
@Fab- yea they do but one is wrong and one is right :D
@Lucid - maybe we have lol
@bagucci - abi?
@Mpb - yup, unpredictable life
@aaron - lol thanks
@Nice anon - abi? type me, I type you back
@MOH - thank you for stopping by.

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