Friday Randoms

This is ridiculous. How is it time for randoms again.already? na wa oooh. Oya let's go diaaa:

- I'm not no skinny bitch but ever since college I have been pretty active and can hold my own in a gym BUT I HATE working out. If I didn't have to I wouldn't work out.

- To help with my dislike for working out, I try to incorporate my love for dance when I can at gym classes. Like with step class, I try to turn a basic right into a salsa step lol.

- How does one get over a parent committing suicide?

- I LOVE M.I. I confess that every now and then I stare at a picture of him that a friend sent me ever so kindly on my phone.

- I will always always love Sia's "Breathe Me"

- "Tis true that time heals numbs all wounds.

- Everytime I hear any of these songs : Beyonce's "smash into you" and taylor swift's "breathe" and "you're not sorry", I smile. Because this time last year these songs were guaranteed (almost) tear jerkers.

- Ah, the masses on fb have began their countdown to naija. My heart squeezes but my heart still also has faith.

- Don't jealous me because I live in Texas and we still rocking 76 degree weather.

- Aaah, it felt like old times but I had to ground myself in reality.

- I read somewhere that how you were loved when you were younger is how you love when you are older. Feel free to disagree with me but I agree.

- When.will.this.whole.twilight/new moon/robert pattinson. circus END????!!!!! This movie is so overhyped I am so irritated! The boy isn't even fine.

- I wish I had a tv life where everything wraps up in 30 minutes with a solution.

- I saw snippets of Rihanna's interview. Something is dead in that girl, you could see it in her eyes. so sad.

- I tested it out and gave it a chance but I'm sorry that LWKMD with !!! is just annoying, it just seems so..extra. In my head, it just seems like over laughing if that makes any sense.

- My love for TLC is waning. I enjoyed the phase sha.

- So on 18 and counting, a show where this couple have 18 children ( she gave birth to each one and all her girls were posterior births. Anywhoo, I think they are mormons and are strict about it and their oldest son just got married. When they asked the dude about their first kiss, after answering he now said, "I wish I was strong enough to have waited till my wedding day like my son". Well taynement gulped. I didn't know the son waited till marriage to kiss his bride and I was in awe. All you horny dogs and dog-ettes how many of you can do that? lol

I tink darrisall I have, kinda dry this week, eh? deal with it lol.. Have a lovely weekend ma fellow bloggers!

Oh wait, Check these out :

Ok for real bye!

My latest discovery. This is a lovely acapella song



Original Mgbeke said…
I've resigned myself to jealously peeping all FB albums in January when the world returns from Nigeria.
Gotta remember to catch the Rih Rih interview.
cil said…
cil said…
TayneMent said…!
blogoratti said…
Hey have a great weekend!
Nice Anon said…
I have to watch that interview. That boy messed her up and you can tell.
Tatababe said…
mophaha! I feel you on the weather jare, totally loving it where I'm at too. Looking forward to the interview with Rihanna.
Anonymous said…
really random there. I think the whole Rihanna thing is overlabored anyway - will head on to the interview though.

Changed my url, decided to come to blogger after all

'Oje (Not Just Another Life)
Anonymous said…
I love these randoms. I really need you to take em apart and make each a post.

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