Friday Randoms

Hey hey my people, I thought Friday would never come but finally it is here. We thank God we can see it. Nna, 1st of July don knack oh. Feels like the days drag on by but the year is whizzing by. The only reason I am excited about second half of the year is that it's one step closer to Dec=Naija.Yaaay! Anyhue, because I said I will try not to worry, ofcourse this week was crazy, but God dey sha and I survived. Who caught the dry BET awards and the Breezy waterworks. Infact, man in the mirror came on at work today as I was listening to my Zune and I burst out laughing, the whole scene cracked me up, kudos to his PR manager. Okay oh, less yapping and more randoming.

Sooooo turns out Mel Gibson is not a one time racist, this fool was yelling at his ex (who was recording it)and this is what he said: You're an embarrassment to me. You look like a f--king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n---ers it will be your fault..Na beans???

Watching dem shows set in old times like Tudors, Spartacus, Rome etc.looks like slaves weren't regarded as anything, they just go about their business as their masters have sex and if the woman is not in the mood he can have any one he wants.

It is interesting to note that Toy Story 3 is the best movie I have seen this year and I do not like animation movies. The quality of movies have gone down sha, then again real movie season hasn't started for me.

Do any of the Jacksons have black children?

As the only female in the office I wonder if anyone will say anything to me if I dress inappropriately. I think these things sometimes when I catch a little boobage action going on.

I think scheduling meeting on Friday is cruel and unusual punishment.

Poor Brandy, looks like she is having a hard time adjusting to the shifting dynamics between her and Ray J.

Does having an abortion for someone tie you to the person as much as having a child for someone would?

Where is Nice Anon?? Nne, ebe ki no?

I think Shut it Down by Drake is a hawt song but I won't lie I am a bit uncomfortable when Dream comes in, it's like they are singing to each other or something. Could be cuz i can't figure this Drake dude out...

This whole osheeeee trend in naija is kinda annoying.

You know that Wimbledon match where they played 1million sets. I find it hilarious that he lost the next round. Yea, Yea, Yea some will say he was tired but na lie, he woulda lost anyways.

I can't shower without music sha. I have a little boombox in my bathroom and when I am stuck in hotel rooms, I carry my laptop in.

Ok this is evil and I apologize but for some reason I just found out Farrah Fawcett died of anal cancer and I was telling a classmate that if it were me I would lie about the kind of cancer I had. And I know there is no relation but I couldn't help but wonder if too much anal sex lead to it *hangs head in shame* I know, I know but it was a random thought :(

Why are most naija guys in the States engineers?

Quote I saw somewhere: Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes... all you need is one.

Omo, these non american actors they try with accents...House for one, Jason Stackhouse on True Blood for two (australian), Kevin on Brothers and Sisters for three (Irish)

Gosh, soccer players thighs are so yummy. I think they have the best athlete bodies...*cue in thoughts of David Beckham*

They really need to stop calling us the Giants of Africa.

What is Love?

That pringles ad is true for me sha, once I pop one I can't stop.

Someone complimented me on my voice at church on Sunday, that happens every now and then and I will admit that, that is one gift God gave me that I totally wasted.

So much guilt must come with being a goalkeeper sha. Can't wait for the Ghana game tomorrow, you think we got a shot? loll

I am such a twitter lurker but I will not join. Amen.

Watching religulous, I realized I have no idea if I believe in evolution or not..hmmm.

Shoutout to Swanboy!, Do you still read the randoms?:)

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who have lost one or both of their parent, for the spirit of comfort. AMEN.

I am not a fan of Em like that but I like this song. Industry people dey yarn say it's wrong for Rihanna to sing lyrics like this considering her history with violence with Chris Brown. They need to get a life and chill, it's not that serious. (Is it just me or does it have melodies of B.O.B's "Airplanes" in it? Have a lovely 4th of July weekend and don't go to Club Study and Club Boredom like I'll be doing lol.

Eminem ft Rihanna - Love the way you lie


Olufunke said…
Real long list of randoms....
Looking forward to the Ghana march too.

Audeo said…
LMAO here. especially at the Farrah fawcett line (hangs head in shame too).

That quote about six billion souls was from One tree Hill. Lucas i think (iBlush. i must remember every single detail from the first 4 seasons and i fancy myself to be Peyton although everyone says i'm Brooke).

I shall be joining you in Club boredom cos I'll be at Club work24/7.

Enjoy ur weekend
leggy said…
i think its very appropriate that she sang the chorus cos she did go back to chris brown so indirectly 'she loved the way it hurt' if not why would she go back.
ghana is going home.lets stop deceiving ourselves.
Jaycee said…
Toy Story 3 is your best movie this year? HA. I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH IT. If you know how MANY great reviews I've heard already, you'd think I'd be rushing to the movie theater right now.

Mel Gibson a racist? No comments.

What is the Osheee trend? Expatiate now....

Shower with music? HA HA HA. I sing in the shower because I cannot hear my playlist on my computer due to the loud sounds of the running water.

Awwwww...I like that quote on six billion souls. I'm stealing it (thanks).

Ahn ahn now...join Twitter so I can have more random
Vivian said…
Wow Taynement... I actually LMAO when you talked about anal cancer...I would if guys who have breast cancer say the same thing...sad but its just a thought!

I don't listen to music when I shower...but I like to listen to music when i am getting to go out...puts me in a good mood!!
Myne Whitman said…
What is the Osheee trend in Nigeria, the kidnapping or a new one?

I loved Toy story 3, was just saying somewhere how that and Up last year have been my best movies in a while.

Amen to your prayers.
miss.fab said…
Kai, I don't even know where to start. About Toy Story being the best movie you saw this year - did you see Iron Man 2? That was simply... just... orgasmic. *wanders off into dreamland*

I can't stand that Brandy & Ray J show... one more look at Brandy's horrific lacefronts and I might have to sue her for assaulting my eyes. Just be causing blindness anyhow.

David Beckham is a beautiful work of art.

Happy long weekend!
Nice Anon said…
thanks for the shoutout. took a bi of a break..

that cry was kinda weird and stuff but i guess he was begging to be forgiven?

Heard his mixtape "in my zone" and "fan of a fan" yet? tres tres cool. better than the album. I can drop some songs(names) if you wanna so you can give it a listen
akaBagucci said…
Nicely random...
LucidLilith said…
You know...I almost printed this off ... there should be a category in naija blog awards for you ... he he he...

Mel Gibson- talented man, yet so stupid

BET Awards - did not watch it so am off to youtube

Slaves in Roman empire - spartacus made me cringe....ick! especially at the masturbation scene

lol at Jackson and black kids.

I feel for Brandy...that girl has pure talent...the best alto in the business yet she is struggling. She needs a sex tape.

Naija is no longer giant of Africa. Just midgets.

*gasp* at Farrah. Shame on you Taynement!

I always wonder about Colin Farrel and Hugh Jackman ... they are not American yet you would not know.
Reverence said…
yes yes on the soccer player body. every time the world cup comes around, i develop a new crush. this year, its landon donovan!! *swoons*

OMG me too i totally laughed at chris brown crying...the bf said i was being mean but i disagree.

yea you do have a unique voice, its very serene..its hard imagining you yelling at someone

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