Friday Randoms

Greetings my Earthling Bloggers, it is I, your Martian Blogger, Taynement. How now? I feel like it's been so long, I have had a long week and I am currently in the air flying back to my warm, cozy bed that makes me lose all sense of productivity once I get in it. I have two exams looming over my head and so much work to do that I pray the good Lord for strength and guidance. My head is blank but let's see what I can think of:

First off, is there anybody else like me who totally forgets that the winter olympics is going on until you are watching the news or absent mindedly glancing at the tv and you see some crazy white person flipping or crashing in the snow? I mean the other day at the hotel bar, grown men watching women do something to the ice so some metal object gets to the middle or so, luging they call it? *blank stare*

As I was typing crazy white person i got paranoid because there is a white person seating across from me and it looks like he is staring at my screen hehe..

I can't remember if I randomed about it before but I thought about it again and it is very easy to cross the line and play with fire.

I used to think I had a boring life but looking back, maybe I really don't. I know sometimes I should exercise common sense but you know a little mistake every now and then is allowed. I don't want to grow up and tell my kids how perfect I was and how every decision was well thought out and the best one, because truth is noone is perfect, so even if you may feel bad about not being so "level headed" or whatever you only live once - live it to the fullest.

I saw an old man with athritis today, he was a waiter at the restaurant. I felt so bad for him. Old age sucks, it's when your body turns against you and does things you don't want it to do.

Oooh, this dude that has been smiling at me since boarding just walked down and smiled again, he is a cutie.

No ifs, and or buts about it, I want to be loved. As in the kind where the man just totally adores you. I don't know if it exists but it'll be nice to have.

Oh yeah, how were yall's valentine's day? As usual, I did nothing. I was by myself and I was fine till evening and 2 things happened that made me wonder if something was really wrong with me. I'm still not convinced that something isn't but wetin man go do?

Speaking of love, a dear friend of mine who I have had MANY ups and downs with just got engaged and I am super ecstatic for her. I wish them all of the best.

So, I don't know if any of y'all read my Precious article. Well, the driver who picked me up as soon as I got in the car was saying that he just read an article about Precious and he doesn't mean to offend me or think it's because I am fat or african american but he can't watch that movie because he can't get over how fat she is. That she is "morbidly obese" and they are encouraging it and she is not even a real actress and what other roles can she get after this (I informed him she already got a tv role with Laura Linney on Shotime). We sha went back and forth and I told him I get his point but that shouldn't deter him from watching the movie, he said he would wait for HBO to get it. Turns out he was a movie buff, so we discussed Oscar movies(he kept getting the names mixed up, he was old sha) and he asked for my blog addy and said he wished we were driving further so we could discuss more. It was really cool sha, either way my point is that most white people I believe are not seeing precious cuz of the weight kini sha. feel free to disagree.

A whole me, I cannot remember the last time I watched TV, my poor DVR will be working overtime.

It's lent time people, anyone giving up anything or trying to be better in anything?

For as long as I know I have been whining for bigger boobs, my boobs are definitely bigger now and I don't know how I feel about it.

I'm sorry my randoms were sucky but it was all scattered from my pounding brain so enjoy my song that reflected my thoughts all week:



CIL! said…
Off to read.

*WV*Ockertu? Acchooo!? Say wat?
MPB said…
WHy am i never first? CIL thiefed it. ANyhow, I dunno if what you described is Since luge is sledding in the prone position and the fastest time wins. I hope you get that guy that simply adores you, and I hope you adore him too. Sometimes, I feel it is worse to not reciprocate the love of someone that adores you, than for you not to love at all. Just such a waste. How come I never have adoring guys on flights? Only the ones that laughed at my "toy" that one time. Nonsense! Have a safe flight!
MPB said…
oops I meant sledding in the supine position not prone....nyeh no one prolly cares.
blogoratti said…
You've been so MIA...
Winter olympics, that stuff still on?
How are you though.
Repressed One said…
"I know sometimes I should exercise common sense but you know a little mistake every now and then is allowed."...TRUE!! Although i won't necessarily call them mistakes...more like living a little.

co-signing MPB--not much worse than unreciprocated feelings.
Myne Whitman said…
Is that Eric Benet? Hotness indeed. I love his slow love songs too. I pray everyone who seeks love gets it, to be loved and loved in return is a splendorous thing jare.

As for Vancouver 2010, to think that NBC has scrapped most of their programming for it? Oh well, crazy white people indeed. Now if Seun Adebiyi was there, and also I try to catch the black French figure skating couple.
leggy said…
ive not seen precious either.i read the book, dont think i can handle the movie.but i do agree with the driver she is really obese and i do think that she needs to slim down.
neefemi said…
i want to be loved, hopelessly and endlessly too :) = have a great weekend
Yinkuslolo said…
well, ive not see preciou but girl bigger boobs come with work.

my jugs can be a burden sometimes. so, know the cons for what u wish for.
Azazel said…
Lol I loved this, but I feel that dude about the precious actress
ohjaay said…
lol. Martian Blogger?

the 'something they were doing on ice' is called curling i believe; its a scottish pastime :)

my valentine sucked too, so i can relate.

I think I agree with the cabbie on the Precious thing. The themes the movie pushes though are great. Oh and Mariah Carey looks ordinary after all :)
akaBagucci said…
i see random is it. nice stuff. some cab drivers come across as knowledgable, some put their foot in their mouths one hundred percdent of the time.

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