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Gosh. This.week.dragged. Or was it just me. I don't even know if I had jet lag because I am sleeping like I usually would but I am just so tired. It's probably this miserable weather. I am experiencing my first real winter and we had our first real snowfall on Monday. I knew I had arrived when I was scraping snow off my car. I need to get one of those car starter things because it is COLD. Every day I wake up and I just want to burrow further under the covers and stay there but man must pay bills. Thank God it is finally Friday because biko the struggle is real. Hope everyone is easing into the new year well. Speaking of easing in, I just remembered a tweet I read today where the person said 'so far so good with this celibacy thing in 2015'...umm, it's just been 8 days out of 356 days. Aite, let's random

I can totally see how when one partner dies the other is not long for this world. I mean imagine living your life and establishing a routine with someone for over 40 years. And just like that the person is gone. What do you do to yourself? I see my Uncle being so listless and I truly feel for him.

For everything that women go through physically from painful periods to pregnancy to labor, the answer from men whenever they are asked to do a vasectomy should always be yes.

If whenever you are with a person they are always glued to their phone but when you are away they never seem to be by their phone, should you take it to mean you are boring? :(

Speaking of, I have a friend who never takes any calls on his birthday. Now he doesn't turn off the phone, he just hides it or puts it somewhere he can't see so he doesn't deal with birthday greetings. Like i told him drama queen much?

Guys, I am so fascinated by my 600lb life. Like for one, how do you get to 600+lbs? I do understand it's much deeper and a psychological thing but man it's crazy. There was a marathon going on and I sat my ass just watching each episode. Watching them struggle to walk, breathe and just really take SO MUCH more pleasure in food than we do. Riveting stuff.

90 day fiance is another interesting show. Save for one or two, all the couples are doomed anyways. There's a couple there where he is 38 and she is 23 and I am sure I have mentioned it before. Age gaps like that leave me scratching my head. Even if they don't know it, there's such a lifetime in that age group. Do you know how much more a person that's 21/22/23 is yet to go through/experience? Ah well to each their own.

I don't think saying 'bless you" after you sneeze is a thing in Nigeria. During my time there, i'd sneeze and wait and crickets.

A friend asked me if cheating is a deal breaker for me and I was surprised when I had to pause. I really don't know. I have always said in marriage maybe not and will depend on the situation but with dating it would be. I am still not sure but I think that's still the case.

How many of you think cheating is inevitable?

So you know those situations where a guy breaks it off with you abruptly and people say it is because they were scared of things being so good. Is that really a thing or yet another bunch of bs?

I don't like tea. Somehow that is hard to accept. I mean I drink the thing but it's just not my first preference it is always a chore. Yet, everytime i say this, people always try to change my mind. Try this or try that or no way. i don't like tea. Suck it!

I wonder who the first person was to blend fruit and make a smoothie.

Maybe I am a salty bitch but everytime I see this 'choose happiness" thing it irks me. Na so dem dey choose? Don't get me wrong, having a positive attitude is always the best way to go. If we could choose our emotions so easily why won't anyone choose happiness? Maybe strive to have a positive attitude or do your best to not let the negatives weigh you down sound better to me than choose happiness. It is easy to say choose happiness from the comfort of a roof over our heads, a car, food and money for extra frivolities but tell that to the kid of a war torn country who has lost their parent, has no food and lives in fear or the indian woman gang raped by many men. I will now open mouth as they forage for food to say "Choose happiness". Mbanu.

"History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation"

I watched Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy's wedding on tv and maybe na Hollywood fooling us but there was sooo much love between them. It's so cute to see when a man loves a woman that deeply and also her child.

Alright gang. I have run my mouth too much today. Have a wonderful weekend. Be safe, stay warm and stay blessed.

I was originally going to post Jennifer Lawrence's song but I heard this song when I watched Donnie and Jennie's wedding. His mom has 9 children and she danced to this song with her son's for every wedding of theirs. I really liked the lyrics.


mizchif said…
Many parts of this post made me chuckle.

I've only ever spoken to one guy who said he'd get a vasectomy as soon as he's done having the agreed number of kids with his wife.

About these age gaps, i'm more against it when the girl is below say 25. I feel like after that then say a 10yr gap isn't so bad. But that's just me and once upon a time a 10yr gap was ideal to me but now that i'm getting older.......make we dey look sha.

We still say 'bles you' in my house, very religiously sef.

You already know my thoughts on cheating.

Please whats this about breaking things off abruptly because they were scared of things being so good??? First i've never heard it before, second if ever there was a crock of BS this would be it. Like GTFOHWTBS BS.

I only drink tea when i'm not feeling well. I don't get tea or tea drinkers.
LadyNgo said…
I hate the whole "happiness is a choice" crap.

I think a lot of men are afraid of being vulnerable (or being seen as such) so they do have a tendency to act a damn fool when things are going "too good".

Big age gaps..idk how i feel. I see it wotk but at the same time i always wonder what someone in his/her 30s has in common with an avg person in their 20s.

I dont like tea either.

This cheating thing sef. I cant even comment. Such a ridiculous situation to be in.
original mgbeke said…
I have my on/off moments with tea. I currently like it so yay. Trying to transition off too much coffee.

I think the excuse for men who abruptly break things off is definitely bs. Is it only scared?

I want to say I don't think cheating will always happen but I guess when you'rewith someone for 40 years, anything can happen. Gats pray for the grace of God to keep one away from misbehaving in such scenarios.
Kash said…
Ahhh someone else noticed the bless you sneeze thing in Naij! I thought it was a universal thing but apparently not.

I used to say cheating was a deal breaker, but now not so much :(

I love love love tea...and coffee!

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