Friday Randoms

Happy Turkey and Thanksgiving day people. Hope everyone had something to be thankful for. If your answer is no, dig deeper and I am sure you would find something you are thankful and if not, if you are able to read this, I thank God for you that you have life...and as long as you have life, there is hope. Let's do this, shall we?

Honestly, how did generations before us work out without music in their ears? Like I had this one awesome workout that was filled with Naija music, it was awesome. Soca music is another good one for workout.

Has anyone ever heard of a gay muslim?

Ok so look at this picture and what do you see?:

So, my mind is crazy. Sometimes my friends tell me things or we are discussing things and I totally have some animated cartoon running in my head and I am laughing hard. Sometimes I see things (videos, ads) and think they are so genius example lady gaga's paparazzi, I just think that video is artistically genius. Anyways, I saw that ad and thought it was just brilliant. The pic is a dryer shown as a sick face, combined with the tag line (because you are not the only one who can have a sick day) - brilliant! (who is with me? lol)

Growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional.

I was reading Vivian's blog and she had a line that read: It is days like these that I just get home sick and I long for our Lord to come again. I paused for a moment and wondered if I had ever longed for Jesus to come back? What does that say about my Christian faith if I haven't? I thought that was a deep statement and deeply admirable. I guess I just gotta keep working on my faith :(

I hate being told what to do.

Life is puzzling.

So if you remember reading Just learn the language. I kinda had a true life experience about it. The priest at church decided to bring a spanish priest to give a second homily to the hispanic congregation. I was all fine until he started with being christian means embracing all cultures, I took a look around and wondered why there weren't nigerian, filipino or vietnamese homilies. *shrugs*

My friend is leaving on vacation for about a month, I don't see her everyday but I am still kinda bummed, she is like my anchor, I just like to know she is there :(

So I was reading a SHakira interview and she said when the spice girls ask : Tell me what you want, what you really, really want? That's a deep question. She says most people are not in touch with themselves and they think they are doing what they want but really they are just doing what will please other people. Yay or nay bloggers?

Finally, as per thanksgiving season : May we always be happy and may our enemies know it!

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S - Shout out to the one who called me swan and made me smile when I was in the pits. 'Preciate ya!


blogoratti said…
May we all be happy...liking that. I'm thankful for life.
Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
Truly random one as usual. Couldn't see a picture o!

I'm with you on the Jesus thing, He's berra wait up a bit o. I'm soooo not prepped up for that yet.

Happy belated thanksgiving. I should have done a thanksgiving post. Can't be all gloom and doom.
leggy said…
yeah, sometimes we are not doing what we really want, just doing it to please people.
and i couldnt see the picture, it wasnt showing.
happy thanksgiving
Myne Whitman said…
No pic and plenty randoms.

I agree with Shakira, a lot of us don't know what we really want. Like you say a part of it is that growing up is optional (like that btw).

Happy thanksgiving and enjoy the restful weekend.
Repressed One said…
...or they can thank God for me, RepOne :)

...hahaha, that is a pretty neat picture.! I don't think i've ever longed for Jesus to come back oh...and i really don't think it says anything about my christian faith.

aww@ that's deep!

...I say yay but not necessarily to please others [at least not always] sometimes you just have to do something. Sometimes doing Nothing isn't an option.
Original Mgbeke said…
I saw the sick face too. Yay me.
I have actually not seen the Paparazzi video o. Hmmm, need to get on my Youtube game soon.
Original Mgbeke said…
Oh, and I like to think that I am doing what I want but maybe I'm just delusional.

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