Friday Randoms

Hey Hey peoples. It's my first friday as a "free" student, I got one more and it's back to the student grind. I'm on a little high because I took 3 classes and so far I got A's in 2 of the classes, the most important one is of course the one not out and I am on pins and needles because I.Cannot.Take.That.Class.Again!! Alrighty then, hop on the random train, whoot! whoot!!

So I am out of town for work and chilling with friends and I have been accused of being attached to my computer and my BB. This I cannot deny. I am currently sitting with 2 computers, typing this post on my personal, replying emails I ignored on my work computer, bb flashing, IM's beeping (sad innit? but I love it)don't know how people travel without their laptops sha. Call me antisocial and tell me something I don't know, it's easier to socialise with electronics than people lol

Have I mentioned people relations is exhausting??

The Best Friend got some good news this week and I am super duper excited for her. Wooohooo, girly!

My cousin was here with me from Naija this weekend and besides her draining me financially it was really nice having her around. We laughed a lot and talked and she gave me a deadline that I need to have a boyfriend by my birthday lol

So if you write a check to church and it bounces does the church charge you?

I am surprised at how some celeb men still find love. Charlie Sheen is a self professed prostitute lover, Bobby Brown just got engaged. Amazing.

I realised last week that I wake up every morning and have no problem about going to work because I like what I do and after working a job i DESPISED for 5 years. I am truly grateful.

I kinda regret watching Welcome to Lagos(exaggeration of course). Now I feel like if I ever complain about anything again, I'll be an ass. If you haven't watched and are a late watcher like me just watch on youtube.

It was hilarious listening to two of my older coworker trynna decipher what lmao meant, the tone in their voice after discovering what it was was hilarious. He thought LOL meant lots of luck.

Geez Louise, I have so many passwords it is insane!

How do people review music. I know that it takes me a while and a couple of listens to decide what I feel about an album. So when you have a deadline how do you know what you think and won't your frame of mind affect your review?

I don't know what I hate more - packing or unpacking?

So like,blood makes me squeamish like gag squeamish.

Sigh, God is telling me something loud and clear and I am ignoring it :(

You know, if someone volunteered to pay my rent for a year, that'll be awesome. Rent takes a lot out of the paycheck jo.

Am I the only one who doesn't like push up bras?

Austin has a lot of homeless people sha, I never noticed.

I love love the melody of Colbie Caillat's "Never told you"

I thought i was ready for babies. Staying with the friends made me realise how much work it is. Simple things such as watching tv is impossible. My reflexes are sharper in 24 hours. whew! babies can wait.

PRAYER REQUEST: All those planning a wedding. For blessings financially, making decisions, dealing with parents/family members and strength during the stressful times and for the marriage to be blessed after the wedding.

Well that's all I have for you folks. Have a lovely lovely weekend. In honor of Welcome to Lagos. Today's song is by Vocal Slender - Owo ti Yapa



neefemi said…
if the album is great, its easy i just write how i feel....when its one of those albums i love, but i know its hard for others to relate then it becomes fishy, i had to drop one this week, cos i didn't know how to write what i felt... have a great weekend
Azazel said…
Hahahahhhaha @ if u write a check to the church and it bounces, does the church charge u..
Mehn am rolling on the floor here, cus I was just thinking the same thing the other day
iphyigbogurl said…
Austin sure does have a lot of homeless people
but i hear that some of them just ran away from home because they "like" the homeless life, not like they didn't havehomes or that they are soo poor...
I dont get it....
I dont give them money anymore because i hear they always use it to buy meth and stuff like dat
so i just give them
they still collect sha...
Nice Anon said…
Feels good to have a job one actually likes. lol@ easier to socialize with electronics than people.
F said…
LOL... I like the cookies alternative, lol. I don't think any junkies exchange cookies for drugs so you definiely wont be an enabler... :)

I so know the feeling when you sense you are supposed to be doing something but ignore it... God help us sha.

P.S. You were so right about Ciara- what is she doing?
Myne Whitman said…
I am planning a family but I'm still scared of babies, what can one do? And it's great to love one's job. Emmm, leave the electronics for a while eh?

Have a great weekend.
Kash said…
My mom thought LOL meant Lots of love and had it as her signature for outgoing text messages...she still says thats what it means.

Yea Welcome to Lagos was the real deal...made me think twice bout a lot of things. I like that Vocal Slender song...hope he blows up sha!
MPB said…
Awwww Slender!!! Is he making it? What is God telling you to do? Better try and do it oh. OMG! Who on eart wants bobby brown? Enjoy your time off!
LucidLilith said…
Nice random;

Someone to pay your rent? Get a

Bobby Brown engaged? Oh the horror!

I cant believe you say "whoot! whoot!!" so do i when I am excited.

Your coworkers remind me of my old boss who wanted to know what a "beeee-dunk" beeee-dunk" was as in badunk-a-dunk....hilarious.

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