Friday Randoms

Hiya guys what's up? How was your week? I had a good and busy week. Been at a week long job function and it's been great actually. It's been an eventful week seeing as our very own Wande Coal had a "moment" and his nude pics were circulating everywhere, if you didn't see it - be grateful. I am excited about the upcoming week, I get to see Lady Gaga in concert yay!Oh yea, I actually have an extra ticket which I can't sell, so if anyone knows anyone or if anyone wants to go see Lady Gaga in Dallas next week in the nose bleed seats, shoot me an email and I will be happy to give it up. So despite positive reaction, as expected I didn't get enough responses to do community friday randoms, only 2 people sent me a random so, I had to come up with some randoms for this week. I don't know if it's the change of weather in a different city but I am feeling a bit weird like a sore throat, headache and runny nose. Anyways might as well get to it.

Seems last weekend was the chosen weekend by celebs to get married. Jim from The Office, Martin Lawrence, Carrie Underwood, Lala Vasquez and one more person I forget.

I always say cooking in Naija is different but a friend of mine disagreed with me. For me, I'd have to get used to like the leaves, the pepper hotness etc. I didn't cook so much before I left Nigeria so I am used to all the stuff here.

Ads work sha. I saw an ad for the Nivea Happy Lotion and now I am the happy user of Nivea Happy Lotion lol

Ah, what ever happened to the days of msn? There was a time where my msn messenger was always full but now there are plenty times it's empty. Guess everyone is on twitter now so no need.

There is a certain sweetness when you are home during work hours, I can't explain it.

I was watching one of my entertainment shows and there is a couple who is expecting a baby. He is not so famous but he is an actor sha. Anyways, the kicker is that he is 20 yrs old and his baby mama, a producer is 43. Isn't that just...weird?

How many car crashes will George Michael have for goodness sakes?

DOn't laugh at my next random oh!

Anyways, when I order chinese combo fried rice, it comes with beef, chicken and shrimp. I think of them as children. When I take a fork of rice with shrimp and it hits my mouth, I liken it to my mouth being visited by my favorite child of the bunch, I like chicken second best and I am indifferent if beef visits me or not. But in public I claim to love them equally hence ordering a combo - don't ask me to explain, it was a random thought.

Celebs are daft - No you will not be together forever, stop getting tattoos!

Is there any man who cries more than T.O?Geez Louise.

Speaking of T.O, he reminded me of something. He cries about his father not being around and being a good dad, so why does he have a child that he has never seen? Reminded me also of ibiluv's post where she has a friend whose dad cheated on her mom and got a second wife and now is dating a married man who she is pregnant for. Do people forget their own story? why continue the cycle?

I saw an abc special where this dude abandoned his family and he was presumed dead but he changed his identity because he was tired of being in a family. When he was confronted he just yawned and ignored them. Govt was garnishing his check for child support and he even tried to get his money back. How evil is that?

Alcide on True Blood is a very beautiful man. And that is all.

Very good article -

I have always thought being a trainer(in an office setting) would be a very difficult job.

Was watching the ESPY awards (which was funny btw) and Chris Johnson(?) came on stage and he was sounding slow and I asked my friend if the dude was illiterate or just from New Orleans. I didn't even realize what I said till I was done.

Funny tweet I read: honesty is the new hating and someone said isnt honesty the original hating?

Ok I am done, can't think of a song so have a lovely weekend!


Nice Anon said…
TO is just intouch with his emotions.he heee

I really pray lala and her husband lasts. Amin!
Myne Whitman said…
OMG, I forgot to send in the random, forgive me please?

Your food as human, funny Ijust read about a book with a character that does that. Edible woman by Margaret Atwood.

Enjoy your concert dear. And yeah I got your cmment on putting in a link to the last excerpt of the WIP. Will do.
hey...been a while.
i hope you've been good?
leggy said…
i know you are referring to snoop when you said stop getting do know that they've been married for more than 15 years?why the 'you are not going to be together forever?' are they different from other marriages?
i pray they stay together cos they've been together since high school.
BSNC said…
lol thinking that your chinese combo are children. should i be scared of you? lol
Ms.O said…
umm..You couldnt think of a song??? oh wow! Thats umm different!
LOL at the chinese combo! Enjoy the Concert! If I was in Dallas I would come with..:(

have a good weekend..xx!
TayneMent said…
@Nice Anon - okwa soso emotions. Amen to Lala

@Myne - You are forgiven oh lol. Thank you I will enjoy the concert.

@David - I'm good oh, you?

@leggy - I had to address your comment because you "just knew" I was talking about Snoop when I wrote it actually. Not that I have to clarify but the post was inspired by Kenyon Martin who had to alter his tattoo of Trina's lips on his neck and of Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne who got tattoos of each other after dating for a short while. Had no idea about Snoop. Just had to clarify because even though you might not have meant it that way, it did kind of rub me the wrong way.

@BNSC - yes oh, you should be very scared.

@Ms O - I know right, I don't understand. I will enjoy it.
LucidLilith said…
Why am i not surprised about LG concert? In fact, you should have gone a long time ago, you "monster" you....

Celeb marriages... i kinda thought it was odd that the media did not catch on to the "secret" weddings. I guess they were busy following Mel Gibson's crazy behind.
Reverence said…
finally to lala.. wait i am assuming she married the basketball player dude right?

i was going to sed a random but i assumed it was like a continous thing so i figured next week.

Jim from the Office is my fav character..
oh my gosh me too and ads.. i cant count how many things i have bought from ads. i was once at ihop and the waitress asked what i wanted and i said i want the pancakes from the tv commercial. the people with me were apparently embarassed? *shrugs* oh i also got a nikkon camera cos ashton is a very very beautiful man!
Original Mgbeks said…
I think folk abandoned MSN because of the virus/bots spamming.

LOL @ the Chinese. You're hilarious.
Original Mgbeks said…
I think folk abandoned MSN because of the virus/bots spamming.

LOL @ the Chinese. You're hilarious.
MPB said…
lmao at the chinese combo fried rice metaphor!!!!!
Dammie said…
lol at the chinese combo random! hehe

and who's T.O? (should i be very ashamd I'm asking this question? lol)
Nutty J. said…
//There is a certain sweetness when you are home during work hours, I can't explain it.//

Its awesome...simply unexplainable
QuTe said…
Lady Gaga - Never really gotten bitten by her bug. Busy is good I'd say...
Kate said…
lmao @ Chris Johnson...smh!! you should be ashamed of yourself..prejudiced!!

@Alcide...I cosign. Amen and Hallelu!! *shivers*

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