Friday Randoms

Aloha my fellow peeps how are ya? I am currently on a high since I just came from one of the best concerts ever. Yep, my gaga killed it,she is hella weird sha but the woman di very talented. Totally got my money's worth and I am glad I went. Up next, Rascal Flatts on saturday thanks to work. So, it's safe to say that community random idea is dead and gone, I didn't get any randoms so I'll go ahead and post the two that I received and continue business as usual.If you read this Kay9, please feel free to state what you disagreed with on my last post. Comments and disagreements are always welcome here. Let's random.

**May I just say that I typed up all my randoms and it just disappeared, that is very annoying.

In the animal kingdom, male animals are more beautiful than the female, eg. the male lions have the mane and the females are bald, male peacocks have the colours while the peafowl are brown and pale. Why did God flip the script and make human females more beautiful (attractive) than the men? - Swanboy

I was bbm'ing with a friend in Nigeria and after a long period of no
communication, he sent " sorry, the internet went out.. there is only one
internet in Nigeria "
BBM is wireless right? Is there really only one internet in Nigeria? are
there several internets? how many internets are in the world? Is there one
internet in the world? I am still plagued by these questions - Anonymous

I have to say that I chuckled a bit when I heard that Glen Beck was going blind :(

I was watching Usher's Behind the Music and the Usher/Chili relationship came up. I have to say that it must be very hard for celebs to heal from a broken relationship with everything on display.

I don't think I trust skinny chefs. Giada De Laurentiis I am looking at you.

I love the show Next Food Network Star almost as much as I love Top Chef.

E be like say I don reach the age of younger men hollaring. Mommy says there comes a time when it will be divorcees lol

BB messenger needs a time out button where you can just tune people out and you don't have to respond.

Elisabeth Hasselback is a fool. Yes I said it.

People are getting deep quotes from Eat, Pray, Love, me I got "You need a droughtbreaker, get yourself a rainmaker"

It seems while everyone is being health conscious, watching what they eat and working out, I am on the other end of the spectrum. Name any food that is bad for you and I am sure I ate it last week,let's not include the alcohol. smh@self.

Why is it called twitter but you tweet and not twit?

So if google was popular in the days when yahoo yahoo started would it have been called google, google?

Quote i read: problem with pretending to like someone, you'll always forget to care.

What is the hype with 3d for real?They give headaches anyways. I am so over the hype, give me regular old screen anyday.

The question of can you have it all? The career, the family, the whole package. I don't know, it seems that you will always sacrifice somethng to have it all, which means you don't have it all.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who need to be reminded that God has not forgotten about them. Amen



First! Now back to reading! :D
Kash said…
Elizabeth Hassleback gives me a headache, I CANNOT stand her!!

I still need to read that Eat Love Pray book...hopefully before the movie comes out.

LOL @ google google!! Good post!
LucidLilith said…
Oh Rascal them!

LOL at Hasselback. she is always crying when she is backed into a corner.

You know back during Grecian times (if that is a word) the male form was considered the standard of beauty. Hence their total gayness.
Vivian said…
Good randoms for today..

Boo for chuckling at Glenn Becks matter how much I dislike someone, I don't mean any harm on them at all.

I love top chef a heck of a lot more than Next food network star

Oh and yes Elizabeth Hasselbeck has been on my dislike list for years now..feel free to join the bandwagon! She does have cute clothes though :/

Glad you enjoyed your evening with Gaga!!
Vivian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sting said…
I agree with u about Elizabeth. I don't like her one bit.
neefemi said…
Hasselback is a big fool...mschewww

lol, swanboy, that is a good question? i wonder the same

Anon - i don't think there is only one internet in Nigeria. that statement in of itself is false, if anything he meant to say internet providers.
The Internet is a global data communications system. It is a hardware and software infrastructure that provides connectivity between computers. In contrast, the Web is one of the services communicated via the Internet. It is a collection of interconnected documents and other resources, linked by hyperlinks and URLs....via Wikipedia...sorry i'm a nerd like that.

love the quote and i hate 3d as well

Big Amen to your prayer
Rita said…
I am just laughing here...these randoms are so amusing...

How have you been? Still on high?
Ms.O said…
Bought eat, pray love last night... cant wait to 'read" the hype.

Hassleback--arghhhhh!! sigh!

Aww glad you liked the concert. Saw Rascal Flatts last yr..AWESOME!

have a good weekend!
Myne Whitman said…
I think we can have it all, ALL here being subjective of course.

Enjoy your weekend.
MPB said…
Didnt get the yahoo yahoo, google google thing, since yahoo is just called "yahoo" as well. Lucky you for seeing gaga. Love the quote about forgetting to care when you pretend...
Original Mgbeke said…
lol, I chuckled at google, google.
Dammie said…
ahh was wondering about the tweet twit thing too!
n im currently reading eat pray love..lets hope i can get deeper qoutes than urs..hehe
ps: i totally love ur randoms!
isha said…
LMAO @ google google.

For real, I'm looking for a way to sign out of bbm, or at least go invisible.

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