Can I get another side of Denzel?

So the last movie i watched was American Gangster..I was really looking forward to this movie, not just because of the really good trailers I had seen or the talented people involved; I was really hoping it would be the movie that I could see a different acting side of Denzel..The movie was good, i was not wowed like i thot i would be. It was like a textbook play, everyone just played the part they were supposed to play by the book.

Now a few months ago, i had mentioned to my friends that Will Smith was a better actor than Denzel and of course i was attacked by the masses, ok ok i went too far with that but what i really meant was Denzel is an awesome actor, one of the best actors of our times but everytime i watch him in a movie its like he is the same person (offscreen or onscreen). This self assured man with lots of swagger, heck halfway through AG, i was just waiting for him to burst out and say, "King Kong ain't got nothing on me". For a second i was like maybe i am tripping, but most recently, i caught the Oprah episode featuring Denzel and Forest Whitaker's new movie The Great Debaters. Denzel's clip came up first and of course i saw the same ol him, I couldnt see him in character, then Forest's came up and I didn't see Forest, I saw him in character..Oh well, doesn't matter what i think eh, dude is making his cheddar and doing his thing..:)


Omagus said…
Ok, fine. Denzel Washington is a character actor. Happy?
Pearl said…
Muahaha..i am now :)

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