Friday Randoms

I have a long day tomorrow, so I figured I'd post this early:

I hate water so much it's sad. I drink the most water at the gym. Speaking of which, gym?what is that? the poor thing hasn't seen me in 2 weeks and probably won't anytime soon. I miss you gym:(, hello rolls :)

Sometimes it's pressure being Nigerian(here is where some people preach "noone can pressure you but yourself, yada yada...I'm going to tune you out now). Nigerians can be so ambitious working in the prestigious law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms(y'all know Nigerians run Accenture) and they are usually top of the class in school. When you don't fit into any of those and all you are interested in is Lady Gaga (hehe) and silly pop culture, it's an odd feeling...just sometimes.

(I watched a marathon wedding show, hence the following):

Why is it bad luck to see the bride in her dress but not the groom in his tux?

Does being married equal being boring per naija culture, as per the certain things you can't do?

I watched Rich Bride, Poor Bride for the first time, all the black couples were in Poor Bride(couple on a budget) which isn't a bad thing.

Who watched the grammys? During Jamie's performance, when his sister rolled on to the stage, raise your hand if you thought it was "Precious", don't lie!

So on HIMYM(if you don't know what that is - SOL)it was declared that every marriage has a reacher and a settler. Reacher - the one who married above them, Settler - the one who married below them. Yay?Nay?

I heard the funniest thing this week. We all agree that Agro(the state of horniness) na bastard *refer to Banky's "Teef my kele" - Eldee confirmed it*. Well every now and then you know when you want a lirru action but not the full thing or you want the full thing but you know it's not the wise thing to do because of the party involved? Well someone I know came up with a solution to prevent horizontal mamboing....She stuck a tampon in it.Maybe it's just me that was the most hilarious thing I heard all week.

One of my personality traits is that I am social. I find it easy to mix with people and talk to people and at parties I am the one dancing the night away, flirting etc, sometimes people say things that make me feel like I should feel bad about it but I've decided that I don't feel bad about it.

Pizza Hut Sucks. Papa Johns is whatsup. Pepsi over Coke.

My brain is jolted when I see a fat vegetarian. My brain is programmed to thing vegetarians are skinny.

How do Naija couples have romantic shower in naija with bucket and bowl?

I want to go to an Indian wedding *pouts*. Intervention is a powerful show, drugs is a helluva bad thing.

It's bad enough when you have an unexpected pregnancy but unexpected twins..whew!

If you remember my non diversity blogpost, check this out -

Before I forget, missed the Grammys?Do yourself a favor and read this writeup of the performances, I absolutely loved this ---->

And I think I am done. You want music?hmm, what shall I render? Enjoy Fotografia by Juanes ft Nelly Furtado, it's all in spanish. Have a lovely weekend!



Original Mgbeke said…
Don't mind those Nigerians, and when they meet you, they ask you within the space of 5 minutes what you do and what school you went to and lose interest when it doesn't appear to measure up. I say booo ya!

I hate water too.
TayneMent said…
You are fesst!
Azazel said…
Lmao hahah @ how do they make love with bucket and water..
hahahhahaha honestly i think i just peed on myself laffing.. Lmao hahahahhaha chai u blogsville ppl will not give me bladder issues.. Mbanu
Myne Whitman said…
Romantic shower indeed. LOL. You pour it on each other. BTW, a lot of homes have working showers sha.

And that's a new one. Stick a tampon in it. LWKMD!
Omotee! said…
lol at romantic showers, its very possible with bucket and water, i know how :)
tampons????!!!! dude, thats crazy!
Quaggar said…
Lol.. the tampon idea. That works for d ladies, but the fellas nko?

lmao @ romantic bath with bucket and bowl. Me i dey naija, and i get shower o! Even though if there's no lyt and u don't pump water.. it's back to d bucket. :)
Harry-Rami Itie said…
Why is it bad luck to see the bride in her dress but not the groom in his tux?

As in..somebody please help me answer this question...
shorty said…
Lmao @ romantic shower and the tampon idea chei u won't kill me with laugh!
neefemi said…
omy gosh i hate water too... lmao @ the shower scene
Reverence said…
LOl @ Mgbeks so true. sometimes meeting naija people is like an interview. ask you all your vital stats within the first 5 mins.

i totally thought taht was precious too//lol

and just *dead* at tampon
leggy said…
bucket and bowl?everyone i know in nigeria has a shower...i dont really understand what you meant by bucket and bowl.
i hate it when nigerians ask me for my gpa..its like..dude you are not paying my school fees.
CILy Almost Almost Official :p said…
How do Naija couples have romantic shower in naija with bucket and bowl?

I know I know! *raises hand* They baff each other! Take turns pouring the water. Lmao~!

Have a great weekend!

Word Verification: phyindst? He he phyindsts a wife phyindst a romantic bucket bath/shower :D

Have a snowed in weekend! That's what i am having
NigerianQueen said…
lmao@ the tampon solution, hilarious!
LucidLilith said…
Television made showing together so romantic. You know...with music playing and everyone slooooowly dripping wet and touching and kissing and so on and os forth...

Can one do the same with bucket and bowl, let's see...

Music, bucket of water, bend down get a bowl of water, slowly pour over your partner as the crescendo rises and he/shakes it off in be the judge.

Ambitious Nigerians would not be so annoying if they did not keep some form of humility around them.

lol @Jamie Foxx's sister reference

I think some people are reachers and settlers. You can be both. I mean what if you wanted Tiger Woods and got Tiger Woods?

I use tampons. Nothing sexual there. Trruuuuust me.

Pizza Hut (yes). Papa Johns (no). Pepsi over Coke (yes).

Fat Vegetarians don't exist unless they are closet eaters of lots of bread and non-fat free salad dressing.
Fabulo-la said…
Tampons? LMAO! So what does she do? STick 2 in? LMAO hahahahahahahaha

And err...what is HYMIM and SOL o? Me i no know!
Oya come n explain ya sef...

Reacher and settler??? Interesting...i dont pray to be a settler o! Lool
Not that I want to be a reacher either..but..wait so there are no equals in marriage then?

Ok im rambling...
MPB said…
OMG!!! Haven't heard that song in faweva...
wow...dead at the bucket romantic lol.
Repressed One said…
Stick a tampon it in ke?!?! lol...i'm trying to imagine how that will work *shudders*

Reachers and settlers...i'm sure it happens..don't think that's ALWAYS the the long run.

Haba@ bucket and bowl!! Lol!
Nice Anon said…
Yes na two ppl can baff each other in love. use your cup to pour water for persin body. Then use sapo to brush em up. Pour water on him and he does the same for you.
TayneMent said…
for anyone who comes back to read comments, the tampon is not for some sexual pleasure or something its for the dude to think you are on your period so less envrionment to give in to temptation.
Anonymous said…
horizontal mamobing/ romantic bucket ans shower = *DEAD* or the reason why we read the Friday randoms!
Regarding the whole bucket & bowl thingy, the male can pour the water all over her body slowly, letting the water drip over the female while she caresses herself...? That's the best I can come up with. Um, it can be a romantic setting if NEPA decided to take light and they can adorn their bathroom with scented candles. *shrugs*

Thanks for the shoutout! :o)
Anonymous said…
There is actually research that supports the whole reacher-settler phenomenon. Men typically "marry down" (settler) and women typically "marry up" (reacher). However, things are changing these days as we are seeing more role reversals.
Rose said…
I'm headed to read the write-up, I missed the Grammys...I agree to the reacher and settler..there are exceptions though.

Rotfl...ahh, if it helps her resist the urge a bit.

Pepsi over Coke definitely!

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