Celebs I don't care for

Celebs in general are annoying, but there are few that just get on my nerves..

#1 - No shocker Paris Hilton - no explanation needed, if you need an explanation, then I don't know what to tell you.

#2 - Mariah Carey - yeah yeah she has a great voice and all what not, couldn't care for her image/persona, from the getgo i just always thought she chose when to elevate her "blackness" to sell records, i know its the business... still. Her whole trynna be sexy thing is just over the top, she needs to recognise her age and act accordingly.

#3 - Christian Bale - now even I will admit that I do not have a valid reason for this, he just rubs me the wrong way, I don't enjoy seeing him on film, he is so intense, he comes off as cocky and arrogant in interviews and i hate his lisp!

#4 - Tyra Banks - ok homegirl knows her industry, i'll give her that, but man does she try too hard..On top model or her show, she always acts like a knowitall. Even when she is trying to act compassionate, she knows the right things to say but it doesn't come out real, it comes out as fake.

That's all i can think off..feel free to list yours if you have any

Ps - Janet and Justin have destroyed the superbowl halftime for life, Tom Petty will be performing at the next one..can we say snoooooozzzeee, hopefully it won't be as bad as Paul Mcartney...oh yeah Prince was an exception and not becos i think he is hot :)

Pss - RIP Evil Knievel


Omagus said…
I like Tom Petty. Although it may have to do with the fact that he hates the modern recording industry and radio as much as I do.
Elle Woods said…
Christian Bale? Are you kidding me? He is Divine...and not cos he is how...and he plays the dark knight....you have some nerve!!!
sheeka said…
I hate a few my self.. micheal jackson for not proving the critics wrong..get into the studion man!..Rihanna..her hairstyle bugs me other than that, luv u girl!... Denzel..pls dnt shoot me..but come one..American gangsta in my opnion was just another predictable role..he has a lot to learn frm whittaker about diversifying his roles..all the kids from that musical high school something..oh Gosh, need i give reasons... xx

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