Happy memorial day

Hi everyone, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is enjoying their day off. It's been a rough weekend for me, worked all day friday, bit of sunday amongst other things but I just need to suck it up abi and try to focus on the positive things. I don't even have anything to say, I just wanted to blog and break the monotony of being on my bed all day but I forget I am not the "speaking" type so I can't say what's really on my mind. So...here's to all the veterans and current men in service who have risked and are risking their lives for our freedom here in the states and to you folk in Naija who have a frigging holiday every other day of the week, abeg una tell me what Democracy day is?? mschew...well I guess I should just bounce now, Have a lovely rest of the day and a lovely week ahead.


Hola, hope you had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend :D

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