Hey blogsville, I need help. Please can you recommend quick easy meals pesin fit make keep for house. Like I came home and I am blank, of course all that comes to mind is rice and it'll be nice to have a change/variety. So please list all you can, healthy/unhealthy (salad need not apply sha), naija/non naija. I'll welcome them. Thank you in advance.


Ok, uhmm you can make some chicken alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs, cook soup and keep it refrigerated and all you have to do is make your eba (or any other swallow food) when you get home.
Ms.O said…
-Pasta with store bought Alfredo sauce and shrimps or boneless chicken. takes 20mins to make...
-Fried Plantain/Boiled/Yam.
-Salmon fillet with coleslaw or salads.
-Crepes(yes on my lazy days i eat crepes for dinner)
blogoratti said…
Ahhh TM...cook for two eh,wink*
Jaycee said…
Me I need the help too, so I'm with you, reading the responses lol. Chicken alfredo sounds like a quick yummy option.

There's something you can make quickly though: INDOMIE (hahaha)...just make it spicy with chopped up ingredients and mixed-in scrambled eggs and you're done.
leggy said…
lol..personally,i think egusi is very easy to make.i can make egusi in as little as 15mins sometimes less.
Myne Whitman said…
Makes sauces and soups in your free time and then rice, pasta, couscous, spaghetti, potatoes will be a breeze. 20 mins and dinner is ready. I do Jaycee's indomie once in a while..
Audeo said…
1) You can make a basic chicken sauce with peppers and vegetables which you can eat with really thin pasta (since you dont have the time). Swap the chicken with minced meat and basil for a bolognese sauce. grate the cheese over it when ure ready to eat.

2)If you bake some chicken at the weekend, make like sandwich type slices. when ure ready to eat, glaze thinly with honey,cinnamon, black pepper, Hp bbq sauce and place between two slices of toast and voila! (You can do the same with beef.

3)any soup apart from efo(vegetable) refigerates well so....

4)pancakes? if ure too lazy to make from scratch, u cant get Aunt Jemima's, fry up a few sausages, put some cinnamon in ur syrup, use that to coat the sausages and wrap then in the pancakes (oh u cant do this with aunt jemima's). but its delish.

5) There's always cereal?

6) Can u bake a lasagne? it stores pretty well too.

ok. i'm such a foodie
LucidLilith said…
Basic foods to keep at home that will last:

Beef or chicken stew. You can eat this with rice, yam, plantain...whatever.

Easy to make food:

Saucless pasta. Just boil spaghetti,drain the water, add olive oil, salt, any pasta seasoning you have...and if you want extra, add bacon pieces or cubed ham. Voila! Takes less than 15 mins to make.

Scrambled eggs with bacon pieces in a flour tortilla to make a mini-burritto. Easy to make and eat anytime.

Buy pork chops, shallow pan fry them and serve with boiled broccoli and carrots (bagged ones from the store) and steak sauce. Easy to make.

If you want more ideas, e-mail me.

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