Grammy Predictions..

Now the Grammys do not mean that much to me anymore, seeing as they have created a thousand and one categories to accomodate everyone and every Tom, Dick and Harry has a grammy. 'Sides their noms/wins are so random now, its bizarre. Anyways Grammy Nominations are tomorrow, so i thot i'd share my thots on whose name(s) i think will be annonunced.

I'll start with Best New Artist. Grammys usually follow a pattern for the five nominees, they are:

- The standard generally accepted "yeah he/she is talented a la John Legend, Alicia..this year if she manages to stay alive I think this will go to Amy WineHouse and chances are she'll prolly take home the gold.

- The person who has been in the business for God knows how long but has a breakout hit and suddenly is the best new thing a la Shelby Lynne..this year I think it'll be Robin Thicke (Goodness gracious is he hot or what?!)

- The country artist a la Carrie Underwood, Leeann Rimes..this year it'll prolly be Taylor Swift(her "teardrops on my guitar" actually grew on me) or for a long shot Rissi Palmer, the new artist who broke records as a black country singer.

- The band, a la Maroon 5, Evanescence...this year i call Daughtry (yay) or Plain White Tees ( Hey there Delilah was a huge song for them and sadly they will never have a hit like that again)

- The long shot/really obscure person a la Chris Brown, Imogen Heap..this year with a realllllllly long shot i'll say Sean Kingston..

I can't do what i did above for all categories so i'll just comment on some categories..

Song/Record of the year - Kanye's "Stronger" will most definitely be there, "Irreplaceable" (ugh), "Hey there Delilah" was everywhere, longshot will be Rihanna's Umbrella

Album of the year - I have no clue, it seems Kanye always times his albums to have a shot. I don't doubt that "Graduation" will be nominated but I don't know if it'll win, 2 fuddy duddies released albums this year Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen and we know how the Grammys love the old folk..

Best Pop Vocal/song - I guarantee Fergie will be in there somewhere, so will Ms B, my baby Justin

Best Rap album - i dont think it matters who gets nominated Kanye is going to win it, everyone else is filler, but i see TI and 50 being called...then again them random grammy might just give it to Jayz's "Kingdom Come" just becos its Jayz even tho we all know it wasn't his best work.

Best Collabo - even tho it was an unofficial single, Justin and Beyonce might get a nom for "Till the End of Time"..they are both grammy darlings so its almost a shoo personally, i think it'll be hilarious if all the nominations were songs featuring Tpain..

Nyeh thats all i can think of i have no clue about Best Spoken Album or Best Instrumental and I dont think anyone really cares..

On a final note, you know how the grammys always has a golden child each year like B, Norah Jones, ALicia Keys..I can't think of who it will be but if i had to pick I'd say it'll be Amy Winehouse...Well feel free to leave your own thots and holla at you after the Grammys air on Feb.10 :)


Omagus said…
I looooooooooooooong ago stopped caring about the Grammys. Over the years it became much more about popularity and politicking than it was about rewarding artistic merit. And as my tastes began more and more to swim against the mainstream, I became less interested in the awards just because I didn't know any of the nominees. Like all the people you mention in this post...I'm sure that they're all have platinum selling albums. But I literally could not name a single current song by any of them.
Pearl said…
Yay you gave me my first comment..please feel free to comment anytime :)
Kismet~Destiny said…
the grammy's are almost as boring as the oscars...both snooze fests if u ask me
Nene said…
you did pretty well...
Elle Woods said…
The Grammys are so irrelevant to me right now.
NC-babe said…
I just wanted to say I heart Fergie...and I heart your blog and I heart the way I overuse the phrase i heart.
pearl said…
lol and i heart you nc-babe
sheeka said…
grammys love child shld be britney!!! ...i know .. iknow but even after all her madness..her album is off the hook. she might be old in the music game but i feel she needs this to bring bak her come on ppl, lets reborn her again , grammy style... and yes im her hugest fan xx
Anonymous said…
you were right on the money...Amy Winehouse being the Grammy darling this year.

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