Long Running and Shortcomings

So it's thursday nite and i am watching my usual shows, Ugly Betty at 7 while switching channels for 30 rock at 7.30. 8pm its time for Grey's Anatomy, which i don't know why i still watch. Anyways as the episode drags along, I am shaking my head wondering how a show that was so good suddenly went down the drain so fast in its 4th season (technically since season 3)..anywhoo 9pm i switch to ER and i end up enjoying another good performance from the underrated Maura Tierney and it got me thinking ...

What is going on with TV and TV audiences of today? ER is in its 14th season, call me cynical but somehow i don't see GA making it to 14 seasons..Back in the day, TV shows lasted what seems like a lifetime today..The longest running sitcom "Gunsmoke" ran for 20 seasons, "The Simpsons"(still running) for 19 and "Law and Order" has been on for 18...all this shows started back in the days when TV shows were given a chance..

Now today, before you even get a chance to know a show has debuted on tv it gets cancelled - think Heather Graham's "Emily's Reasons Why Not" - cancelled after one episode. Is this the fault of the Network Execs or the impatient audience?...My money is on the impatient audience, we have so many options now that we feel we are doing the tv shows a favor by watching and we expect them to deliver their very best each season, no time to slack off. Each of the aforementioned long running shows have had their off moments/seasons, but it was a forgiving audience back in the day, there was some sort of solidarity, Seinfeld wasn't smooth going in it's earlier seasons eventually it became a hit...So should we the audience cut the shows some slack and be more forgiving or should the writers be on top of their games and give us mindblowing tv every episode...I say the writers better step on it ASAP, but we have our part to play too though, some shows have been bringing it right from day 1 but you refuse to watch...so this is the part where i plead with you ..WATCH 30 ROCK AND SCRUBS (last season)..THEY ARE CONSISTENTLY FUNNY!...alright i have to go, there's probably some reality show out there i haven't caught :)..


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