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Hello Blogsville, How are ya and how is your sunday going. Hope it's well. Mine is good so far, I am still out of town, managed to make it to church and now I am chilling in my hotel room feeling a little under the weather, I woke up with a sore throat. Hopefully it's just temporary and it goes away pretty soon. In the meantime, I am lying here resting and watching The Backup Plan ( don't judge me, I feel an obligation to watch every Jlo movie ever made).

Anyone have any TV plans for the night? I usually watch Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives then Brothers and Sisters but the Survivor finale is tonight and I might peep Ms USA for no reason.

As always, I don't have much to say but I wanted to share this interesting blog post I came across. I don't know the owner of the blog but I hope she doesn't mind. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it so please feel free to decorate my comment box.

Have a lovely weekend and an even lovelier week :)


Anonymous said…
LOL @ "As always I don't have much to say"

No comments on the link - every one has his cross to bear...
yankeenaijababe said…
will be watching my desperate housewives at 9 pm...can't wait for the finale, heard it's going to be interesting.

Hope you doing great.
Jaycee said…
Well...let me extract a statement:

"Being in a relationship, being engaged, or being married doesn’t make you an expert or validates your opinions. That’s ignorant & close-minded as hell to retrieve info from one resource. You can get advice from both ends of the spectrum."

She's right. She's also very bold and honest with herself. To that, I hope she finds "real love."

There's something I've observed. People keep looking for "real love" in the same circles where they found "fake love." Do they ever think that maybe they should leave that circle of love and find another one? They keep hanging out with the same kind of men and expecting "different" results.

A wise person once said, "we can't keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results. That's madness."
Reverence said…
i have not read the interesting post.. i will come back when i read it.

uhm did these people just remove Rob Lowe from Brothers and Sisters? are they for real?
Nice Anon said…
"we can't keep doing the same things over and over again and expect different results. That's madness."

I think this has said it. The chic has a point and she's very honest and bold.
TayneMent said…
@Oje, lol I was referring to my non random posts

@YNB - I am well thanks,the finale was a bit underwhelming.

@Jaycee - You speak truth

@Reverence - have you read it now?

@Anon - yup bold she is

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